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Liu Yingying was two years older than Jiang Nian and was in her second year of high school in the city. She was approaching the second half of her third year, which was the crucial moment. Aunt Jiang and Dad had spoken before and, when they saw Liu Yingying needing to focus on school, felt it was better not to waste time taking a car back to the county every weekend. To save energy, it was better to live with the Jiang family in the future, which could save her more study time. It also happened that both Jiang Nian and Jiang Xiaobao were in junior high school. Yingying could use her free time to tutor the two of them. Wasn’t this killing two birds with one stone?

Aunt Jiang was a few years younger than Dad Jiang, named Jiang Laichun, only one character away from Dad Jiang’s Jiang Laifu. The relationship between the brother and sister was not bad, but the difference in luck was too great.

Jiang Laichun married a small boss who opened a small supermarket in the county and became the boss lady. She gave birth to her daughter Liu Yingying and had a big fat son a few years later. Throughout this time she could constantly lecture Jiang Laifu, let him not be a hammer today and a mallet tomorrow1, see how many years he worked and saved so little, this son and daughter have to spend more, and they are more attentive.

Jiang Laichun was quite proud when she said this. Seeing how well she married, she could live a life by minding the supermarket without having to go to work. She could save a lot of money after paying her children’s tuition every year. Look at her brother. Don’t even mention the difficulty taking care of his wife and kids, he even took her father and mother to suffer. Because of this matter, she’d often go persuade her sister-in-law, and by the way show the new gold ring she bought. But who’d expect the tables would turn, and they’d live in a big villa now?!

The situation between the two reversed, the gap was particularly large, and her heart was naturally not so comfortable. But Jiang Laifu told herself he was her brother; could the brother not take care of his sister??

So, this Jiang family just moved in a little while, Jiang Laichun could not wait and came with Liu Yingying.

On that day, Friday, Liu Yingying was carrying her schoolbag, wearing a blue and white school skirt, tied a princess head with a black head rope 2. The two white long legs were long and straight, tall and thin. She looked beautiful, fresh, and natural.

On the contrary, Jiang Nian was not healthy. Since she was a child, she was weak and sick, thin like a bamboo pole, and not fully developed. In front of Liu Yingying, she really looked like a little cabbage.

“Uncle, aunt, grandma and grandpa, I miss you so much!”

Her mouth was certainly sweet enough, and Jiang Nian’s parents, grandparents, and family members were happy.

Liu Yingying greeted her elders, and then she smiled and looked at the little fatty, taking out a few lollipops in her hand: “Xiaobao, this is what sister specially bought for you at school today. Although I bought a few, you can only eat one a day. Otherwise, it will be gone next time!”

Jiang Xiaobao can grow into a such a chubby figure, in addition to eating meat, his love of sugar was indispensable. However, his family did not let him eat, so his was very happy at the candy Liu Yingying brought him and took over while thanking his cousin.

Liu Yingying was naturally very happy. She touched Jiang Xiaobao’s head lovingly and said to Jiang Nian, “Cousin, I haven’t seen you in such a long time. I think you look a lot better. It’s so good. We can go out and play together later. You just came to the city and don’t go out much on weekdays. There must be many places you haven’t visited yet. I’ll take you to play with me.”

Jiang Laichun also said, “Yeah, yeah. Niannian’s health isn’t good and Yingying, as the elder sister, has to take care of her younger sister. In the future, they should go out and play together when they can. It is boring to stay at home for a long time.”

Dad Jiang was very happy to hear that Liu Yingying came to live at home. Because their daughter was either in school or staying at home because of her poor health, she had few friends of the same age. Wasn’t Liu Yingying just right? He immediately praised, “Yingying really grew up and became more and more sensible.”

Jiang Nian took a bite of the cake and wanted to say that Liu Yingying deserved to be a rebirth, especially smart.

The “Jiang Nian” in her last life was also a sick seedling, and her health was worse than hers now. Not only did she have few friends on weekdays, but also had very few opportunities to go out. Even in school, most of the time she was in the classroom. Before class, she would also participate in the gymnastics and flag-raising ceremonies but, after a fainting spell, the teacher let her rest in the classroom. She could only sit and watch during the physical education classes was known for being particularly weak. Even when her classmates organized outings and parties, who would dare call her?

So, after Liu Yingying appeared and lived in Jiang’s house, she was really looking forward to talking and joking with this cousin and hanging out together. Liu Yingying also talked to Jiang Nian about how the outside world was, and spoke how she and her friends would go shopping and eat ice cream on the road, saying that there were many strange animals in the zoo, saying that the roller coaster in the amusement park was particularly exciting and fun, and that the carousel was very romantic…

She described to Jiang Nian a particularly perfect and lively world, making Jiang Nian long more and more for the outside world. Liu Yingying naturally behaved intelligently in front of the Jiang family. If she said she wanted to take Jiang Nian out, she also promised to take care of her, just to shop and then return when she was tired. Even if they were not at ease, they would be willing. After all, Jiang Nian rarely had a playmate.

Previously, Liu Yingying and Jiang Nian were not very close. Liu Yingying spent her time studying and Jiang Nian also had to take classes. Moreover, Jiang Nian was not in good health. They had only seen each other a few times a year. Now, seeing that the two sisters lived together and were so close, the family was very happy.

However, they did not expect that every time Liu Yingying took “Jiang Nian” out, she would deliberately guide her to eat food that was not good for her health, such as spicy and cold things, and would deliberately take more roads than Jiang Nian’s body could bear. When Jiang Nian didn’t want to eat, she would persuade her that it would be fine if she ate a little bit. Anyway, “Jiang Nian” was not the type to complain to her family. Not to mention Yingying would always ask her friends to eat with them every time, and the choice was either hot pot or barbecue. Could “Jiang Nian” refuse spicy food in a group of peers? If she didn’t eat, they’d say she was squeamish.

“Jiang Nian” didn’t notice Liu Yingying’s bad thoughts. When she was uncomfortable, she deliberately concealed herself from the family, and was afraid that she would not be able to go out next time. Although “Jiang Nian” later noticed that she was unwell and began to refuse Liu Yingying, Liu Yingying was too good at disguising herself, claiming that it was for her good, and “Jiang Nian” was embarrassed to refuse more, and she would follow Liu Yingying.

Liu Yingying was a naturally proud person. Whether in the previous life or this life, she doesn’t like Jiang Nian very much. She couldn’t stand that “Jiang Nian” was favored from an early age. Later, her uncle’s family developed, and Jiang Nian was spoiled as a little princess. She didn’t need to do anything at home, and all good things were brought to her. Why did she deserve that?

Later, Jiang Nian married the man she had always had a crush on. The man was a cloud in the sky, a god who stood in front of her that she didn’t even dare to say a word to. Why should he care for Jiang Nian? Even if he knew that Jiang Nian was not in good health and would not live long, he still gave Jiang Nian a shocking wedding, guarding her, accompanying her…

and she could only marry a normal man not even worthy to carry her male god’s shoes.

Liu Yingying was more and more reluctant the more she thought about it. At first, she just wanted to give Jiang Nian a lesson. After many times, she hoped that Jiang Nian would disappear from this world, and hoped that Jiang Nian would not appear in front of the man she admired.

So later, after Jiang Nian was promoted to high school, when Liu Yingying took Jiang Nian out to play, she would also call several other friends, male and female. One of the boys named Qi Bin was very attentive to Jiang Nian, and Liu Yingying also tried to match them, saying how good Qi Bin was, how considerate, and how many girls liked Qi Bin, in hopes that Jiang Nian could be moved.

Liu Yingying knew Qi Bin; Qi Bin was her boyfriend of the previous life that she’d originally thought to be a treasure but turned out to be a man who admired vanity and dumped her for a rich woman. She knew that Qi Bin’s character would definitely be interested in Jiang Nian, so she secretly revealed Jiang Nian’s situation to Qi Bin, saying how the Jiang family was rich and brainless and very fond of Jiang Nian.

And Jiang Nian’s sick and unhealthy body naturally couldn’t live for a long time. Wouldn’t her dowry be his then? Qi Bin was moved and naturally prepared.

However, even when “Jiang Nian” graduated from high school was admitted to Capital University, Qi Bin and Jiang Nian had a better relationship than before but stopped at friends. Qi Bin could not help but hint a few times, but Jiang Nian never once accepted, not only refusing him, but also avoided meeting him.

Liu Yingying was very anxious. She didn’t want Jiang Nian to go to the capital at all, because there, Jiang Nian would meet her male god. So, she couldn’t wait, and asked Jiang Nian to hang out again on the grounds that it was a graduation trip, along with Qi Bin and others. That time, Liu Yingying deliberately opened the door to the drunk Qi Bin, and “Jiang Nian”, a sick seedling, naturally resisted.

When “Jiang Nian” fled afterwards, she also bumped into the dialogue between Liu Yingying and Qi Bin. Only then did she know that Liu Yingying had always been malicious towards her in the past few years. Liu Yingying panicked when she saw that the incident was exposed, and she uttered rants and said that she, “Jiang Nian”, a sick young man, would only drag people down, saying that she was now a broken flower, and that Qi Bin only loved her family and money!

“Jiang Nian” always thought that Liu Yingying was a cousin who loved her. After a few years, she naturally regarded Qi Bin as a friend. Now, she was betrayed by these two people. Plus, with Liu Yingying’s calculations over the past few years, she had always been in bad health. “Jiang Nian” fainted from anxiousness and never woke up after fainting.


Now, Liu Yingying had just been born again, and had not yet produced the thought of not wanting Jiang Nian to live in this world, but her dissatisfaction with Jiang Nian always existed. It was also true that she secretly wanted Jiang Nian to feel bad.

Still, Jiang Nian did not understand why Liu Yingying had such a deep hatred towards her. The Jiang family treated her well; although every time it was said that she took Jiang Nian out to play, the money was given by Mother Jiang. They would never be stingy on her expenses, and it was unknown why she disliked Jiang Nian so much. Maybe it was because she was not reconciled? Or maybe was because Jiang Nian, the sick seedling, not only had a better life than her, but also her family’s unlimited love, and even more money for her? Or maybe it was just that a sick seedling married better than her?

Those days of unwillingness, blame, and injustice made Liu Yingying more uncomfortable with Jiang Nian. Envy and jealousy swallowed her mind.

Jiang Nian came to enjoy the blessings, and finally found a good life and naturally couldn’t go early and had no intention to go along with Liu Yingying: “Dad, cousin came to the house to save time to prepare for the college entrance examination. How can I embarrass my cousin to take care of me and take me out to play? I am also very sensible and will not trouble my cousin casually, let her concentrate on preparing for the exam.”

Mother and Father Jiang were gratified with their daughter’s sensibility. Aunt Jiang said it was no trouble at all, and Liu Yingying added with a smile, “It’s an older sister’s responsibility to take care of her younger sister. Where can I say it’s troublesome?”

This was true.

Jiang Nian looked happy and puzzled: “Really? But when I was at my aunt’s house, didn’t you say you didn’t want me and Xiaobao to disturb my cousin to study? Is it okay now?”

Jiang Xiaobao nodded, honestly. Say: “Yeah, we can’t disturb the cousin to take the exam at Qingda University.”

Qingda University was one of the top universities in the country. Although Liu Yingying’s grades were okay in the grade, it was still very difficult to qualify for Qingda University. Still, Aunt Jiang had always been bragging about Liu Yingying’s results, saying that as long as she tested normally, it was not a problem to get in anywhere.

Aunt Jiang’s face was stiff, Liu Yingying was also stunned, and the Jiang parents were also a little embarrassed. Grandpa and Grandma Jiang came out to round the field and poked Jiang Xiaobao’s head and said, “Children’s imaginations. What nonsense are you talking?”

Jiang Xiaobao said, “I didn’t talk nonsense, aunt and cousin said so.”

Liu Yingying saw the situation was not good, and quickly appended, “My cousins misunderstood. Although I am diligent in in learning, I’m not always studying all the time, and I need a proper rest. Otherwise, if I just keep learning, I’m afraid I’m going to be a fool.”

Jiang Nian made a face of sudden realization, and smiled and said, “Well, then we will go out and play together when we have time.”


Liu Yingying suppressed the dissatisfaction in her heart and smiled and responded well.


Liu Yingying stayed in the Jiang family guest room. Aunt Jiang settled Liu Yingying in and had to go back and guard her small supermarket. With Jiang Laifu’s family to compare, the supermarket she used to be proud of no longer made her proud. Rather, she felt that her husband was too incapable. Otherwise, how can he only open a small supermarket? One month’s worth of money wasn’t enough for her brother’s wife to buy a gold necklace. In this way, her heart was even less tasteful. Fortunately, the fact that her daughter’s performance was better than that of Jiang Nian and she more beautiful than Jiang Nian provided a little comfort.(T/N: Well, we can see why Liu Yingying turned out the way she did…)

Although Liu Yingying lived in the guest room next door to Jiang Nian, the room was carefully renovated, and all the furniture looked newly bought because Liu Yingying was coming, and specially equipped with desks, bookcases, lamps and other things. Jiang Nian also looked at it and felt the room was much more luxurious than in Liu Yingying’s hometown. There was also a separate bathroom and cloakroom, and a large balcony on the floor. Even Jiang Nian felt she’d also be reluctant to change it.

Liu Yingying falling in love with their family showed she had a bit of a vision, which was the only part of her worthy of recognition.

As Jiang Nian walked around the room, Liu Yingying smiled softly: “Niannian, tomorrow’s Saturday. Let’s go out to play tomorrow— how about we go shopping and watch movies?”

Jiang Nian immediately said, “Don’t go.”

“…Why don’t you go? I remember you said that you wanted to go out with me before?”

Liu Yingying remembered that she had said before going to Jiang Nian that she went out shopping with friends and watched movies, or went traveling on a spring tour with friends, Jiang Nian would look at her with special envy and say how she wished she could play with her. Of course, Liu Yingying didn’t want to take a sick seedling out of the house, so naturally she found excuses not to. She didn’t expect that when she offered to take Jiang Nian out to play, she dared to refuse?!

Jiang Nian found a chair to sit down and said lightly, “I wanted to go before, but now I don’t want to. As long as I live long, our family is so rich, what can’t I do? If I want to go shopping, I can just go shopping on Taobao. Whatever I see, I can get it delivered to the door. As for watching movies or something, I can ask my dad to set up a movie theater for me at home. How troublesome it is to go out? It’s hot and dusty and noisy outside. Why hurt my body unnecessarily?”

Liu Yingying was stunned.

“…Cousin, why do you think so? Buying things online is completely different from going shopping, and, as for watching movies, it’s much more interesting to eat popcorn in a movie theater!”

Jiang Nian said solemnly, “Cousin, you don’t really think so, but I can understand you. After all, you don’t have money at home. Could going out personally really be more interesting than asking for service?”

Liu Yingying: “…………!!!”

She was frustrated by Jiang Nian’s merciless words, but she couldn’t show it yet. She didn’t know what Jiang Nian was so proud of. Wasn’t she just an upstart? She really thought she was something amazing!

She endured it and tried to persuade Jiang Nian to go out with her and take a look. Wasn’t it really boring and stuffy to be stuck at home.?

Jiang Nian laughed, saying the family was not stuffy and very interesting. After all, her home was so large, she could go on a walk or look at the spring onions in the garden if she wanted something fun to do. Otherwise, she could eat and drink tea in the pavilion in front of the house which was much more comfortable than going outside to suffer that crime. Liu Yingying had to force herself not to kick Jiang Nian out of the room.

Jiang Nian was also disgusted with Liu Yingying. After two sentences, she went downstairs to look for Mom Jiang. Mom Jiang and Grandma Jiang were cooking in the kitchen. When she came down, Mom Jiang said, “What are you doing in the kitchen? The smoke is heavy here. Go and play with your cousin— it should be time to eat after a while.”

Jiang Nian was also very sad. She lay on the eaves for a while, and said, “The cousin kept saying that she would take me out to play, and I refused her. I’m afraid of her persuading me to death so I have to hide.”

Mother Jiang said, “Your cousin also wants to take you out and take a look. If you’re free, go out and play.”

Jiang Nian hummed: “I don’t want to go out, the house is very good.”

Jiang Nian could only sigh at their reaction.

Liu Yingying usually performed well. Although she was a little tempered, she was overall decent. Besides, she was naturally more toned down after reborn, and she also knew how to please people.

Jiang Nian was no worse than Liu Yingying. After all, she was so excellent and perfect.

Afterwards, Liu Yingying offered to take Jiang Nian out a few times, but Jiang Nian refused. Liu Yingying couldn’t help being a little impetuous. She didn’t understand why Jiang Nian suddenly didn’t listen to her. Jiang Nian used to listen to what she said in the previous life. If she knew that she was going to take her out to play, wouldn’t she be happy to die?

………Was it really because of the money?

She remembered that the sick seedling Jiang Nian especially wanted to try the taste of hot pot, but, due to physical reasons, she was not allowed to eat it outside or at home. Because they family had to take care of her, the dishes on the table were mainly light, and it was nearly impossible to find any spice. Although Liu Yingying only came back to eat on weekends, she could not bear it for a few meals.

One day she suddenly found Jiang Nian and said that she would take her out to eat hot pot. Since she didn’t like to go shopping or watch movies, was it okay to eat hot pot? This couldn’t be bought with money.

Jiang Nian thought about it carefully and said, “Okay, then.”

Liu Yingying said, “You can’t tell your aunt and uncle about them, otherwise they know that I’ll take you to hot pot, they will be angry.”

Jiang Nian Um nodded and promised very seriously, “Relax, I won’t let them know.”

Liu Yingying was relieved and finally satisfied.

Who knew that, on the day of travel, Jiang Nian actually brought Jiang Xiaobao, and Liu Yingying was very embarrassed: “Do you want to take Xiaobao with you?”

Jiang Nian touched her wallet: “It doesn’t matter, I have money, and it doesn’t matter if I treat one more Jiang Xiaobao.”

Jiang Xiaobao pouted, “Why can’t I go? Can’t I play with you, cousin doesn’t want me to go?”

Liu Yingying didn’t speak yet, and Jiang Nian patted the fat head: “Of course you’re not going to play, do you know to take care of me? Today is sister’s first time going out. It’s so dangerous outside, you need to protect my safety. If anything doesn’t look right, you can call 120 anytime. Don’t just think about playing!”

Jiang Xiaobao clenched his phone and swore, “…I know, sister. Rest assured; I will definitely protect you!”

Liu Yingying: “………”

Because it was some children who went out to play on their own, and for a big thing like hot pot, naturally, they didn’t let their parents pick them up. But when the three of them came to the gate, Liu Yingying realized that things were far from simple, because the three small radish heads stood at the door with a reluctant expression. When they saw them, the child in front came and said, “Why did you come so late?”

When Liu Yingying saw who the child was, she was shocked. Huo Ping? How could they have met Jiang Nian?!

She had lived in the Jiang family for some time. Besides, she lived there for a long time in her previous life. Naturally, she knew Huo Ping, and she also knew that Huo Ping’s family had deep roots. His grandfather was a retired powerful official. Plus, there were many members of the Huo family in the capital who still held powerful positions. It wasn’t an exaggeration to call Huo Ping a small bully. And he played well with Chen Yi and Xu Lihai, one from a business family with assets deeper than the Jiang family, and the other from a family particularly well-mixed in the military world. In the future, they were three people in high positions.

She endured it and asked, “Niannian, are they your friends?”

Huo Ping glanced at Liu Yingying, pouting his cheeks and didn’t speak. Chen Yi and Xu Lihai deferred to Huo Ping, and naturally did not answer. They were proud. Most people wouldn’t get a look from them. Not to mention that the only reason Jiang Nian could call them was because they lost in arm wrestling before but did not go to the Jiang family to apologize. As majestic men, could they be happy to lose to a sick seedling?

Jiang Nian said, “Of course not, we are now in a hostile relationship.”

Liu Yingying was surprised: “Ah?”

Huo Ping also said, “We are not friends, don’t talk nonsense.”

Liu Yingying: “………Sorry, because I don’t know, so I asked.”

Huo Ping’s unhappy face looked very arrogant, leaving Liu Yingying a little faceless.

Jiang Nian glanced at the time: “I’m sorry, we spent some time on the way. You are quite punctual, actually arrived so early. I thought you would not come.”

Huo Ping hummed and said a little proudly, “We won’t go back if we promise!”

Jiang Nian: “Oh, so why didn’t you go to my house to apologize?”

Huo Ping: “…………”

Chen Yi: “……”

Xu Lihai: “……”

Jiang Xiaobao smirked while covering his mouth, proudly raising his double chin.

……Liu Yingying felt that she was superfluous and was shocked that Jiang Nian actually had a great relationship with Huo Ping? And, if so many people wanted to go together, could the matter of eating hot pot be kept secret? Liu Yingying inevitably became guilty and anxious.

Jiang Nian did not care about her. Since she came out, she would take a good look at the outside world. Only, she was not at ease with this dangerous world.

“Huo Ping, Chen Yi, Xu Lihai, letting you come out today, the main purpose is to protect my safety. Understood?”

Jiang Nian found the three of them yesterday, taking advantage of their weakness of breaking the promise to apologize to the Jiang family. Naturally, they only refused to maintain their face3. But Jiang Nian asked them to come out and protect her safety, promising the apology could be pushed back and she wouldn’t reveal that day to anyone, so, the three boys had no way out.

Huo Ping reluctantly said, “I think you are quite healthy, the strength is still so great, and shouldn’t need protection.”

Jiang Nian sighed with emotion, “I am very healthy now, but the outside world is very dangerous. Who knows what you encounter? By the way, have you brought your mobile phone?”

Huo Ping nodded with Chen Yi and Xu Lihai, saying, “Why should we have it?”

Jiang Nian immediately felt relieved: “Then quickly set No. 1 shortcut key to 120, No. 2 to 110, and No. 3 to 119!”4

Huo Ping, Chen Yi and Xu Lihai were at a loss. Why should we set this? Not set!

Jiang Nian persuaded and said, “Because my life is too expensive, after you step out of this gate, you must always pay attention to my safety and protect me. If there is something wrong, immediately call the police! If you see me dizzy or if I feel uncomfortable, call an ambulance! Then you have to protect me until the ambulance comes, you know?”

Huo Ping, Chen Yi and Xu Lihai were all shocked: “…………!!!”

Jiang Nian: “Today our slogan is: on heaven and earth, Jiang Nian’s life is the biggest!”

……………_ (: з”∠) _

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