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Chapter 11: A Former Corporate Slave Girl Enjoys a Luxurious Day as a Celebrity

When her injury had completely healed, Rosa, who had been overly protected by her parents, was given permission to go out. Surprisingly, the supporting villainess, Rosa, turned out to be a sheltered daughter.

It was a long-awaited shopping day, and Rosa’s enthusiasm was different since her memories from her past life had returned.

Dressed in her special dress, Rosa joyfully boarded a carriage. Helena couldn’t hide her surprise when she saw Rosa.

“Helena, what’s wrong?” Rosa tilted her head.

“Young lady, aren’t you afraid of horses?” Helena asked. “Um?”

“Well, I don’t remember much because of that, so it doesn’t matter. Anyway, you should get on the carriage soon,” Rosa said with a cheerful demeanor.

Helena smiled at Rosa’s carefree attitude.

When they first met, Helena was expressionless, but lately, she has started showing emotions spontaneously.

“I’m glad the young lady’s heart is healthy,” Helena said.

“Of course. After going through all that, how can I bear it happening again two or three times?” Rosa, who knew how she died in her past life (poisoned), was not afraid of something like a horse.

“First, let’s go to Madame Monterosa’s shop,” Rosa instructed, heading straight to the store of the capital’s top designer.

Under the clear sky, the carriage smoothly moved through the city. Rosa looked out of the window at the elegant streets with green trees, feeling uplifted.

Suddenly, she looked at the horse tied to the carriage.

(In my past life, I worked like a carriage horse. So, I feel a strange sympathy for you. I hope the horse that kicked me hasn’t been disposed of…)

Though belated, Rosa was worried about that.

She got off the carriage in front of the luxurious stone-built shop.

Behind polished glass, various dresses were displayed. As soon as she entered, a salesperson approached.

Rosa was a regular customer at this store.

“Welcome, Lady Rosa. Is your injury all right now?” Madame Monterosa also appeared to greet her.

Madame only appeared in front of high-class customers, so being welcomed by her was a kind of status.

Madame immediately tried to take Rosa to the VIP room, but Rosa declined.

“Today, I want to shop at Madame’s store after a long time. Instead of leisurely drinking tea, let me choose right away,” Rosa said with a smile.

“Are you selecting a dress to wear to the royal ball?” Madame asked, surprised since Rosa usually consulted and had dresses custom-made.

“We’ll decide on that later. Right now, I want lots of beautiful dresses. Yes, from here to there, give me everything,” Rosa said, wanting to try something she hadn’t done in her past life.

Before her memories returned, Rosa never shopped like this.

She only liked things made for her—everything tailored to her taste.

But now Rosa was different. She wanted to shop extravagantly and try various types of dresses.

Rosa’s facial features were imposing, yet she was exceptionally beautiful.

Also, in her past life, even if she liked something, she didn’t buy it if she hesitated. However, there was no need for restraint in this life.

(What a liberating feeling! This is the life of a celebrity!)

“Miss Croitzer, you’ve become even more beautiful since we last met. You’ve stimulated my creative desire,” Madame said, her eyes shining. She promised to create the best masterpiece for the upcoming evening party.

“Shall we head to the jewelry store next?” Rosa happily boarded the carriage, and Helena asked.

“I thought about that, but we’re already overflowing with jewelry at home. Today, I want to go buy materials for bath bombs,” Rosa said. She was satisfied with just buying dresses today. She wanted materials to make luxurious items.

“If it’s materials, can’t we manage with what we have at the mansion?” Helena asked, looking surprised.

“I want to find a cute shape for the bath bombs. So, I’ll look for mold. Also, I want to try different things, like aroma oils and dried flowers.”

They visited various stores to gather materials for bath bombs—aroma oils, dried flowers, etc. Finding molds proved difficult, and in the end, Rosa decided to design and order them.

Finally, they went to a sweets shop, indulging in a cake adorned with plenty of whipped cream and fruits and enjoying delicious tea. They also ordered some baked goods.

Until now, Rosa had been dieting for Alex’s sake.

“Now I don’t have to restrain myself from what I want,” Rosa said, memories of her past life flooding back and tears welling up.

Helena looked at Rosa with a puzzled expression.

Reflecting on her past life, where she worked tirelessly but couldn’t live a wealthy life, Rosa surrendered herself to the pleasure of indulging in sweets.

(Oh, how happy I am. Why does Rosa envy and bully Ellen when she’s living such a luxurious and happy life? I don’t need financially rich gentlemen because I have money. If I ever get married, I just want a handsome man who won’t kill me, even if he’s poor.)

Thanks to recalling her past life, Rosa had developed surprisingly modest aspirations.

Fully satisfied, they started the journey back home. Rosa hurried Helena, as they were still advised to avoid long outings—truly overprotective parents.

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