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The one month broadcast of “President’s Wife’s Runs with a Ball” ended perfectly and the wave of public opinion that it brought up has continued unabated.

Bi Zheng had seen the performance of this drama from the report. This series caused a larger splash than the previous one. After it was broadcast for a month, its total views had exceeded 3 billion, and it was spoken about everywhere. In particular, the story of the female protagonist going abroad pregnant— holding her divorce certificate and running abroad— became the focus of discussion.

During that time, the barrage was very lively and completely covered the screen. It was nearly impossible to read the individual comments made, but they all generally said that this “running with the ball” was definitely the most god-like version of running with the ball they had ever seen! It was also the poorest idol drama heroine they have ever seen!

[Sister Studying Hard]: “Hahaha, it’s so miserable, really miserable!”

[A Sheep Cricket]: “I also want such a miserable and poor life with global property!”

[President Bi’s Wife]: “My husband is really rich. When will you marry me, my husband?”

[Qiqi]: “Hahaha beautiful genius director Jiang Nian’s drama really isn’t ordinary. It perfectly extends the line of the last season’s strange sand sculpture; it even seems like the second part might surpass the first one!”

[Youpin Yizhe]: “I guess director Jiang’s wonderful sand sculpture can definitely take another step forward. It is really gratifying! I can’t wait to start looking forward to the third one! Hahaha!”

For the second series to surpass the first and become the classic of the classics, Jiang Nian was definitely the first person.

The heroine in “President’s Wife Runs with the Ball” and the heroine in “My President Daren” were somewhat different in personality, but they were very similar in that always give an amazing response at critical moments. They were kind, optimistic, strong, and moved as if nothing could stump them, always making miserable things happy, making people not know whether to laugh or cry.

Of course, some people criticized Jiang Nian’s drama as having no connotation and no far-reaching significance. It was a soap opera merely for entertaining people. When people became popular, they always attracted a variety of mixed voices like this.

As for why Jiang Nian got hate? Maybe she was too funny. = =

Bi Zheng always felt that Jiang Nian was very clever. At least she hadn’t fooled around on the set in the past few years. Whether it was photography, lighting, or supporting actors, although they were not well-known people, they were all dedicated and capable. It was like pearls covered in dust, because of the excavation of Jiang Nian, bloomed with countless rays of light!

Therefore, even when the title of the play was so stomach churning, it could stand out in thousands of works. In addition to the interesting script, Jiang Nian’s unique and conscientious style of work was visible.

The grassroots team that she had assembled was scattered sand from all sides. But, because she condensed it into a ball, she could make such a successful work.

Nowadays, the fire that had connected two dramas made Jiang Nian a popular new director. Plus, her screenwriting talent couldn’t be ignored. Her comedy talent was rare in the world.

While secretly chasing the play, he couldn’t help but laugh with the barrage. After laughing, he felt like a lunatic and, for a time, he was afraid to face the reality.

However, he had to admit he was also looking forward to the third work, but Jiang Nian seemed to be very peaceful recently and had not come to haunt him to invest. Even his brother, Zheng Qi, and Chen Xin those stinky boys didn’t come to hug his thighs or lie to him for money. It was a little too quiet.

In fact, Jiang Nian was not busy. She just filmed two works in succession and didn’t take a good rest. She finally had time to accompany her little lover—in fact, the most important thing was that her next script was not yet written. It was impossible to really shoot “Big Star’s Little Lover; Hugging My Golden Thigh Desperately” or “Big Star’s Little Lover; Gold Master Dad, Love Me Again”, right? Such a story would likely stimulate the lovely audience.

So, after sharing the bonus this time and sending out a lot of big red envelopes, she went to Zhao Heng holding her small book.

Zhao Heng was filming in the crew. She had nothing else to do except kill time in the room buying books, reading books and refining her script. When she was tired, she went outside and strolled around. Between that and consoling her thighs, she was still very busy. Fortunately, there was a goblin warming her bed at night. Of course, she still felt bad for him most of the time and was not willing to toss him.

After a month’s time, Zhao Heng’s role in the crew finally finished, and “The Spy” was about to start broadcasting.

Lao Wei said that Zhao Heng’s next work was all focused on “The Spy”. As long as the business was good, it was absolutely no problem for Zhao Heng to upgrade to a second-tier niche actor. If he could burst, he could directly jump to a popular first-tier niche actor. Following Lao Wei’s plan, after Zhao Heng took over the show directed by Li Tang, he intentionally or unintentionally began to reject any messy scripts and activities. He would rather earn less money in order protect his character.

Especially when the relationship between Zhao Heng and Jiang Nian broke out, the scripts and programs delivered to him were too many for one person, but there was too little content, and very few of them were worth even considering. For the remainder, he simply made an excuse to refuse. Fortunately, Zhao Heng was a smart person and was not fainted by the immediate interests, but instead remained sober enough to know what was good or bad, and what he wanted.

It was just that Zhao Heng’s relationship exposure without consent really caught Xingxiu off guard. But Jiang Nian was really not an ordinary girlfriend. She herself was a talented director who made two big fire dramas, with a relationship with Bi Zheng that wasn’t bad, and a relationship with the Zheng family that was even better. The several small bullies of the Bi, Zheng, and Chen families all followed her, and they also called Zhao Heng elder brother-in-law. So Xingxiu could only bear it.

In this circle, interests were supreme. In this way, no one dared to underestimate Jiang Nian and naturally no one forced Zhao Heng to break up.

The premiere of “The Spy” was held in the imperial capital. Zhao Heng and Jiang Nian flew back to the imperial capital overnight. Fortunately, they called an aunt to clean up every week when they left. Otherwise, their home would be covered in dust.

Putting the luggage down, Zhao Heng went to the bathroom to take a bath first. Jiang Nian happily held her face and dreamed about their future happy life. “The Spy” would be released soon. Her little lover would soon be on fire. She could finally follow him to live a fragrant and hot life where she bought what she wanted without thought. She finally managed to make it, how gratifying!

Jiang Nian was still dreaming about a happy future when Zhao Heng, wrapped in a bath towel, came into the room. There was a smirk in the corner of his mouth, his soaking wet black hair was smoothed behind his head, his handsome face and clear muscles showing a little ambiguously under the light. He bowed his head and brought Jiang Nian into his arms, kissing her earlobe and saying, “Now, let’s wash together.”

Jiang Nian was dizzy by the beauty. He really was a little fairy, really good at seducing people. She hooked his neck, and her cheek was pressed on the man’s sexy collarbone: “Baby, how can you look so good.”

Zhao Heng chuckled and went to the bathroom holding Jiang Nian.

The waves in the bathtub undulated, and the entire bathroom seemed to be soaked under the light drizzle. Two interdependent figures were reflected on the wall; one was like a giant tree, and the other was a soft vine, entwined and embracing each other.

A long time later, Jiang Nian was wrapped in a large bath towel and taken back to bed by Zhao Heng like a child. He also intimately dried her wet hair, and he saw her eyes closed, beautiful ruddy face full of trust and dependence in him, and he couldn’t help pinching her cheek. Jiang Nian opened his eyes and looked at him with a soft voice: “Hmm?”

“Niannian, I think you look tired?”

Tired. She certainly was tired. After all, she worked very hard just now, but she wouldn’t admit it.

“… Eh?”

Zhao Heng leaned on her ears, his voice was low and smiling, and his tone was lazy and sexy.

“I also want to try you on top. Should we skip it tonight?”

…… No, that was definitely not possible. How could Jiang jie be unable? Jiang Nian turned over and overwhelmed him. She must let the little fairy taste her awesomeness.

“Don’t blame me if you can’t get up tomorrow morning.”

Zhao Heng was looking forward to it, and in the meantime wanted to test whether his weightlifting was in vain.

When Zhao Heng was picked up by Lao Wei the next morning, he had already put on a black suit, with a white shirt inside and a bow tie around his neck, looking very solemn and serious.

Lao Wei also froze, “You bought the clothes yourself?”

Zhao Heng: “This suit was bought by Niannian. Is it okay?”

“Yes, of course.”

This suit was a tailor-made from a foreign high-ranking brand. Much better than the big name he borrowed. It seemed that Jiang Nian was really making money.

Zhao Heng smiled. He naturally wanted to wear Jiang Nian’s clothes to participate in such an important event.

Lao Wei also felt it was quite suitable. Zhao Heng in a suit looked a lot more mature, but he was born with a handsome and good temperament. Compared to the gentle and clean Meng Tianwen he played for a few months, he was more personable and had a delicious gentleman’s temperament.

Of course, it would be better if the dark circles weren’t so heavy.

“Where’s Jiang Nian?”


His weightlifting was not in vain.


Of course, the premiere conference of “The Spy” was naturally a big-name gathering. Not only did the actors in the show all arrive, but many well-known artists came as well, and fans were waiting outside the venue.

Jiang Nian saw the news on TV. Although Zhao Heng was not famous at this time, his handsomeness couldn’t be ignored. He put on a structured suit and had a special taste. His whole body looked serious and meticulous.

Although Zhao Heng was well known by everyone because of Jiang Nian and was known as Jiang Nian’s boyfriend, Jiang Nian knew that, after today, he would be known as just Zhao Heng.

Li Ru could not help but be attracted to Zhao Heng again. Since she received a text message from Zhao Heng asking her about the issue of little three, she had never appeared again, and had not taken the initiative to find Zhao Heng. Later, Zhao Heng’s relationship was still in the news. At this time, she suddenly realized that Zhao Heng’s girlfriend turned out to be Jiang Nian!

She’d seen Jiang Nian’s famous works. She still remembered that at the time, almost two-thirds of the people on set were chasing her dramas. If she heard someone laughing, they would definitely be watching “My President Daren”. At that time, she had watched the show because of Bi Lei, Zheng Qi, and others, and admitted that it was really good, but she never thought that the director of the show turned out to be Zhao Heng’s girlfriend.

She once looked down on Zhao Heng’s girlfriend as an ordinary woman, thinking she must be a hundred times and ten thousand times better than that woman, but now, who was incomparable? Jiang Nian’s looks were no worse than hers, and she even made two popular idol dramas and was recognized as a very talented director! Not only did she have a large number of fans, but she also had a good opinion in the circle. After all, there were not many people who could make such fresh and natural comedies.

She was extremely ashamed and remembering Zhao Heng’s coldness made her even more embarrassed. So, when she saw Zhao Heng today, she surprisingly avoided him. Although she had planned a long time ago to show an ambiguous relationship between her and Zhao Heng at the premiere, she didn’t dare at this moment.

Acting too ambiguous, wasn’t that running to be a little three? Although she was proud and confident, she was not stupid enough to do this. It was just a pity that Zhao Heng was really a very good man, and she had a hunch that Zhao Heng would definitely skyrocket!

And it turned out that her hunch was not wrong.

“The Spy” attracted a lot of attention as soon as it was broadcast. On the first day of the broadcast, the ratings broke number 1. The audience on the first day was mostly fans. Fans came to support their idols and the occasional passerby also came to see it. Most ordinary audience only watched the TV series they wanted to watch. Only after one or two episodes aired would you see a stable viewership representing the real audience.

“The Spy” won a large number of viewers with its excellent production and perfect and cautious script. Of course, the actors in the play were all talented. Even the impure Li Ru’s acting skills were not bad. Her death scene in the arms of Meng Tianwen, the hero played by Zhao Heng, brought tears to the eyes of many people, and even CP fans who wanted them to be together 1.

As the hero of this play, Zhao Heng naturally became the biggest winner. He was a gentle and elegant teacher who loved his students and took care of relatives and friends. He was also an underground spy who secretly defended the country and defended the country from the enemy. His whole body carried many styles. With a glance, viewers could appreciate different tastes! He seemed generous and honest but was actually very savvy and intelligent. He was extremely tenacious and refused to pursue the heroine because of the dedication to his beliefs, but those feelings of resisting and leaving each other only made the audience sigh even more at the regrettable missed love.

The popularity of “The Spy” rose up and down and all aspects of it were hotly debated on Weibo, even the actor’s roles in the show.

Zhao Heng not only had an excellent appearance, but also excellent acting skills. Those who weren’t optimistic about him at the beginning, at this moment, could only admit that he was the best Meng Tianwen, Meng Tianwen was him, and he brought Meng Tianwen to life.

Jiang Nian watched Zhao Heng’s fans go from a few million to tens of millions. Every time he posted a Weibo, the number of likes and comments was up to 100,000. The popularity brought by “The Spy” far surpassed that of Jiang Nian’s two idol dramas.

It was indeed director Li Tang. Almost no mistake could be found, whether in the casting or anywhere.

“The Spy” was on fire. It was really on fire!

And, after a fire, there would inevitably be various voices.

At this time, the sunspots jumped out, comparing Li Tang’s “The Spy” with Jiang Nian’s presidential series. They mocked with irony that Jiang Nian couldn’t make good works, women’s vision was too low, they could only direct pointless love dramas. There were really many people who followed Jiang Nian who thought this way. Some people who were influenced by public opinion really compared them, and then they downplayed the president series.

Jiang Nian had no intention to compare her drama with “The Spy”, from the beginning she knew that her presidential series could not be compared with “The Spy”. Not to mention that the two concepts were completely different. One was heavy and focused on patriotism, and the president series was originally focused on love and laughter.

Of course, not everyone was controlled by just a few words. There were also smart netizens asking if they wanted to compare “Good Mom” ​​and “Little Dad” with “The Spy”? Could things be compared like this? Then might as well not watch TV or ads!

The film and television industry was complex and diverse, wasn’t it natural to have differences in themes? Was it impossible to like Li Tang’s “The Spy” and Jiang Nian’s president series? One was to let you know the righteousness of your home country and remind you not to forget the sacrifices and contributions made by your predecessors for your country. One was to let you relax and find happiness outside of work. What was wrong with this? Was there a need to denigrate one to raise the other?

Because of this, there was a lively scene online.

Jiang Nian also wanted to check it out for a while, but her phone was robbed by Zhao Heng: “Don’t look at this kind of thing, it is intentional at first glance. Don’t pay attention to it.”

Jiang Nian hugged her Tianluo girl with a smile.

“What are you so nervous about? Worried about me?”

Zhao Heng rubbed her head.

“I don’t want you to be upset by these things.”

Jiang Nian fluttered a smile and said, “I won’t be upset by them. Unless they’re coming to grab my money, I don’t pay attention to it.”


My mistake. 🙂


Jiang Nian also set a small goal for herself. She couldn’t shoot idol dramas all the time. It was boring to do too many. Of course, it was necessary to shoot different subject matters, which was more challenging.

Besides, she felt that she had reached certain achievements in idol dramas. Most people couldn’t easily surpass her. She was proud to take on new challenges and face cruel new realities!

So, when she was preparing the new script, she made a lot of efforts, not only reading a lot of historical books about the 1940s and 1950s, but also studying some of the stories that really happened in that period. In fact, in her own mind, she wanted to write Grandpa Han’s, Grandpa Li’s and Grandpa Liu’s stories, as well as the sad and happy separation between the Grandpa Han and Grandpa Jiang, and the homes that fell apart because of the fighting.

Except for her, the Fantastic Four Fishing members were soldiers who had personally been on the battlefield. They fought for life in the rain of guns and bullets. She played with the grandfathers every day and naturally heard a lot of their memories and stories, and they themselves were legends.

Although they did not exist in this world, they all shared the same heart of guarding their homeland and experienced the brutality of being invaded. Jiang Nian strove to combine the stories of the two worlds, as well as adapting the stories of real people.

She wrote the script of the movie for more than a year. She read or wrote every day, and she changed the script countless times before she finally finished something she was happy with.

And, in the year she disappeared, the odd-looking sand sculpture web dramas emerged endlessly, springing up like mushrooms, while “My President Daren” and “President’s Wife Runs with the Ball” were still an existence they aspired to reach.

Bi Lei, Zheng Qi and Chen Xin graduated from school and inherited her fine traditions. While working hard and studying the ways of making money in their own companies, they had not forgotten to give respect “dues” when making money. Jiang jie was Jiang jie, and she would forever be Jiang jie! Naturally, Bi Zheng and Zheng Hao laughed and wanted new younger brothers.

Zhao Heng really became popular with “The Spy”, and then he filmed a movie and many endorsements while he was hot. His works were good, which firmly established him as a popular boy.

Although Jiang Nian had been silent for more than a year, this did not affect her ability to find a crew to respond to every need. In one sentence, she, the strange sand sculpture’s even stranger director, could still organize the grassroots team again!

At this moment, her former comrades-in-arms heard that she was going to make another movie, and immediately responded, rushing back to help her. And Zheng Qi, Bi Lei, and Chen Xin were even more so looking forward to reuniting again. They waited for this day for too long.


Bi Zheng soon discovered that his thighs were popular again. Every day, there were phone calls mentioning this or that, boasting that he was more dedicated and faster than anyone else, had more money than anyone else, etc. He was clever and was only a little dazzled by the brown-nosing but remained awake.

One year later. The arrogance of Jiang jie holding his thighs had not diminished in that year, how regrettable!

Zheng Hao also sent him a text message: “I heard that you got on the thief ship again?”2

Bi Zheng: “It’s a reasonable investment. I heard that you have also been ransacked for quite a bit? It looks like you didn’t escape the thief ship either.”

“Fellow sufferers.”

“Ha ha.”

He stepped on his exquisite little leather shoes and was going to visit the crew. He had to let them know that his money wasn’t so easy to deceive.

Jiang Nian was shooting a period drama. It required a lot of guns and bullets. Although she had made a lot of preparations in advance, talking with the director of similar TV series and inviting staff proficient in this area, she still encountered many problems when shooting.

When Bi Zheng arrived, he saw Jiang Nian sitting in front of the monitor at a glance.

She seemed more serious than usual when working and did not see him the gold thigh at first glance. When he watched the two previous idol dramas, he always felt that the character of the heroine resembled her at certain points.

Bi Lei: “President Bi, you are here!”

Zheng Qi: “President Bi, you drink tea!”

Chen Xin: “President Bi, you must be tired. I will give you a piggyback!”

Bi Zheng: Oh, hypocrisy.

After Jiang Nian finished filming the scene, she immediately rushed over: “President Bi, thank you for gracing us with your presence. I am so happy to see you!”

Bi Zheng said nothing, only covering and tightening his big wallet!!!!!


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