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Has Shen Zhi ever hit a girl?

When he finished saying this sentence, the surrounding students were frantically searching for this information in their minds. After all, the new student had just transferred, and she was such a good-looking girl. Everyone couldn’t bear it in their hearts.

Ji Ran sighed deep down in her heart. If in the previous life, Shen Zhi was reserved and deep, a person who played with life and death.

But now, his personality was unpredictable, making it difficult to figure him out.

So she felt a little annoyed deep down because she had just arrived at the new school and didn’t want to cause trouble. But if Shen Zhi kept harassing her like this, she felt that there might be no peace between them.

Perhaps the word “friendship” was destined not to exist between her and Shen Zhi.

So Ji Ran slowly stood up. Shen Zhi beside her, hadn’t moved and was still standing in the aisle.

This made Xia Jiangming, who was next to them, very anxious. When he returned to the classroom just now, he had told Shen Zhi that he should be gentle and considerate toward girls.

He shouldn’t resort to bullying just because he likes her. That was what elementary school students did.

Besides, his little sister-in-law was so beautiful, like a little fairy. He couldn’t tell how many people coveted her. If Shen Zhi didn’t treat her well and continued like this, he might scare his little sister-in-law away sooner or later.

When they returned to the classroom, they saw the students gathering and talking.

And there was Ji Ran’s remark, “What am I afraid of? Afraid he’ll extort protection money from me?”

Xia Jiangming thought his little sister-in-law must be joking, so he waved at Ji Ran from behind Shen Zhi and said with a smile, “Little sister-in-law, do you remember me?”

Of course, Ji Ran remembered him. Shen Zhi had abandoned him at the scene of the fight without hesitation, and he was still being so obsequious.

“I’m Xia Jiangming, Xia for summer, Jiang for river, and Ming for astonishing. My dad’s last name is Xia, and my mom’s last name is Jiang. They both hope that I’ll be astonishing when I grow up, so they gave me this name.” Xia Jiangming introduced himself enthusiastically.

There was still a bit of irritation in her eyes, but she lowered her voice and said, “I’m not called Little Sister-in-Law; my name is Ji Ran.”

Xia Jiangming immediately nodded in understanding, with an expression that seemed to say, “Yes, I know we should be low-key at school.” He extended his hand, wanting to shake Ji Ran’s hand to give her a warm welcome from a fellow student.

But just as he extended his hand, Shen Zhi looked down, and a cold smile appeared on his face. Then there was a sharp “snap” sound, and everyone turned to look in their direction. Xia Jiangming quickly pulled his hand back.

He looked at the red mark that had instantly appeared on the back of his hand and said, “Damn, Zhi-ge, you’re too ruthless.”

Beside him, Xu Yihang patted Xu Song’s shoulder and said quietly, “Xiao Song, let’s not imitate this idiot; he has no foresight.”

“Serves him right,” Xu Song sneered.

From the moment Shen Zhi kicked a chair to make the new student sit next to him, Xu Yihang realized that Shen Zhi’s attitude toward this new student was really out of the ordinary.

Even though Shen Zhi had a great reputation, his face was just too attractive. Not to mention girls of the same grade; even many older girls didn’t know how many of them wanted to get to know him. Since he entered high school, he has received love letters and chocolates hidden on his desk countless times.

Some girls even disregarded their dignity and cornered Shen Zhi in places where they hung out. Xu Yihang and his friends occasionally asked girls out as well; after all, they were sometimes bored.

To be honest, he had never seen Shen Zhi look at anyone seriously.

At this moment, the bell for class rang, and it was a Chinese class. The Chinese teacher entered the classroom, holding a book.

Ji Ran saw that Shen Zhi was still standing motionless and whispered, “The teacher is here; aren’t you going in?”

But just as she finished speaking, Shen Zhi reached out and snatched the pen she was holding.

Only then did he calmly walk to his seat and sit down.

After Ji Ran sat down, she immediately reached out to him and said, “My pen.”

Shen Zhi looked down at the pen in his hand. It was a cheap black gel pen that could be bought at the convenience store near the school for three yuan. But the words she wrote with it were delicate and beautiful, just like her.

The pen matched the person, and that wasn’t an exaggeration.

After the gel pen spun between Shen Zhi’s fingers for a moment, he turned his head and looked at Ji Ran. “Haven’t you figured it out?”

Ji Ran was a little stunned and instinctively asked, “Figured out what?”

“I’m bullying you,” Shen Zhi explained her confusion in a casual tone, as if what he had just said was the most ordinary thing in the world.

“This is protection money.”

“…I heard that.”

When he saw the dazed expression on the girl’s face in front of him, he suddenly felt an unprecedented good mood. He chuckled as he held the pen in his hand, laughing without a care in the world, completely disregarding the fact that class was in session.

Why was she so cute?

The start of the school year was always lively. The various things that happened over the summer break, along with the school-related matters, gave people plenty to talk about. Especially the topics about prominent figures.

After all, they had just been assigned to new classes, and many students were still mingling with their old classmates. So what Shen Zhi did to the new transfer student this morning quickly spread.

However, even though Shen Zhi had a somewhat notorious reputation, there had not been many stories about him bullying girls.

So some people were skeptical.

But the gossip spreader smirked and said, “If you see our new classmate, you’ll believe it.”

“What’s so special about her?”

“She’s really gorgeous, like a little fairy. I think we don’t need to compete for the school’s flower anymore.”

“Exaggerating, isn’t she prettier than Jiang Yi, Xue Yirou, and the other girls in the second year?” These were the famously attractive girls in the sophomore class. The speaker was not convinced and said, “And there’s a new student in the freshman class named Tang Zhilan. She’s been a school flower since middle school. Today, when she entered school, many of the second-year students went to see her.”

“Come on, I guarantee you, none of them can compare.”

In any case, no one knew how the story had spread, but they all said that the new transfer student in Class 8 of the sophomore year was a real beauty. So, there were indeed some good-hearted people who kept hanging around outside Class 8.

Xia Jiangming was so annoyed on the side and cursed, “Damn, our class is like a zoo, with people coming and going.”

Xu Yihang chuckled when he was infuriated. “Ming Ming, if you can’t swear, don’t swear. I’m not a beast.”

Thankfully, the day passed without any major incidents.

When Ji Ran returned home, her father, Ji Qingli, had unusually returned early. Surprisingly, her stepmother, Jiang Liqi, came to welcome Ji Ran, paying no attention to Jiang Yi, who had returned with Ji Ran.

Jiang Liqi asked gently, “Ran Ran, how was your day at school today?”

Ji Ran replied, “The new school is very good.”

In front of Ji Qingli, she always acted like a well-behaved and sensible daughter.

Jiang Yi bit her lip. If it weren’t for the fact that Ji Qingli was right there, she almost blurted out that on her first day at school, Ji Ran had caused such a big commotion, not only sitting next to Shen Zhi but also making the entire sophomore class aware of the new transfer student who was at the level of a school flower.

Ji Ran didn’t pay the slightest attention to Jiang Yi’s expression. She carried her school bag and said directly, “I’m going upstairs to rest. Goodnight, Dad.”

Ji Qingli nodded with a smile. “Get some rest early, Ran Ran.”

He didn’t even notice that Ji Ran only greeted him.

The next day, Ji Ran still rode to school with Jiang Yi. However, this time, Jiang Yi intentionally rushed to get in the car ahead of her and sat in the back seat.

Yesterday, Ji Ran sat in the back, so Jiang Yi, who got on the car later, had to sit in the front passenger seat with Jiang Liqi.

In reality, it didn’t matter where she sat, but Ji Ran found it ridiculous that Jiang Yi woke up before 5 AM just to have breakfast before her and secure a seat in the back.

So she opened the car door and got in on the other side.

Jiang Yi turned to look at the person next to her, slightly annoyed. “You…”

But in the end, she didn’t dare say the words that would have made Ji Ran sit in the front passenger seat.

Today, the traffic wasn’t as bad as yesterday, so the car stopped at the school gate. Ji Ran got out of the car and went into the school, paying no attention to Jiang Yi behind her, who slowly pushed open the car door and had a slow and sluggish exit from the car.

As expected, during the break time, the conversation topic somehow shifted to Jiang Yi. Ever since someone saw her get out of a Bentley at the school gate yesterday, everyone knew that Jiang Yi was a rich girl.

Although people had heard that Jiang Yi’s family was wealthy, she didn’t dress in a particularly expensive manner. Now, it was practically confirmed, and everyone was trying to please her a bit.

But a fellow female classmate, Cai Jiejie, suddenly said, “Jiang Yi, I saw a girl today who came to school with you. She’s so beautiful. Could she be the new transfer student in Class 8?”

Cai Jiejie knew that Jiang Yi had always been proud of her status as a likely school flower and had a high opinion of herself, thinking that nobody was as pretty as her.

Now, she was openly and subtly showing off her family’s luxury car. Cai Jiejie, who had never liked her, finally spoke up.

Jiang Yi gritted her teeth inwardly. She hadn’t expected that Ji Ran, sitting in the car with her, would be noticed. However, she and Ji Ran had been taking the car to school together, and Jiang Yi knew that sooner or later someone would notice. So she wasn’t in a hurry, as she had already thought of an excuse.

Jiang Yi flipped her loose hair by her temple and smiled gently. “Oh, her; she’s our driver’s daughter.”

“Driver?” Cai Jiejie obviously didn’t believe it. She said, “But I saw your driver, and he’s very young. How could he have such an older daughter?”

Jiang Yi glanced at her and smirked. “Who told you that we only have one driver?”

“Cai Jiejie, Jiang Yi clearly said that it’s the driver’s daughter. You don’t understand, so why doubt it?”

“So, the new transfer student is just a driver’s daughter.”

Originally, everyone was curious about the new transfer student, especially since she had just arrived and her background was still a mystery. But today, when they suddenly heard that she was just a driver’s daughter, everyone felt that even if she was beautiful, she wasn’t so unattainable.

Especially after this information spread, some of the boys who were often troublemakers in their grade began to have ideas.

At the end of the school day, Ji Ran was a little delayed due to cleaning up. When she walked downstairs with her school bag, there were hardly any people left in the school building.

The setting sun cast a warm orange light that seemed like it could ignite the entire sky at any moment. Fortunately, there was occasionally a light breeze in the air, gently brushing past and lifting a strand of hair from the girl’s temple.

Ji Ran reached the stairwell and was suddenly blocked by several boys who appeared around the corner.

At first, Ji Ran thought it was just a coincidence, so she took a few steps to the side. However, the other side also moved in her direction, clearly blocking her way.

He Han stared at Ji Ran without blinking.

Ever since he saw Ji Ran yesterday, he has been itching to get to know this new transfer student. She was incredibly beautiful with her clear, expressive eyes, exuding a combination of beauty and innocence. Initially, he thought that girls like her would be extremely hard to pursue.

Little did he know that today he heard from a classmate, Jiang Yi, that she was just a driver’s daughter.

He Han came from a wealthy family and spent money extravagantly, so he thought that pursuing a girl with a modest family background and good looks would be easy if he used money.

“Classmate, you’re a recent transfer student, right?” He Han asked with a beaming smile.

Ji Ran looked at him with a cold, expressionless face.

He Han didn’t mind and continued with a light smile, “Don’t be afraid; I mean no harm. I just want to be friends with you. How about this? I’ll treat you to Starbucks, and then we can study English together. You must be good at English, right?”

Starbucks, as the ultimate status symbol, has now become the tool for guys like him to woo girls.

Ji Ran couldn’t help but laugh at this. Did this guy across from her think she was a fool? Or did he believe she was easy to deceive?

She reached out and adjusted her sleeve. Of course, before taking any action, she decided to be polite and give him a chance to get lost.

But before she could speak, someone walked up from the side.

As Shen Zhi arrived, he lifted his foot and kicked directly. Ji Ran hadn’t even reacted, and He Han’s knee bent, falling to his knees in front of Ji Ran.

The young man looked at He Han with a fierce expression and said with a cold smile, “If you like learning English so much, today, I’ll make sure you learn your fill.”

He directly grabbed a brand-new English textbook from Xia Jiangming’s backpack next to him and smashed it into He Han’s face.

“Read it. Start from the first page. If you don’t finish this book today, don’t even think about going home.”


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