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Chapter 76: I Refuse This Villain

Su Hua noticed the little fly following her as soon as she stepped out, but she didn’t mind; she was indifferent anyway.

The prosperity of Shixiang City was comparable to that of the capital of the Dongxu Kingdom. Apart from its advantageous geographical location, the most important reason was that the Xuanyun Academy of the Dongxu Kingdom was located here.

Moreover, it was nearing the time for Xuanyun Academy to recruit students, making Shixiang City even more bustling.

This world was somewhat different from the fantasy world Su Hua knew from novels. There were no swordsmen, only wizards. There was a discipline called Body Refinement, where those unable to sense magical elements would train their bodies.

The levels of Body Refinement practitioners were not detailed, as there were no elements or leveling up, making it difficult to discern.

However, it was said that if a Body Refinement practitioner was fast enough, they could easily kill many wizards .

Some wizards practiced both Body Refinement and magic.

Magic was divided into two types: Light Magic and Dark Magic. Those who could sense magical elements could choose either type of magic to practice, but they couldn’t coexist.

Generally, Light Magic was chosen as the primary, and the practice of Dark Magic was looked down upon by the righteous path.

Thus, Light Magic and Dark Magic were in opposition.

The original host was a Light Wood Magic user with mediocre talent—just a senior wizard at sixteen.

It was time for Xuanyuan Academy’s annual enrollment period. Anyone above twelve and below twenty could take the test and, if they met the criteria, enroll. However, Dark Magic users were excluded.

The female lead would also shine during the academy’s test and attract the attention of the male lead.

As for why a member of the royal family of Huanglan Kingdom would come to Dongxu Kingdom, who cares? The plot dictates it, so let it be. After all, the female lead is here.

“Oh, isn’t this Miss Meng Yunxin from the Meng family the useless one? What brings you here?”

Su Hua’s ears perked up, and she immediately looked ahead.

It was a metal workshop.

Three gorgeously dressed girls walked into the metal workshop, looking at Meng Yunxin standing there without saying a word. One of them said with a smile, “What? Miss Meng hasn’t spoken for a few days, and now she’s become mute?”

“I don’t want to talk to dogs.” Meng Yunxin looked coldly at Cao Shiling.

This woman was also one of the particularly vicious ones who bullied the original host. Since she had taken over the original host’s body, she would naturally seek revenge on her behalf.

Cao Shiling didn’t expect Meng Yunxin to speak to her like this and immediately said angrily, “Meng Yunxin, what did you say?”

Meng Yunxin smiled coldly. “I didn’t expect you to be not only stupid but also deaf.”

“You—” Cao Shiling was so angry that she couldn’t speak, but she was even more astonished.

Whenever she had scolded Meng Yunxin in the past, the latter dared not fight back. Today, she actually talked back!

Upon closer inspection, Cao Shiling’s eyes were filled with even more jealousy. She hadn’t seen clearly just now, but now she realized that although Meng Yunxin was dressed plainly, her face was fair as jade, her features delicate and clear, and her eyes bright as spring water, giving people a favorable impression.

“Scratch her face for me,” Cao Shiling immediately ordered. If King Hao saw her like this, he might not want to cancel the marriage.

The other two followers immediately stepped forward to teach Meng Yunxin a lesson, but they were quickly slapped in the face and given a beating by Meng Yunxin.

Cao Shiling didn’t have time to think too much; she personally stepped forward to teach Meng Yunxin a lesson but ended up in the same situation.

Meng Yunxin stepped on Cao Shiling’s chest with her slender legs, turned her back to the crowd, and squatted down, revealing a sinister smile, whispering, “Cao Shiling, if you dare to provoke me again next time, I will ruin you.”

Cao Shiling shivered; her eyes were so terrifying.

Su Hua watched the scene and instinctively looked around, quickly finding the male lead sitting by the window opposite the metal workshop.

Indeed, it’s all a plot.

Long Ao seemed to feel Su Hua’s gaze. He immediately turned his head, and their eyes met. Su Hua showed a brilliant smile, but Long Ao’s pupils contracted, and he quickly closed the window.

“Leng Mu,” Long Ao called out, “help me check on that woman just now.”

I really want to see whether you are human or a ghost!

“What does it mean when the male lead looks like he’s seen a ghost? I’m obviously so good-looking!”

De’er: “…”

Host, you died in front of his own eyes. Now that you appear in front of him, how could he not have that expression?

Su Hua’s angry face: “Humph, so annoying! I’ll find a green tea b*tch to deal with him, hmph!”

“…” Can’t the host listen to what it’s saying? Here comes the melodrama again.

On the other side, after the female lead finished showing off, Cao Shiling and the others angrily left.

After getting her weapon, Meng Yunxin wandered around the streets.

Suddenly, she stopped in front of a stall.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, even though there is no grandpa,the plot master still gives away golden fingers in various ways.”

There was a torn book in front of the stall, and she couldn’t even see the name clearly, but Meng Yunxin had a feeling that she wanted to get it.

“How much is this?”

“Ten thousand gold coins.”

“Ten thousand? Can it be cheaper?” Although her strength had improved, her family hadn’t given her much money.

Ten thousand was barely enough for her. The academy was about to enroll students, and she still had many expenses.

[Ding, random task: Please spend ten thousand gold coins within ten minutes. The gold coins have been placed in your inventory; please collect them yourself.]

“Is this on purpose?”

De’er didn’t speak. The host always liked to go to the mentally retarded female lead; it makes her happy!

Bah, bah, bah, the heroine is not mentally retarded!

Blame the host! It’s checking itself again..

“Ten thousand gold coins.” Su Hua took out a crystal card.

The vendor’s eyes lit up, about to take Su Hua’s crystal card, but Meng Yunxin quickly reached out and said, “I want it first.”

Su Hua said nothing, waved her hand, and handed the crystal card to the vendor again. “Twenty thousand gold coins. Highest bidder wins, right?”

“That’s right.”

The vendor directly handed the book to Su Hua, took the crystal card, added the amount to his own card, and then returned it to Su Hua.

“I’m closing my stall.”

The vendor quickly left, leaving Su Hua, who had completed the task, to casually throw the book into her space.

“Miss, can you give me the book? I’ll give you thirty thousand.”

“Sure, thirty thousand.” Su Hua reached out her hand.

“I…I don’t have it now.”

Meng Yunxin said anxiously, “But you keep it for me. The day after tomorrow, no, tomorrow, I’ll have it.”

She had a gut feeling that the thing was extremely important.

“Then forget it.”


Meng Yunxin hurried to catch up.

But Su Hua dodged left and right, quickly disappearing into the crowd, leaving Meng Yunxin gnashing her teeth.

It’s all that woman’s fault!

Su Hua shook off Meng Yunxin. Just as she was about to find an inn to have a good meal, her body was suddenly bumped into by someone, and immediately her waist felt empty. Su Hua quickly grabbed the hand.

The man was startled, then quickly shook off Su Hua’s hand and ran forward.

“Don’t run.”

Su Hua chased after him, grumbling as she chased, “F*ck, I refuse this villain! He actually stole from this goddess!”




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