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Chapter 2: The Fiancé with Amnesia

Easton glared at Leefe with contempt, who was dumbfounded by the unexpected turn of events.

“Don’t think that pretending not to know will work with me. I’ve heard everything. You used your position as the eldest daughter of the Duke’s family to tear apart the relationship between Aria and me, engaged me, and reported Aria’s potion as your own accomplishment.”


Leefe’s mind was filled with question marks. Wait a moment.

“Prince Easton, I can’t make sense of the direction of this conversation at all.”

“Brazen! Everything is as I just told you. You envied and hated Aria, oppressed her, and took credit for her achievements. I am the evidence myself. I woke up thanks to Aria’s potion!”


(It is unbelievable, but I have a rough idea of what happened. Aria took the special potion from my room on the 10th day and gave it to Prince Easton… and, misunderstanding that Aria made the potion, Prince Easton, who woke up because of the potion’s effect, thinks she did. But still.)

Even so, why is he so hostile? This sharpness is like meeting Leefe for the first time…

Just as Leefe thought that, Aria slipped out of Easton’s arms and walked unsteadily towards Leefe. Coming close, she wiped away tears, shook her head weakly, and spoke in a voice audible only to Leefe.

“Sister, please stop troubling Prince Easton now. It seems he has lost all memory.”

“Lost… memory?”

Leefe, eyes wide in surprise, listened as Aria, whose voice seemed to disappear, continued.

“Yes. I woke up early today and came to visit Prince Easton first. I brought the usual medicine to make sure he wouldn’t need you. But, even after drinking my potion and waking up, he seems to have no memory of us sisters.”

“So that’s why you gave that explanation earlier? Prince Easton and Aria had feelings for each other from the beginning, and I’m an intruder; Aria made the magic potion, and so on…?”

“No, sister. When the time is right, I’ll explain the misunderstanding properly. But for now, please go along with the story. It’s pitiful to see Prince Easton confused and lost without his memories!”

In other words, it seems that Easton, who slipped and fell, hitting his head, slept for a month, and finally woke up, is suffering from amnesia.

Moreover, it seems that upon waking up, he fell in love with Aria at first sight and completely believed her absurd explanation.

Under normal circumstances, one might get angry and shout the truth. However, Leefe, who had lived most of her life as a backdrop to Aria’s lively presence, knew that doing so would be futile.

(That’s right. It’s almost strange how Prince Easton hasn’t fallen for Aria until now.)

Easton called Aria, who continued to sob in front of Leefe.

“What are you babbling about? Aria, you did well. Come here.”

“… Yes, Your Highness.”

Called, Aria easily returned to Easton’s arms. There, she looked embarrassed and happy, with her shoulders embraced.

Addressing Leefe, who was exasperated and had a twitching cheek, Easton spoke arrogantly.

“I woke up thanks to the care of Aria, the daughter of the Duke of Tarrant. I’m sorry, but I have no memory of the engagement with Miss Leefe. However, this should be a wonderful opportunity to correct my twisted life. So, I want to marry Miss Aria, who helped me.”

“Sister… will you forgive me…?”

Forgiveness or not, these two have already decided that Leefe is the villain. No matter what she says here, it won’t be accepted.

Aria’s cheeks, which were shedding tears just a moment ago, are now slightly tinged with red. Seeing the unmistakable smile, memories of various things and people that Aria had taken away from Leefe flooded her mind.

Even Leefe, who is often praised as “ladylike” in the current world, cannot help but acknowledge this.

(Is this…)

(I’ve been defeated; is that the case…!?)


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