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Chapter 7: Departure

The three arrived in front of the warehouse, and the butler stepped forward to present a badge to the guards. Yan Hao, trailing behind, whispered, “Master, are there surveillance cameras in the house?”

“Of course not,” Tang Xin said with a disgusted expression. “Why would I install such things in my own room?”

So, it’s a lie? Yan Hao wondered. I wonder how the head of the household will react when he finds out that Miss Eight got three treasures for free.

“I knew Father wouldn’t suspect me. As soon as the incident happened, I went to him, and he naturally thought I had a Trump card,” Tang Xin said proudly.

Yan Hao asked, “What if he wants to see the video?”

“Go back and get it. After returning to the room, pretend to look for it and tell him that the video has been taken by someone. It should be Tang Ning who stayed alone in the room and did it.”

Things happened suddenly, and she didn’t have time to set up a camera. When Tang Ning threatened to kill her, she recorded it with a portable recorder. However, audio recordings weren’t as useful as videos. Anyway, she had already fooled her dear father, so she didn’t mention it.

Impressed by this clever plan, Yan Hao couldn’t help but sigh.

“I got you a long sword. The quality is good, probably intended for Tenth Brother.” Just looking at the sword, Tang Xin felt it was especially pleasing. It was specially prepared by Tang Ning.

Yan Hao hesitated. “I don’t deserve it without contributing.”

Tang Xin raised an eyebrow and said, “You protected me from Tang Ning; that’s a contribution. If you don’t take it, and I don’t need it, and I can’t give it to Tenth Brother at a cheap price, I’ll just have to destroy this sword.”

“Well then, I accept it with gratitude.” Although he said that, Yan Hao gently stroked the blade, and his facial expression softened.

Tang Xin thought to herself, He clearly looks like he really wants it, but he pretends to be modest.

Just as Tang Xin was about to say something, the butler approached, and she swallowed her words.

“It’s ready.” The butler led the two into the storage room.

With a decision made in her mind, she took out a comprehensive herbalism book, as big as a palm but as thick as an ordinary dictionary. It contained many herbal names, their effects, and illustrations.

Holding the book, she selected a set of pharmaceutical equipment and walked to the herbal section. She named six herbs in a row, instructing the staff to pack them all.

The middle-aged man in charge of the herbs couldn’t help but ask, “Do you want all the inventory packaged?”

“Yes,” Tang Xin replied straightforwardly. Mixing these six herbs could produce hemostatic ointment, detoxifying pills, and scar removal ointment. Among them, hemostatic ointment was the most basic and practical, with the widest market. Detoxifying pills had to be prepared just in case, and scar removal ointment sold well among women.

The middle-aged man was stunned. He still remembered that when Miss Eight came during the day, she treated the herbs like ordinary flowers.

The butler, equally astonished, quickly asked, “Miss Eight, are you exchanging all your credit points for herbs?” His hesitant tone showed his great lack of confidence.

“Yes, I’m opening a pharmacy.” Tang Xin casually raised the thick book. “Once I finish studying this book, the herbs will come in handy.”

As long as she could match the herbs from both worlds, the rest would be much easier.

However, the butler was unaware of these details, and he twitched the corner of his mouth and said, “Miss Eight intends to start making and selling medicine after finishing this book.”

“That’s right,” Tang Xin affirmed the butler’s speculation.

The butler secretly found it amusing. He thought Miss Eight was clever and witty, but it turned out she was a fool. “The Complete Herbal Guide” is basic reading, and if one could learn pharmaceuticals just by reading this book, there wouldn’t be so few pharmacists in the world. Medicine, this thing, requires at least a decade or two of effort before one can even consider themselves a beginner.

The middle-aged man was about to offer some advice when the butler interrupted, “Since Miss Eight has made up her mind, why not just go along with it?” If she had decided to tread a path to ruin on her own, she could only blame herself. Just wait until Young Master Tenth has matured, and then slowly deal with her.

Ah, the malice was palpable. The butler treated her like a fool to deal with, and Tang Xin didn’t bother to argue. She just smiled as she watched the middle-aged man tidy up. There were always those people who, not knowing how high others’ starting points were or how good their talents were, assumed that if they couldn’t do it, no one else could.

Tang Xin couldn’t be bothered to correct them. If it weren’t for the butler’s misguided cleverness, what if she had encountered someone less kind-hearted? Would they refuse to give her herbs? Should she have said, “I am the first pharmacist, and herbs are very useful in my hands, so give them to me quickly”? That would be too ostentatious!

Unlike now, where the replacement was happy and the giver was smiling, how harmonious!

When the middle-aged man had finished arranging the herbs, Tang Xin walked over and said, “Butler, calculate the total price of everything.”

The butler carefully counted and, after a moment of surprise, couldn’t help but count again.

Tang Xin didn’t rush him; she waited patiently as he counted over and over.

After the third count, the butler looked dazed. “The total value of the items is seventy-nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-eight credit points.”

“No need to find change for the remaining two points.” Tang Xin waved her hand and packed the herbs, equipment, and book into the ring.

She had checked before; the ring had twenty cubic meters of space, which was sufficient for these items. The first time she looked, she memorized the quantity and prices. The second time, she calculated in advance before making her selection.

They thought she was a fool, but occasionally she did unexpected things that made them think she was clever, yet her actions were both comical and nonsensical. The butler hesitated in suspicion.

In the butler’s perplexed gaze, Tang Xin, with Yan Hao in tow, returned to her room.

Once in the room, she hesitated for a rare moment. Should she stay up late and prepare some medicine first? After all, they were leaving on a spaceship tomorrow, and she could catch up on sleep during the journey.

Feeling drowsy.

Just as she was contemplating, Yan Hao suddenly said, “Rest early. Young Master Tenth suffered a big loss today; there might be actions tomorrow.”

Tang Xin was speechless. “He has already suffered so much in my hands, and he still hasn’t learned his lesson?”

As she spoke halfway, she thought to herself, It’s hard to say. Is there a limit to Tang Ning’s intelligence? Who can guarantee that? Tang Ning, in a fit of anger, could easily burst into her room, causing trouble and giving others leverage. What couldn’t he do? Even if ordinary people were skilled in confrontation, they knew how to act after leaving home.

With this in mind, Tang Xin nodded in agreement and said, “Go to bed early. We’ll start early tomorrow.”

A night of sweet dreams

The next day, Tang Xin dragged her suitcase slowly. The spaceship was less than a hundred meters away, and she carefully looked around, walking cautiously for over ten minutes, fearing she might fall into a trap.

However, only Tang Jing came to see her off.

She gave a light snort and said, “In case you can’t survive, don’t die before seeing me. If you have to crawl, crawl to my place.” No other parting words


Such arrogance even in death.

Tang Xin couldn’t help but reply, “If there are any troubles you can’t solve, feel free to contact me.”

After saying that, Tang Xin and Yan Hao smoothly entered the spaceship.

Tang Xin couldn’t help but marvel a bit. Truly, it was the Tang family—big and prosperous. They were actually riding a private spaceship; she had thought they would have to buy tickets.

As the spaceship smoothly took off, everything was calm and safe.

Tang Xin wondered to herself: did she misjudge Tang Ning? Maybe he does have a bit of brains?

After asking the pilot, who mentioned a six-hour journey, Tang Xin decided to take a nap.

When Yan Hao woke her up, she was still groggy. “Huh?”

“We’ve arrived.”

Tang Xin rubbed her eyes, and the spaceship had already come to a stop. Yawning, she jumped off the spaceship and stood on the ground. Then she was instantly stunned. She deliberately rubbed her eyes again, thinking she hadn’t fully woken up.

They promised abundant resources, beautiful surroundings, and well-connected transportation, right? What’s with this endless yellow sand? Isn’t this supposed to be Water Blue Planet? Where’s the water? Where’s the blue? Fraud! Clickbait!

Yan Hao jumped off the spaceship too.

The next second, the spaceship took off. Simultaneously, a broadcast came from the ship’s speaker: “Young Master Tenth sends his regards to you. Wishing you a smooth development and a happy life in this place.”

The spaceship circled in the sky, repeating the broadcast four or five times before taking off.

Tang Xin’s drowsiness faded, and she gritted her teeth, squeezing out a few words: “Tang… Ning…!” So he was waiting here. Don’t let her catch an opportunity, or she will definitely retaliate fiercely.

Yan Hao reminded me, “The suitcase is still in the cargo hold; we didn’t have time to bring it down.” Except for the long sword he carried with him, everything else was in the suitcase. The suitcase had taken off with the spaceship.

Tang Xin touched the ring on her index finger and sighed in relief. “Luckily, the book, equipment, and herbs are still here, and the token given by the butler is also in the space.” Supposedly, upon reaching the destination, handing over the token to the local Tang family authority would result in them entrusting the local industry to the arriving person.

Yan Hao remained silent. He felt that herbs were not as useful as everyday necessities.

“Never mind, never mind. Let’s ask around and find someone from the Tang family first.” Tang Xin, realizing the spaceship’s conscience wouldn’t bring them back, decided to find a way out directly.

After looking around, all she saw was yellow sand, and the direction was indistinguishable. She randomly chose a direction to start walking.

After walking for more than two hours, when her calves were sore and Tang Xin couldn’t help but curse, Yan Hao suddenly said, “Master, I’ll carry you.”

“Huh?” Tang Xin was stunned. In all her years, no one had ever offered to carry her voluntarily.

Seeing her not objecting, Yan Hao, with the sword hanging at his waist, effortlessly picked her up horizontally. “Which way?”

Being carried like a princess, Tang Xin looked at Yan Hao from the side. His jaw was round, and his curves were smooth, giving off a particularly handsome vibe.

She was momentarily stunned and pointed in a direction, “Continue walking that way.”

Yan Hao remained silent, lightly stepped forward, and shot off like an arrow.

It was only then that Tang Xin remembered she was being carried by a level five martial artist. Even if he was carrying a burden, he could run much faster than her. She must have been half asleep, only thinking about walking on her own. What a waste of time.

Yan Hao carried the load for almost an hour. When Tang Xin heard the heavy breathing in her ears, she looked into the distance and saw a city gate not far away. There were people setting up stalls near the gate.

Yan Hao also saw the city gate, took a deep breath, sprinted the last stretch, and put Tang Xin down.

Tang Xin helped him sit down, and there was an old man with a stall nearby. She asked the old man for water.

The old man readily gave them a bottle of water and said, “Hey, you two young kids are inexperienced, huh? When going out without water and food, be careful not to leave your lives outside.”

Tang Xin handed the water to Yan Hao to drink first and licked her dry lips. “We’re not from this planet. The spaceship doesn’t know where it landed, and we finally managed to run over here.”

The old man widened his eyes. “Spaceships usually land in cities. How could it randomly land anywhere? You two are really lucky to be okay like this.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Tang Xin agreed, cursing Tang Ning in her heart countless times.


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