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Jiang Nian was fifty-three years old this year. She graduated at the age of twenty-two and shot her first TV drama at twenty-eight. In this way, it had been almost 25 years.

In the past 25 years, Jiang Nian had occupied an important position in the current mainstream film and television industry and had gained the hearts of countless audiences. Among her first fans, the youngest was also 34 years old and oldest were in their sixties or seventies. They accompanied Jiang Nian throughout her entire journey, witnessed her every step of the way, and shared the joy of her standing on the podium every time, and now, they still grew old and gray together with Jiang Nian.

Of course, as fans of Jiang Nian’s drama, they had watched a lot of classic movies, but the only regret was that, apart from receiving awards, Jiang Nian never attended public events and never attended an interview. When they wanted to know something, aside from asking on Weibo, they could only ask Zhao Heng, followed by some artists such as Song Hanhan, Lin Yue, Ye Lin, Chen Qing and others.

As the husband of Jiang Nian, Zhao Heng really answered many questions, although most of them were “we will inform everyone once arrangements have been made, thank you”, because he really did not understand his wife’s ideas and was often surprised at her actions.

Jiang Nian really became a legend and one of the most successful directors in the history of cinema.

Jiang Nian, who never attended public events and was never interviewed by the media, finally accepted the interview. Could there be anything more shocking and surprising for fans?

Before the broadcast time of the interview, countless people sat in the front row of the TV and waited excitedly to watch it. It was also somewhat sad. Their lifetime idol only had such an interview. Although they were very proud every day, they were still very sad. This should be the most difficult star ever to chase.

The interview location was in Jiang Nian’s study. This was a real study room. The bookshelves on the walls were full of books. There were also rows of bookshelves in other areas. People who didn’t know would think they entered a library.

Jiang Nian sat at her big desk. She had white hair and there were traces of years on her face. She was no longer young and beautiful, and maybe would have age spots in a few years…But, even so, her eyes were still bright and firm. She wore a simple white shirt and reading glasses and her white hair was pinned behind with a green hairpin. Even if she was old, she was also the most elegant and beautiful old lady of all old ladies. After all, she was a clever and talented director.

The host who interviewed Jiang Nian was very experienced. He had interviewed a lot of big names, and his reputation was very good both inside and outside the circle. This time, his interview was naturally highly anticipated. He also did a lot of homework and watched every piece of Jiang Nian’s life, even those documentaries about ancient history.

He had done a lot of homework for this interview and repeatedly selected questions. He had even asked which questions netizens wanted answered on the Internet. He was fully prepared, not only because this was the first interview program in Jiang Nian’s life, but also because it might be the last one. Plus, he was also a fan of Jiang Nian.

How could he not sincerely admire such a talented and excellent director?

The start of the interview was okay. He asked Jiang Nian what she planned to do in the near future. She made idol dramas and stayed silent for three years. Then, when her movies got good results, why would she want to switch to making documentaries? What gave her this idea? And why was it that she had been reluctant to appear in front of the public for so many years? Was it because she didn’t like to face the camera?

These questions were quite satisfactory, and Jiang Nian had no pressure to answer. She always shot what she wanted to shoot. She rarely had a clear plan for the future. Later, she also made documentaries because she wanted to change her mind and try multiple things. As for why she hadn’t participated in public events for so many years, of course, it wasn’t because she didn’t like to be in front of the camera, but because they didn’t give money! But Jiang Nian wouldn’t say that. She would only say that she was too busy and had no time, and those activities were meaningless to her. She was a small director; it was good to write a script honestly.

She was a very humble genius director.

Jiang Nian was very satisfied with her ingenuity. As for why she was willing to be interviewed now?

“Because I think most of my life has passed, and I have had a good life at my age. I have left dozens of works; maybe some people want to get to know me. And I also want to thank the audience who likes me and my works in person.”

A big director like her, in this interview, could be famous for her history-at least, she could be remembered for a long time in the history of movies. It was really a pity if there was no interview left for people to worship.

The interview lasted for almost an hour, and it was very good in the early stage. After some inquiries, the host went through her latest works before asking about the presidential series she first filmed.

Alas, Jiang Nian was very helpless. Those were really the biggest failure in her life! It may have been that, since it was her first time as a director and script writer, she had a poor grasp of the plot, so caused such a big contrast. She really didn’t want to mention it!

Then the audience in front of the screen went crazy.

[Clouds Roll]: “What? ‘I and Five Million Love and Hate’ is…???”

[A Nani]: “What does she mean by ‘Why did no one understand the pain of losing five million?’ ???”

[Halfmoon Half]: “What is ‘Xiaojiao Wife Runs with a Ball and Buys Property all Over the World’?”

[Hua Hua Quickly Ran]: “What exactly does ‘It’s really hard to not only prevent a thief from grabbing money, but also to watch over the house and buy more small houses. How pitiful’ mean?”

[I Pouted Higher Than The Sky]: “Hahaha, we have never understood these two exotic sand sculpture comedy films! It turned out that we never understood the deep meaning behind these two comedy films! I was wrong! I was really vain to claim to be director Jiang’s number one movie fan hahaha!”

[Flowers Can’t Be Without Butterflies]: “hahahaha! Pitiful, pitiful, really pitiful! I also want to be so pitiful!”

[Xiao Wang Is The Old King]: “Hahaha I’m wrong, I’m wrong too. Director Jiang, I shouldn’t have laughed. Forgive us!”

[President Bi’s Wife]: “Is this the reason you held my husband’s thighs for life?”



There were really a lot of people who laughed like crazy this night. The young people were surprised. Of course, they also admired Jiang Nian, a lively and humorous old lady. The people who came and went with Jiang Nian and personally experienced the grand occasions of the year were now too old, not only laughing out their dentures, but also really realized what it meant to laugh until your bladder fails!

They deeply experienced Director Jiang Nian’s grievances from decades earlier-she was really grieved to be able to remember so long.

Jiang Nian felt that her explanation was clear enough; the audience would be ashamed of their laughter back then. She watched the show with anticipation but was hurt by the full screen of ‘hahaha’ on the barrage.

………………this group of demons!

She turned off the video and suddenly felt a sense of loneliness that mortals could not understand geniuses like her.

These fish lipped mortals didn’t understand her work at all. Right, they didn’t understand her genius!!!

╭ (╯ ^ ╰) ╮

Zhao Heng embraced the exasperated old lady in his arms, the corner of his mouth held an unstoppable smile. He was also old, and his face was wrinkled from smiles. Just, because of the happy life and spiritual prosperity, instead of having the turbidity of the elderly, his eyes were dark and deep, hiding their sharp edge. No wonder many critics said that Zhao Heng’s most powerful thing was his pair of talking eyes and one look could express a character to the fullest.

In the past few years, he had rarely picked up movies. Unless it was a really good script, he would not pick up easily. Even his attendance at various events had become very rare. He spent more time with Jiang Nian, reading books or talking a walk, and lived a leisurely and comfortable life. It seemed that Jiang Nian had never worked with him even after so many years.

In “Peaceful Years”, Zhao Heng only appeared as the back of the role of Li Zhijie’s father, but, even if it was just the back, it made people remember for a long time. Jiang Nian felt his charm in front of the camera for the first time, and the whole person was full of enthusiasm for several days. Zhao Heng was nearly squeezed out by the little goblin who had been haunting him for several days.

This cooperation was naturally remembered by Zhao Heng’s fans. Back then, it really made many people cherish for a long time.

Zhao Heng: “Niannian, I didn’t even know that’s what you thought when you were shooting the president series.”

Jiang Nian’s eyes widened, even the wrinkles in the corners of her eyes were flattened out: “I haven’t forgotten, you laughed the most!”

Zhao Heng thought for a while and said, “Is that so? You remembered it wrong.”

Jiang Nian: “No, my memory is so good that you can’t imagine it.”

Zhao Heng said seriously: “When people are old, there will always be something wrong in the memory.”

……It seemed the score needed to be settled tonight when they went to the room to sleep. This old goblin dared to be disobedient!

Zhao Heng poked the corner of Jiang Nian’s eyes: “Don’t be angry, you see this is wrinkled again.”

“Don’t say me, aren’t you the same?”

“Wife, how long has it been since we were old.”

Jiang Nian touched her cheek. What was a wrinkle? She would have age spots in the future. Of course, even if she had age spots, she was still the most beautiful and talented lady among the elderly.

And she felt that she was quite energetic, and she could not die in a short time. She wanted to make a comedy that ended in tragedy in the next film, as a revenge against society.

Jiang Nian was in her 60s at the end of her life. She was close to dying. Zhao Heng had a good spirit and a healthy body. It seemed that he could live a few more years. Jiang Nian could not help but envy him. But he took care of her these days and showed some vicissitudes.

She patted her son who was kneeling on the bed crying like a fool at the moment, glanced at Zhao Heng, who was full of sadness, and looked at the younger brothers who were guarding her bed. They were not young anymore, and they had wrinkles and white hair. They were also full of runny noses after crying, it really affected her last memory of them. Why did these old younger brothers still loved her so much, ah. Crying like this!

And Bi Zheng, he was older than her, how could she die earlier than him? But that was fine; this way, she perfectly accomplished her ultimate goal of holding her golden thighs for life.

Bi Zheng took the old woman’s crumpled hand.

“Jiang Nian, I’ll let you hug my golden thighs.”

Jiang Nian smiled: “You’re so stupid. I’ve been hugging for a lifetime; you’ve lost big time!”

He smiled. His face full of wrinkles was somewhat cute.


Jiang Nian also recorded a video before her death, telling the fans waiting for her next movie that she is going to die, and there would never be a next one!

Naturally, it made the fans howl like wolves.

They really cried this time.

Jiang Nian finally succeeded and died very happy.


After Jiang Nian’s death, her soul returned to the main god system of Jinjiang.

She could be regarded as a success. After death, countless fans will go to worship her.

They’d stopped paying attention to Ji Yaling long ago. She had a bad reputation because she had been in jail several times. No one dared to ask her if she wanted to go back to work as an agent. Her parents also guarded against her tightly. After the second prison stint, she was arranged a blind date— a divorced old man five years older than her. Ji Yaling was naturally reluctant; she had seen better, how could she settle for such a poor man?

In fact, the man was not bad. He had been alone since his ex-wife died from cancer, and also had a fixed salary of five or six thousand every month. Simply put, he was the type of person who was honest and poor and had a normal Chinese face that was not very outstanding. He was a very ordinary man, but Ji Yaling looked down on that ordinariness of his.

She sought livelihood through risk, neither willing to accept the arrangements of her parents to marry a blind date, nor work for thousands per month, thinking of being able to trade stocks. But she had no money at all and could only rely on her parents. She lived this way, day after day and year after year. When her parents passed away, she took the inheritance of her family took it to trade stocks, but many years had passed since she died earlier in her last life. And, coupled with the numerous changes in this life, the stock market now was no longer the stock market in her memory.

She lost a lot of money in succession, and finally used her house as a mortgage to take out a loan. She didn’t lose money all the time and made some small profit here and there. But the stock market was constantly changing. It could make you rich overnight and, naturally, you could lose nothing overnight.

Ji Yaling had tossed in the stock market for a few years until, finally, even the house was gone, and the funds in her hand were getting less and less. In the end, she had nothing: no home, no work, no money. Eventually, she could only be an urban beautician, shuttling through the streets.

She could only watch Zhao Heng standing in the sky above her and even Jiang Nian became a great director sought after by countless people. They became famous and became the existence she could only look up to.

But she had nothing. Even in the few years before her parents died, their disappointment in her turned into hatred.

Shortly after Jiang Nian’s death, Ji Yaling also fell ill by the roadside and was taken to the hospital by well-meaning people. They also paid her a medical fee. She swept the ground for a few years, starting early and ending early. She was repeatedly exposed to garbage and the dust on the roadside, and she naturally fell ill.

Now, when she was lying alone in the hospital bed, she finally began to regret it. If she didn’t want to deal with Jiang Nian, didn’t want to occupy Zhao Heng, didn’t misappropriate funds; if she didn’t make those mistakes, maybe she wouldn’t end so miserably today?

Thinking of her parents who had broken their hearts for her and thinking of her miserable life, Ji Yaling finally died in regret. Because there were no relatives or friends, there was no one to collect the corpse. The hospital buried her for humanitarian reasons.

This was the so-called ‘poor people have hateful places’.1 If she did not convince herself that, because of her rebirth, she had the power of an unknown prophet, and did her best instead of wanting to be superior everywhere, she would not have ended that way.


“Congratulations to the host for completing the mission and returning to the world of the Lord God. I am the system 867 and serve you wholeheartedly.”

“Congratulations to the host for completing task 1: fill the heroine aura- successfully earning 60 points; completing task 2: prevent the original world from collapsing- earning 600 points.”

“Congratulations to the host for completing task 3: let Ji Yaling get due punishment- earning 300 points.”

“Congratulations to the host for the successful completion of three heroine auras- earning 300 points.”

“Congratulations to the host to open the point lottery system.”

“Points can be used in the main god mall to purchase props.”

Jiang Nian discovered that she received more points for completing the task this time than before, and the point growth rate seemed to be multiplied for each successive task. The first was the least, so multiplied by one; the second time was two times the points of the previous task; the third time was three times the points of the previous task, and so on.

So, this time, she got 1,260 points in total.

The point lottery system was also turned on. Jiang Nian went to take a look. This new section was quite mysterious, and everything was unknown. She couldn’t even see what she could draw.

“867, may I ask what this point lottery can draw?”

The electronic sound of 867 machinery quickly said: “I don’t know.”

It seemed really mysterious. Although there were several new props for completing task three, this point lottery really made Jiang Nian tempted. The only problem was that each draw required one hundred points, which made Jiang Nian feel a little hurt.

But Jiang Nian was a person who accepted new things easily and a person who dared to challenge. Just earning more than a thousand points also gave her the capital to try. This point lottery was here, she felt it wasn’t too much to draw it once. Always remembering it was a much bigger problem.

So she threw a hundred points very heroically and drew once!

“Thank you for participating.”


Jiang Nian was really stingy, her heart was bleeding.

“867, why is there the option of” Thank you for participating??”

867 said: “The lottery system has its own gains and losses, the host should just treat it normally.”

……Ordinary is impossible, she could never treat it normally!

She shook her fist and spent another hundred points to draw.

“Thank you for participating.”

“………………” 🙂

This really made her desperate. How many Strength pills could she have bought???

Forget it, they say that you can’t get three good things in a row or three bad things in a row anyway.

“Congratulations to the host for obtaining a piece of Lingguo.”

Jiang Nian looked at the small red fruit that appeared in his hand and asked 867, “What is this Lingguo? What does it do?”

867 said: “Lingguo is used to make the soul more powerful.”

Jiang Nian was now in a state of soul. This fruit was tailor-made for her. She swallowed it eagerly. The Lingguo melted instantly in her mouth, warming her limbs and bones. It felt very comfortable. Because she was so comfortable, she couldn’t help but want to eat a few more.

She looked at her seemingly transparent body again, not knowing whether it was her imagination, but she felt as if she was less transparent than before. Could the Lingguo enhance her soul strength, to the point that she could she condense her adult form from her soul? This was attractive to think about it, but it wasn’t always possible to win every time, and it wasn’t easy to earn points. She just spent 300, adding on her remaining points with the points earned in the previous two tasks, she still has 1550 is left.

“867, what is my next world?”

“The host’s next mission world is “Overturning a Desperate Love”, with a task difficulty of four stars.” (T/N: Not sure what to call the next arc [倾世绝恋]. Any suggestions?)

……”Overturning a Desperate Love”? It was disappointing; the name sounded like it would be a disappointing world. But it didn’t matter; as long as she was a little rich woman, it could be called anything. Even if she was disappointed, she could spend her life perfectly.

She only hoped that the god of wealth she spent all her life praying to could bless her. Plus, when she died, she donated all the money she made in the past few decades to the charity, hoping for a good fortune and not have to live too hard in her next life.

While thinking about it, Jiang Nian went to the system store and bought a Strength pill. She felt that the Strength pill could become her standard in every world. This thing was indispensably useful; the power of this thing was good.

Then she spent another hundred points to redeem “The Mystery of the Kitchen”. After all, the points were a little too much. It was not a loss to redeem a mystery of the kitchen.

Jiang Nian discovered that her IQ was getting more and more perfect.

“Okay 867, I’ll go first, goodbye.”


When Jiang Nian opened her eyes, she was in a pink and tender little room and received the plot.

Then she was pleasantly surprised to find that she didn’t pay homage to her god of wealth and donate money in vain. This time she was really developed. She became a coal boss’s daughter!

It was really gratifying, God of Wealth, thank you for your blessing.

At this time, the coal boss had already developed and taken their family to live in the richest and most upscale villa area in the city.

It was a pity that Jiang Nian was not happy for too long, because she discovered that her life crisis was particularly serious, and she did not know how long she could live. QAQ

Jiang Nian calmed down and found that her neck was a little heavy when she got up. When she lowered her head, she saw a gold lock hung on a red rope around her neck and a gold bracelet on her wrist. Although it was gold, it was very chic and especially suitable for a young child. The gold lock was about 100 years old, and the bracelet was engraved with flowers, which was very interesting.

Jiang Nian liked it very much and touched it with pity. If she was bigger and heavier, she wouldn’t be afraid of it crushing her small body. She happily stepped on the small slippers and went downstairs.

When she got downstairs, her whole family was gleaming with gold. Her father’s and grandfather’s gold necklaces, and mother’s and grandma’s gold necklaces, gold earrings, gold rings and gold bracelets were particularly rich and lovely.

Jiang Nian especially liked her new home.

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