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Qin Yue was really late when he went. Even if Li Ming helped to find another spot, they wouldn’t have a good position. Besides, there were still many people standing behind them. Even the military and some government officials mixed in to inquire about the news. There were a lot of people arriving but there were probably not many people with high hopes. Most of them had the mentality of beating a dead horse but some were willing to try as they wouldn’t suffer.

Qin Yue just sat down and Li Ming said in his ear: “Yue ge, this Jiang Nian is very interesting. She told her group to tell everyone the news early, saying that the lecture is not fake and everyone can listen to it as long as they like because human beings are in great trouble and survivors should help each other. Because of this, I am afraid that outsiders will think that she has deliberately used this to expand her power and show off. So if someone thinks that she is fake, they do not have to listen; if someone thinks that what she said is useless, then she says nothing; if someone thinks that her words are useful but is afraid that she will threaten them in the future, they can leave something at random. It can be sugar. It can also be gold and silver jewelry, even a dry branch, just as long as everyone is clear and there is no need to worry about in the future. Of course, people can give nothing and she will not mind. What do you want…”

As soon as such words spread, many people felt that Jiang Nian was a fool. Now, who does not have a “closed-door”? Who doesn’t take his experience as more important than his life? Who doesn’t want to expand their power and become the biggest powerhouse in the middle of the chaos and have a voice after the end of the world?

Jiang Nian dared to tell everyone her experience, was this real or fake?

Li Ming said: “I think this Jiang Nian should be quite powerful. Since she dare to let out the words, there must be some experience. Rest assured, Yue ge, I will give your thanks for the teacher’s gift!”

Qin Yue did not expect that someone at this time could actually teach something and not want repayment. No matter what the result was, he was just ashamed of this feeling, saying, “What did you give?”

“Two pieces of chocolate, one piece for you and one piece for me. Wait until we learn something and then take it back to our people. Isn’t this a double benefit?”

“…You can also get two chocolate pieces?”

“Wrong, Yue ge, my chocolate is already very good. I have seen a few people really give branches and gold necklaces, gold rings, watches and bracelets. Now where in the world is gold and silver jewelry not worthless? The bottle of mineral water is golden! People gave it to them and Jiang Nian’s people didn’t refuse. They really accepted it! It’s a pity that Jiang Nian didn’t take the opportunity to make a fortune.” Li Ming shook his head and regretted it.

That’s right, food is the top priority at this stage, followed by gasoline fuel, and even barter exchanges have become popular. Gold and silver jewelry has become the most cumbersome thing.

In this way, that Jiang Nian really just wanted to teach what she understood. It was really rare to find such a good person.

However, how to do it was still necessary to judge after listening to her theory.

At the same time, many groups camping at the same highway junctions, recruiting people and expanding forces have also attracted many people. Now that the world was in chaos, the world order was reorganized. The most respected were the ability users and ordinary humans were repressed. If you had a sharp mind, you had to seek a strong refuge for safety.

Meng Xun was also one of them. Before the end of the world, he was the CEO of a listed company with a net worth of billions. After the end of the world, he had nothing, and several of his former drivers became powerful ability users. The subordinates who were respectful and obedient to him immediately changed their faces, they all ridiculed and bullied him.

Meng Xun realized at that time that the people around him had such strong malicious intent towards him.

He knew that if he stayed with those people, he wouldn’t even know how he died so he didn’t go back after going out once. That was ten days ago.

Now that he heard that someone with abilities was willing to take the initiative to tell her experience of stimulating abilities to everyone, he naturally went there and he also paid two lollipops.

And here, he saw his old driver, Li Lei, standing outside the crowd, surrounded by several men. His hands clasped over his chest, his face was extremely arrogant and disdainful, vaguely a little angry. Despite being chubby, his figure seemed very powerful.

Old Li said: “Who is this Jiang Nian, have you inquired clearly?”

A thin, monkey-like man next to him said: “I’m clear. That Jiang Nian is an ordinary female student of Fuda University. By chance, she received the strength ability. A yellow-haired (1) girl, can’t even protect herself, still wants to teach others.”

Old Li snorted in a nasty voice: “Look at me and take a good look at her!”

The monkey-like man said, “Brother, don’t worry, we won’t let this woman feel good about herself!”

Old Li knew the sweetness of power and the less powerful, the better. If more and more people stimulated abilities, wouldn’t he lose his dominance? This Jiang Nian would destroy him!

There was hope that Jiang Nian would disappear and naturally there was hope that Jiang Nian can really say what happened.

For example, Zhang Lin.

Zhang Lin was a soldier before the end of the world. After the end of the world, he was appointed to maintain order and ensure the safety of ordinary people. There are also ability users in the army. Most of them say that they were just walking and suddenly, they have the ability to control the wind or fire or they suddenly became energized when fighting with people. None of them really could identify why they got an ability, let alone the cultivation method.

Now someone suddenly jumped out and wanted to teach the experience and knowledge of stimulating abilities, which naturally aroused great attention from military delegates, who sent many people to have a look.

Now the stimulation and cultivation of abilities should be the focus of everyone’s concern. Many people have tried to find crystal nuclei from the zombies like in the apocalypse novels and found nothing…

After the class leader and several other male students collected all the things they received, Jiang Nian finally appeared with a megaphone. She stood tall on the wooden table, her appearance was quiet and beautiful. At that time, even those who whispered were quiet.

Yao Xiaoyue concealed herself carefully and vaguely heard the crowd saying that Jiang Nian was an immortal’s daughter. She sneered, disdainfully. She must have been dizzy just now, thinking that Jiang Nian could really say something about stimulating powers. At most, it could be said that her strong desire to survive when she was forced into desperation caused her to stimulate the ability. Can she really say anything about stimulating or cultivating the ability?

Now that more people were coming, the higher the expectation, the easier it would be to see Jiang Nian embarassed. She wants to see how she ends!

However, she soon couldn’t laugh, especially after seeing Jiang Nian sitting cross-legged. Her posture and expression surprised her very much. She even said: “Close your eyes and sit and meditate.”

Isn’t this the first paragraph of the official “Twelve Stages of Ability Cultivation”?

…How can Jiang Nian know? ? How could she know? !

Everyone sat cross-legged, learning Jiang Nian’s position. The class leader held a megaphone and repeated what Jiang Nian said: “Close your eyes and meditate. The thumb is bent under four fingers and the four fingers are closed into the palm of the hand. Each hand is placed on the knee, meditating and breathe, eliminating the distractions in the heart, until you feel that your breath and the world is one.”

Many people followed suit in a daze. Yao Xiaoyue felt shocked when she saw this scene. Was Jiang Nian reborn like her? So she didn’t die and she still has memories of her past life? !

If this was really the case…

Yao Xiaoyue saw Qin Yue and Li Ming sit in the crowd for a long time. Wu Jiang was not there. If Wu Jiang was there, she couldn’t say she didn’t get the news. If Jiang Nian made the method of practicing abilities well known, then how could she hide from Qin Yue? Now that Jiang Nian has robbed her chance, Jiang Nian has become a selfless woman who was for the people. It would make it seem that she was mean!

Yao Xiaoyue’s heart both hurt and burned with hate for Jiang Nian disturbing her plan.

While she was sullen, suddenly, a lightning strike blasted the concrete floor in front of Jiang Nian. Rocks flew, dust was all over, the class leader hurriedly climbed down and backed aside, asking in wonder: “Who is it? Who did it?”

“The fat man did it. He is a lightning ability and he can release lightning from his hands!”

“That one move burst the concrete floor in one go, isn’t that great?”

“…So is he looking to cause Jiang Nian trouble now? Although Jiang Nian is an ability user, can she beat that fat man?”

As people were talking, a sturdy man with a big head walked around and shouted to Jiang Nian, “You are talking shit! You can come away with me but don’t harm people here. Otherwise, don’t blame me for not being polite!”

Upon seeing this, Yao Xiaoyue immediately covered her mouth and snickered. This ability user was extremely powerful. Being a strength ability user was totally useless. This time, she wanted to see how Jiang Nian ended up and waited for her to lose face. Who would dare to follow her practice?!

Meng Xun couldn’t help showing a worried expression. This old Li was unusual. His sudden attainment of power made him think that he was a master standing at the peak of humanity. He also saw that old Li had bullied many women. He was afraid that Jiang Nian would suffer a loss.

But he can’t do anything…

He lowered his head and clenched his fists.

Li Ming saw the scene and hurriedly asked Qin Yue what to do next? Would he like to call all the brothers? Anyway, he asked for a long time and no one responded. When he looked sideways, Qin Yue had entered into a fixed state. His eyes were closed, his breathing quietly disappeared, and the outside world seemed to have nothing to do with him.

What’s happening here? Li Ming was frightened and didn’t dare to go anywhere, so he quickly stood by Qin Yue to protect him.

Jiang Nian was still pretending to be an immortal and now some people have come to make a scene. Isn’t this great? In addition to pretending to be a teacher, she can also be a mysterious and powerful master… and then there will be more believers and gifts will be better!

Doing two things with one stone, it’s perfect!

The squad leader and Shen Ran had already stepped in front of Jiang Nian and watched the strong man alertly.

Jiang Nian opened her eyes, stood up from the table, waved her hand and said, “The two of you will take a break first and I will deal with it.”

The squad leader and Shen Ran looked at each other and reluctantly stepped aside to give her space. The squad leader was still a little annoyed. They clearly heard that Jiang Nian’s mantra was already being practiced. Why did he not inspire abilities? Shen Ran was not too happy either. Being clever has no effect. If only he also had the ability to take people down with a punch!

Jiang Nian said: “You said that the method I said was fake, then did you practice according to my method?”

Old Li yelled: “It’s cultivation, it’s useless, so I will let you get out of here!”

Jiang Nian shouted: “You lied, you did practice with my method, but it is not useless. In fact, it is very useful, so you want to drive me away and then secretly arrest me for your use. In this way, you would still be the strongest here, right?”

Although old Li was extremely disdainful about Jiang Nian, he did sit cross-legged for a while according to Jiang Nian’s method. For a while, he slowly felt that there was some kind of energy running in his body. Although it’s vague, it couldn’t be ignored. He immediately knew that Jiang Nian’s method might have shortcomings for stimulating abilities but it was of great benefit to cultivation!

How can such a good method be known by others? So what he thought next was to capture Jiang Nian for his own use.

“Don’t think of yourself too highly. I am a lightning ability and you are only a strength ability. I am stronger than you, my future development will be better than you, how can you compare with me?”

Jiang Nian glanced at the majority of her followers. All of their gifts were received. Can they be bullied by artificial rumours at the door? That’s too shameful, who would teach in the future? Besides her ability from cheating, she walked forward without pressure because she knew that even if it was a lightning ability, he was now at most level one because it was the early days. At most, level one released ten lightning strikes. The strength of it would weaken after too many times.

Old Li said: “I tell you Jiang Nian, be obedient and stop harming your acquaintances. Otherwise don’t blame me for being merciless!”

As his voice fell, another lighting strike struck towards Jiang Nian. Jiang Nian immediately jumped off the wooden table and fell to one side. She turned back to find the wooden table had been entirely demolished!

A good one off!

The audience was amazed and in their eyes, old Li was even more terrifying.

Even the class leader came to Jiang Nian and said, “What should we do? This fat man is so powerful, we can’t fight him.”

Shen Ran was somber, glaring at old Li with his eyes.

Jiang Nian laughed, clapped her palms, and stepped forward, exclaiming: “Great, the lightning ability is really good!”

Old Li said: “Pleased to make your acquaintance.” He was still very tolerant of beautiful women, not to mention Jiang Nian was the more useful type of beautiful women. “As long as you obediently obey and follow me well, I promise you will eat well.”

The monkey-like man followed: “That’s right, after following our brother Li, be sure you will enjoy the endless blessing!”

Jiang Nian had already come over to them and said, “A genius like me, do you think you deserve it? How can your little temple hold my big Buddha? I am destined to be famous for future generations and you are destined to be unknown forever!”

Old Li: “…?????”


Old Li was so angry that he wanted to give Jiang Nian a little light to see, but he didn’t expect Jiang Nian to suddenly attack. She raised her hand and seemed to want to slap him! Old Li sneered, he didn’t take this threat to his eyes at all, just a woman. Even if she had power, she was not his opponent! With lightning in his hand, he aimed to grab Jiang Nian violently but he didn’t know why a big wooden stick suddenly appeared in her hand!

…This woman actually inspired a space ability? !

Old Li didn’t have much time to think, and immediately focused the lightning to split the stick but his thunderbolt had no effect on the stick. When he was shocked, the stick had already arrived in front of him, and he had no time to evade— -With a bang, Old Li flew a distance, fell heavily against a wall causing several big cracks, and spit out blood!
The crowd around the audience was in an uproar!

“What the f*ck, Jiang Nian is actually a dual-system ability!”

When the man next to old Li saw him fall down, he stepped back a few steps and looked at Jiang Nian in horror. He was also surprised: “Are abilities so powerful?”

Old Li coughed up a few mouthfuls of blood and staggered up from the ground. “What the hell are you doing, grab me this woman!”

There was one other ability user with Lao Li. The one who was as thin as a monkey was a wind ability. The two were not embarrassed to do a lot of bad things for rape. Naturally, they didn’t want to lose their faces at this moment. How to win? With such a thought, he immediately launched a wind blade to attack Jiang Nian!

However, when he released his first wind blade, suddenly a lightning strike fell, hitting him right on the head, and he fell down with a thump.


Everyone was shocked again, did this old Li actually turn on this own? ? ?

Old Li: “…………!!!”

He panicked and looked at his hand, wrong, not at all!

Just when everyone was surprised, a man wearing black suddenly came out of the crowd. Not only was he strong, he was also very good looking. His tall and handsome appearance attracted the attention of countless people.

He walked in front of Jiang Nian and said, “Ms. Jiang’s cultivation method is very useful. I sat for less than half an hour, which inspired my abilities. Everyone kept it a secret and none were willing to impart the cultivation method to us. You let us all have a way to practice abilities. This old Li dared to openly provoke Miss Jiang. It must be that he has tasted the benefits from his cultivation and wants to take this benefit for himself! Such a bad guy is a scourge of mankind and absolutely cannot be tolerated.”

…… Jiang Nian nodded, he was so right. She was so selfless, so come to her. Her rites of worship and goods would definitely not be less!

1: Naive and foolish

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