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Chapter 10: Having too much free time, I tried making items with memories from my past life.

From the day after Ellen’s visit, a series of friends, or rather, entourages under the name of friends, began to come and visit.

They all unanimously expressed dissatisfaction with Ellen.

Apparently, Ellen, who was not particularly close to Rosa, coming to visit first didn’t sit well with them.

By the way, such a story was not depicted in the manga.

Since her debut in society, Ellen seems to be quite popular among gentlemen, and she is envied by the young ladies of the same generation.

However, Rosa, who hadn’t recalled her past life, believed she was the most popular, so she didn’t pay much attention to Ellen at this time.

As the villainess, Rosa, who is now aware of her past, can accept this without jealousy and calmly.

Ellen’s attitude, in terms of her past life, feels calculated and is very unpopular with some women.

If this continues, the atmosphere may worsen, and bullying of Ellen might start, so Rosa decided to change the topic.

“Oh, by the way. When I recover, I want to have a tea party at home with only close friends. Everyone, please come.”

Although she was sitting on the bed, she proposed it immediately.

“Yes, definitely!”

“I’m looking forward to it!”

Everyone was delighted.

Rosa plans to prepare bath bombs that she became familiar with in her past life by that time. Will they be well-received by the noble young ladies of this life?

Rosa was getting tired of her lazy life of eating and sleeping. Resting was already sufficient.

A few days later, Rosa, who had completely recovered, immediately decided to make a prototype of the bath bomb.

When she headed to the kitchen to make the bath bomb, the servants were all surprised.

“Miss, is there anything you dislike for breakfast?”

Until she recalled memories from her past life, if something she didn’t like was included, she would complain to the kitchen every time. like a child.

However, the current Rosa is different. Her taste in food has changed, and her picky eating has completely disappeared.

“No, it was delicious. Both the salad and the soup were the best.”

The words of appreciation from Rosa made the servants relieved.

(How selfish was I back then?)

Coughing lightly, Rosa immediately brought up the topic.

“Today is not about that. There’s something I want to make. I’ll borrow the corner so as not to disturb your work. Also, this.”

She quickly took out baking soda, citric acid, salt, and confectionery molds from the kitchen.

She thought that baking soda and citric acid were convenient for removing odors and stains, so she brought everything to the kitchen.

While the servants were looking astonished, Helena asked with curiosity, “Miss, are you planning to clean?”

“Clean? No way. It’s different. I’m going to make bath bombs.”

“Bath bombs?”

The servants looked puzzled.

If possible, she thought about sharing them with the servants. She wanted them to try it.

“Oh, Helena, can you borrow a spare sprayer from the gardener?”

First, she decided to make the bath bomb following the procedure she remembered and then try coloring and adding fragrance later.

While immersed in the work for about two hours, Helena spoke up.

“Miss, if you concentrate too much, it will harm your body. Moreover, you’ve just recovered from the injury.”

“Oh, wait a moment. I have to put it in a well-ventilated place.”

Despite the hustle and bustle, Helena forcibly took her to her room and laid her on the bed.

After that, for about two weeks, she repeated trial and error by borrowing the kitchen a little. She was satisfied with the color and fragrance.

When the finished products were seen, the kitchen staff and servants gathered.

“Miss, what is this sweet?”

“It’s not sweets. It’s called a bath bomb.”

“Bath bomb?”

Ron, the chef, peered in with great interest.

“Yes, if you put it in the bathtub, something interesting happens.”

When Rosa answered with joy, everyone looked puzzled.

After trying it herself a few times, Rosa distributed it to the interested servants. Of course, she also gave it to Helena, who helped her bathe.

At first, everyone seemed surprised, but it was more accepted than Rosa had thought. She was pleased.

However, they were just servants, and they might just be considerate of Rosa. In that case, let’s try it with the family next.

First, her father, who likes new things, was interested, and then she had her brother try it. Both of them praised it.

Her mother was hesitant at first, but now it’s her favorite.

However, they are family, and they might praise everything Rosa does.

In the end, it was well-received by the honest Helena, so Rosa decided to make bath bombs for the tea party with the young ladies.

Her father was worried that it might affect the wound, but he gave permission for the tea party as long as it was a short time.

Rosa immediately started making bath bombs for her friends.”

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