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When Jiang Nian returned to City B at the end of the semester, she faced not only Jiang Xiaobao’s mourning face, but also three other listless kids’. She looked at the little faces full of pain as they stood deserted in her yard, or squatted, watering flowers and nibbling grass, as if they were anticipating something.

Four years later, they were no longer the same children of a few years ago. The 18-year-old boys had grown a lot taller, and the childish features had grown up. Now they were all handsome guys, full of youth and vitality. She’d heard there were plenty of little girls chasing to confess.

It’s just that this college entrance examination was over, and the shackles of three years had been eliminated. Normally, they should be running around like splashing monkeys who didn’t even know their names. Why were these few lurking in her courtyard with a miserable look?

Had she been gone so long they missed her?

Jiang Nian was very moved. She quickly took out a few small green tickets from the bag and threw them over. They should be praised. 1.

Huo Ping turned black, and when he picked it up, he stuffed it in his pocket: “It’s only a few dollars. Do you think I’m a beggar?”


Jiang Nian shook her head and said seriously, “Of course not; this is already my greatest kindness. This is enough to show how much I care about you!”


Huo Ping’s face was darker, this Yangzi jie was also a personal talent. It was the first time he saw someone say something so stiff in such an unrestrained manner.

Chen Yi threw a smile, Xu Lihai patted Huo Ping’s shoulder and said, “Be content!”

Chen Yi said, “Yes. If you want to give it up, give it to me. Don’t even think about it.”

Huo Ping shook him away and rolled his eyes. Mosquito meat was still meat.

Over there, Jiang father, Jiang mother, and her assistant were still unloading her luggage. Most of the materials that Jiang Nian brought back were the information notes she needed to write the novel, and then Mrs. Zhang specially packed gifts that she brought back. When she went to Huo’s house for a meal, Mrs. Zhang took out the gifts she had prepared and stuffed it with a box for Jiang Nian, saying that it was for her parents and grandparents, so she should not refuse it.

Although the two families hadn’t met formally, there hadn’t been few gifts exchanged. Seeing that the relationship was getting better and better, their attitude more and more like a family…Jiang Nian couldn’t blame Mrs. Zhang for not being firm enough. It was her fault for being too good and too attractive. = =

Grandpa and Grandma Jiang were killing chickens and ducks in the back yard. As soon as they heard that the granddaughter was back, they didn’t have time to meet her before Jiang Nian rushed out: “Grandpa! Grandma! I’m back!”

Mom Jiang called from behind, “You run slower, don’t fall!”

Dad Jiang was stupid. Now he was really happy; the only negative was that his older brother2. did not come so they couldn’t drink together.


Jiang Nian came back, and the Jiang family was very lively. Mama Jiang left a few small meals, and asked Jiang Xiaobao to invite Grandpa Huo. He was so lonely at home, and their family did a lot of dishes. Wasn’t it just right for everyone to gather together for a while? To be honest, Master Huo and Huo Ling were the reason Jiang Nian could walk safely and securely to today— their great benefactor. If not for his good words, how many setbacks would they have experienced?

When Grandpa Huo came, the Jiang family was even more lively. That is, Jiang Xiaobao and Huo Ping looked a little out of place.

These two seemed to like to squat in the yard, looking up at the sky forty-five degrees, spreading low air pressure. It was unknown what they thought they suffered.

Was it early menopause?

Master Huo said, “They haven’t told you yet?”

“No, what is it?”

Master Huo smiled and shook his head: “You ask them.”

Really speaking, since the results of the college entrance examination, these few had always been in this state. Their results were obviously okay, and not only were they not happy, they acted as if they were going to die. It seemed that it was a pressure from testing too well.

This was really strange.

In this way, the neighbors were more than a little angry. What was this? Was it not a blessing they should be happy about?! They would wake up laughing if their children took the exam so well, but were they unhappy for doing well? Wasn’t this just begging to be hit?

Jiang Xiaobao and Huo Ping, and Chen Yi and Xu Lihai had similar college entrance examination results. Huo Ping was the best among them. He scored 701 from a total score of 750. Although Jiang Xiaobao was almost 40 points less than him, there was no problem entering Hua Da also3. Not to mention Chen Yi and Xu Lihai who also took a test of 690 or more.

In terms of this result, although it was more than a little bit worse than Jiang Nian, it was also really good. Not to mention this year’s first line of liberal arts was 576 and science was 5444.. If the four of them went outside, they’d be showered in the praise of their classmates.

But they were unhappy!

Because of this, some congratulatory people did not know whether to say congratulations! They were also very angry in their hearts. Acting unhappy about this result; they could pretend to be deep enough to stand side by side with the legendary devil family of four years ago!

Jiang Nian went to ask and found out why they were so depressed. Why were they so unhappy? Not just because the exam was too good!

Chen Yi was wronged and said, “Actually, I’ve always wanted to study abroad and go to Ye Da, but my previous grades were quite average, and I didn’t even have that hope. Where do I know…”

And Xu Lihai wanted to go to Xia Da Law University in City C. His dream was to be a lawyer.

As for Huo Ping, he was obsessed with mathematics. Hua Da’s mathematics department ranked first in the country and was world-renowned. That was where he dreamt of going.

Jiang Nian suddenly realized that she finally understood: “Did you not think that after bathing in the glory of my genius, you have achieved such a good result, so that your dreams finally have a chance to become a reality. And you couldn’t accept it for a while, and thought you were dreaming?”

…Although they wanted to deny it, they did not make a mistake. They really did not expect Jiang Nian to not only bet on the questions correctly, but also be particularly inspiring. Near the months of the college entrance examination, they spent almost all their time studying, sometimes tired to the point of collapsing, and would think about Jiang Nian. Someone who was so sick could top the exam even with her physical disabilities; could they not do it without physical disabilities?

After such a hard study, they really got a good grade, and their dreams became a reality!

As for why Jiang Xiaobao was miserable? Because his dream was to become a doctor, he was going to the medical school of the capital to become an underclassman of Jiang Nian’s Xiao Tong.

From now on, he would take the on the duties of the four grand front and back law protectors alone. Wouldn’t he be miserable? Wouldn’t he be pitiful? Could he not cry?!

Jiang Nian didn’t understand again: “Isn’t this a good thing, why are you still not happy? Oh, I know, are you thinking that you can’t be with me, so you are sad? This is nothing. Rest assured, even if can’t see me, you will also hear my reputation as a genius!”


Huo Ping, Chen Yi and Xu Lihai were silent for a minute. Huo Ping couldn’t help but roll his eyes: “…you are too confident in yourself. We are too happy to get rid of you; how could we be sad!”

“Okay, don’t pretend, I understand.”


Chen Yi and Xu Lihai were really sad. After all, one was going abroad, one to City C. Although Huo Ping was not at the same university, they were both in the imperial capital. With such a distance, they didn’t know when they would get together again.

But this was probably life. Everyone had their own dreams and goals. Separate for the moment, get together in the future.

Jiang Nian said, “Relax, no matter how far apart you are, in my heart, you will always be my four grand front and back law protectors.”

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Jiang Xiaobao had a good score. Although he was not as good as Jiang Nian, he finally caught up with the capital, and the Jiang parents could not afford to treat their children unequally and naturally held a college dinner for him. Here, relatives and friends were also given initiations, booked a luxury table in the most luxurious hotel in City B, the scene was full.

The Jiang family had also made a big splash in the past two years. In the past, Jiang Nian entered the Capital University as the champion of the college entrance examination. Now, there was Jiang Xiaobao. Although he was not the champion of the college entrance examination, the school he entered was also at the capital!

The Jiang family walked with the wind and smiled with their Big Gold, their eyes were invisible, and all of them held their heads high that they guests were almost able to see into their nostrils.

Jiang Laichun was very angry. She thought that Jiang Nian would be a miracle. Unexpectedly, Jiang Xiaobao was also so powerful. Look at her daughter still studying in a normal second level school, she said a few words, “In the beginning, I let you study hard, but you didn’t. See now, everyone has been admitted to the capital city! You had to repeat for a year, and you should have more experience. Why couldn’t you have done as well as the idiot Jiang Xiaobao yet?”

“Mom, Jiang Xiaobao did well. How do you know he didn’t cheat? Besides, aunt asked for so many tutors for Jiang Xiaobao. How much would it cost? The results were all piled up with money. And with Jiang Nian as an elder sister, she must have taken a back door for him.5 I am different from them. I am trying to walk to the present by myself; can I compare with them?”

Jiang Laichun said, “I also reported you a cram school. Did you forget?”

Liu Yingying said, “Can a one-to-two cram school compare with one-to-one?”

“…Anyway, it’s all reasonable for you to say. You just blame me for not hiring you a good tutor?”

“No, I didn’t blame you, who made Jiang Nian’s family rich!”

This said, Jiang Laichun changed her face at once. Her family really was poor and not as rich as her brother’s. Even her parents were not as good to her! Not to mention how good her parents were to Jiang Nian and Jiang Xiaobao. Did they care about her family’s Yingying as much as they care about them? Sure enough, married daughter was spilled water.6

Thinking about this, she couldn’t help but want to vent her grievances but had nowhere to suffocate her heart.

Of course, Liu Yingying was also angry because she found that her relationship with Jiang Nian worsened. Last year, she originally wanted to threaten her with her relationship with Huo Ling. As a result, Jiang Nian ignored it. Later, she told her grandfather and grandmother after a while, wanting to see how they reacted. Where did she know that they knew earlier than her! Listening to their tone that seemed particularly satisfied, they didn’t mean to object at all.

As a result, her original plan to instigate her grandfather and grandmother to trip Jiang Nian and Huo Ling naturally fell through. In the past six months, she had no chance to meet Jiang Nian again. She didn’t know Jiang Nian’s current situation, just listened to her mother say a lot. For example: that Jiang Nian and Huo Ling had a stable relationship, Jiang Nian had been to Huo’s family and the situation was not bad, maybe they would get married when she graduated from college……

Liu Yingying was not reconciled and wanted Jiang Nian to suffer a bit, but she couldn’t do anything. The feeling of punching on cotton made her very angry.

This time, at Jiang Xiaobao’s college dinner, she naturally wanted to take a look. In order to be able to stand out in front of Jiang Nian, she also took out the dress she was not willing to wear, put on makeup and sprayed perfume, and carried a donkey brand purse7. She also went to the salon next door to style her hair, dressed up dazzlingly, and then followed her parents to City B.

Liu Yingying had been pretty since she was a child. Every time she went out with Jiang Nian, outsiders would only say that she was beautiful and could not see the thin and small Jiang Nian. It was just that Jiang Nian’s academic performance had been getting better and better in recent years and she snatched all the limelight. This time, she couldn’t be beaten by Jiang Nian again.

However, she carefully dressed and took out almost all her good things, but, when she saw Jiang Nian in the hotel lobby, she was immediately uncomfortable-Jiang Nian’s one Patek Philippe watch was more valuable than everything on her body combined!

What’s more, she thought she would see Jiang Nian who was bloodless and pale and weak, but her appearance was surprisingly good today. Although she looked weak, she was outstanding. Her features were good, her eyes were gleaming, and her long gauze skirt made her figure look more delicate and softer. Even worse, she had been in the limelight for a while!

Huo Ping, Jiang Xiaobao, Chen Yi and Xu Lihai were still surrounding her. They guarded her in the middle with a familiar and gentle attitude.

Liu Yingying did not expect that in these years, Huo Ping had grown up to be such a good boy with a strong family background and promising future. Even worse, his relationship with Jiang Nian was still so good…

Jiang Nian watched Liu Yingying’s face become pig liver color. When Liu Yingying saw the Big Gold on her chest and wrists again, her face was even more ugly.

Liu Yingying put away her dissatisfaction, and grinned reluctantly: “Cousin, if you are in poor health, go in for a rest. Otherwise it would be bad if you’re blown by the wind.”

Jiang Nian said with a smile, “No, Xiaobao did so well, I am happy today. And it’s not good for my body to sit all the time; it’s better to walk around and stand.”

Liu Yingying was upset again. What did Jiang Nian mean? Showing off how Jiang Xiaobao did better than her? But she didn’t show it, just smiled, and stood beside Jiang Nian: “Then I will accompany you here.”

She asked Huo Ping how they did the test: “Have you received the admission notice?”

Huo Ping and the rest were not stupid. They had long seen that this cousin’s mind was very bad. Plus, they were already very arrogant— the average person really couldn’t catch their eye; this Liu Yingying was naturally even more unattractive. None of them talked to Liu Yingying, and Jiang Nian naturally didn’t have so much kindness to help her.

Liu Yingying stood in embarrassment for a few minutes, only to feel more and more embarrassed, and finally found an excuse to walk away. The more she thought, the more unwilling she was, and when she looked back at Jiang Nian, who smiled with a smile, she felt even more hatred. Suddenly, she had a plan. This time, she must make Jiang Nian look good.

She didn’t do anything and first went to her aunt to get a room card. Because it was a banquet, there must be some people drunk, not to mention relatives travelling in from far away, so Mama Jiang had already booked a room in advance for guests to rest.

“I slept with the window open last night and felt a little uncomfortable being blown by the wind. I’ll take a rest later.”

Jiang Mother had already prepared a room for the Jiang Laichun family, and naturally gave Liu Yingying the room cards without doubt. She opened two rooms for her sister-in-law’s family. Liu Yingying behaved as usual, smiled and thanked her aunt, and walked away.

Then she called Qi Bin and told him if he wanted to see Jiang Nian, he would come to the Peace Hotel.

Qi Bin was also from City B. At this time, he was lying at home playing games. Hearing Liu Yingying’s words, he couldn’t help but think of the last time he lost his face like a dog in front of Jiang Nian. Later, it was even spread among his classmates, let him sweep his face on the ground! But he didn’t have a chance to approach Jiang Nian and could only hold his dissatisfaction in his heart, saying, “Jiang Nian doesn’t like me, what’s the use of meeting me?”

Liu Yingying said: “As long as you like her, it’s good, the days are long. She will definitely like you. Besides, won’t you find a way to keep her by your side? I’ll give you a chance. Will you come?”

Qi Bin was so moved. He couldn’t forget how Jiang Nian looked down on him condescendingly. Not to mention Jiang Nian’s beautiful appearance, coupled with her delicate and soft look, it was more likely to cause men’s pity.

“You send me the address.”

Liu Yingying said with a happy heart, “You call me first when you arrive, I will give you the room card, and you should wait while you are there. If you are really afraid, just drink two bottles of beer to be brave!”

Qi Bin narrowed his eyes and probably understood Liu Yingying’s meaning.

This woman was really bad. She even calculated her cousin. But he was the one to benefit— how could he let it go? He would let the man see whether or not he could touch Jiang Nian! 8

Just like he got Liu Yingying.

…When the banquet started, Liu Yingying didn’t even bother to listen to what her uncle and Jiang Xiaobao said on stage, and she didn’t even bother to eat. She got up and left once after receiving the phone call and drank three glasses of red wine until she felt a little dizzy. She saw her aunt and uncle bringing Jiang Xiaobao to the table toast. Grandpa and grandma also had a good chat with old friends. No one noticed Jiang Nian.

She stood up and almost stumbled. Jiang Laichun helped her: “Yingying, are you drunk? You drink less, it’s not good to drink too much.”

Liu Yingying said with a smile, “Mom, you eat. I’m not drunk. I’m just a little dizzy. I let my cousin go upstairs to rest with me.”

Jiang Laichun said, “Sure, then you go.”

Anyway, there was a lot of noise and the smell of tobacco and alcohol was strong, Jiang Nian would not like to stay here. It would be better to accompany Yingying upstairs to rest.

Liu Yingying yelled and went to Jiang Nian at the table next to her. She seemed to be talking to Huo Ping. Several people were talking and laughing, and it looked really eye-catching. The table in front of her was even more so; the dishes and soups made for her alone made Liu Yingying hate even more.

She smiled and stepped forward: “Cousin, I am uncomfortable, can you accompany me to take a rest upstairs?”

Huo Ping frowned, even Chen Yi looked at her inexplicably, Liu Yingying said embarrassedly, “I didn’t expect that I was so bad. I just drank two glasses of red wine and it was uncomfortable…”

Jiang Nian took the last bite of the bird’s nest and said to Huo Ping, “You eat it first, I will go as soon as I go.”

Huo Ping: “I’ll accompany you.”

Jiang Nian patted him and winked at him secretly: “Relax, I have cousin.”

Huo Ping could only sit back, not knowing why, but he was even more worried.

Liu Yingying was secretly happy. Jiang Nian just stood up and she couldn’t wait to hold her hand and carry her away.

Qi Bin should be in the room by this time.

Jiang Nian helped Liu Yingying upstairs. She happened to live in 1818, closer to the corner. Because it was past lunch time, and the cleaning was almost over, there was no one in the corridor at the moment. When the door was coming, Liu Yingying suddenly said, “Cousin, can I borrow your mobile phone to use? My mobile phone is dead. I will call my mother.”

Jiang Nian smiled and said, “What are you in a hurry, we’ll soon reach the room. Can’t you call when you’re charging? It’s just a few minutes.”


Liu Yingying chuckled: “Okay then.”

She touched the room card and swiped the door while Jiang Nian stood still. Liu Yingying leaned weakly on the door: “Cousin, you open the door, I have no strength.”

Jiang Nian looked at Liu Yingying, who had red cheeks and a faint wine scent thinking the envy of a person could be so terrible.

Liu Yingying was a little guilty and urged: “C- Cousin hurry up, I want to vomit…”

Jiang Nian pushed the door and walked in first, then looked at Liu Yingying who was lying on the doorway and said, “Cousin, come in.”

Liu Yingying suddenly covered her chest and seemed to be vomiting. She suddenly turned back and retched a few times against the wall. Jiang Nian said again, “Cousin, you have to vomit in the toilet, otherwise it will make you look bad on the floor.”

As soon as the words were over, someone suddenly grabbed her wrist with one hand, and, with the smell of alcohol, the heavy door slammed shut.

Jiang Nian felt that her martial arts seal, which had been silent for a long time, was finally to be unraveled at this moment.

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