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Episode 5: Fleeing in the Demon Lord’s Castle

“~!! What are you doing?!”

Next, Arnold spoke after politely chewing and swallowing all the lettuce. Viola provocatively questioned Arnold, who kept stroking his mouth with slender fingers.

“How was it? Did the stimulating taste suit your accustomed tongue, used to the dull meals in the Demon Lord’s castle?”


“It’s delicious! This is!”

The one who cheered was the man who had lettuce shoved into him by Viola earlier. With wide-open eyes, he enthusiastically shook Viola’s hand, sparkling.

“The best ever!”

“Isn’t it? My cooking skills are acknowledged even by that irritating party member. Oh, just thinking about it makes me angry! Should I make it my dinner again?”

“You… I mean, tell me your name!”

“I am Viola. Does this seem like something that would be popular in the Demon Lord’s castle too?”

“I swear by my name. This is delicious. I want to share it with my family.”

“Family, yes, demons also have one…”

Viola blinked her eyes slightly. Until now, demons were enemies to be defeated, beings who took pleasure in taking human lives, intoxicated by their innate power. However, the man in front of her, Ignatz, and Arnold as well, despite appearances, if they spoke normally, were no different from the humans Viola had interacted with until now. Even among them were men with personalities she didn’t want to be involved with.

“Until now, it felt like I had infiltrated a demon’s den…”

“Viola! Do you plan to make this again?”

“Yes, I never want to have such tasteless meals again.”

“Then share it with me again! I want to give some to my colleagues too.”

“Of course! It’s still nice to see people enjoy the food I make.”

As for the former party members, Viola’s cooking was taken for granted, and they didn’t even bother to thank her. Viola was hired as a healing magician. Cooking was more like an option, a voluntary act. She took on tasks that someone had to do in place of others.

“What’s wrong, Viola?”

“Oh no, just recalling something very irritating.”

“I see, are you okay?”

“Yes, you’re kind.”

A bit surprised, Viola smiled, and the man seemed flustered, averting his eyes. Seeing this, Arnold couldn’t stand it and interrupted the conversation.

“Young lady.”

“Are you talking about me?”

“Yes. I still haven’t forgiven being force-fed this.”

“Oh, didn’t it suit your taste?”


Rude as he was, he seemed genuinely serious. Unable to lie and seeing Arnold struggle with words, Viola teased him with a smile.

“I see, it didn’t suit your taste. Well, then, I won’t give any more to Arnold.”


“Ignatz said he wants some, so I’ll give him your portion too.”

“I didn’t say that!”

“Do you not want it then?”


Staring at the silent Ignatz, Viola clapped her hands with a smile.

“Since Arnold doesn’t want it, I’ll give Ignatz your share, so don’t worry.”


“Hey, woman!”

In a rare low voice, Ignatz, who seemed concerned, pulled Viola closer and whispered in her ear. Viola felt her hair tickle slightly and had to resist bursting into laughter.

“Arnold gets scary when he’s angry! Stop it!”

“I believe in the principle of not letting a good fight go to waste.”

“Even so, leave Arnold alone!”

“Is Ignatz scary too?”

“His serious side can make even the Demon Lord reluctant.”


Viola turned to look behind her at Ignatz, who had warned her in a small voice. In front of her, a man with a smile that twisted his eyes was present. The air felt strangely cold. Viola couldn’t help but take a step back, feeling a sensation like freezing from the fingertips. The voice that emanated from his throat was like an absolute zero, freezing everything it touched.

“Young lady.”

“… Hey, Ignatz.”

“What, woman.”

“Sorry, I’m running away!”

With a shout, Viola turned on her heel and started running down the corridor.

Frantically moving her legs, the walls made of stone flowed past. The tiled floor echoed a hard sound each time Viola’s feet touched it. From arched doorways with pointed ends to dusty rooms, Viola passed through.

Running up and down spiral staircases, Viola kept running.

Behind her were two sets of footsteps. One was loud and noisy, Ignatz’s, as heard before. The other was a slippery sound, something that could be heard if you strained your ears. The silence was frightening. Without thinking, Viola knew who the owner was.

So Viola kept running.


Glancing around, Viola held her head. Due to her haphazard running, she had undoubtedly gotten lost. Similar corridors made it impossible to judge whether she had passed this way before. In this situation, she had no choice but to continue down the path she recognized.

Stopping her feet, Viola approached a demon who was watching her warily and spoke.

“Excuse me, um—”


The words I tried to say got stuck in my throat as the spear was pointed at my throat.

“human. Why are you here?”

“Eh, there’s a reason for this. I’d like you to ask the Demon King for details, but trust me, I haven’t invaded.”

The man continued to stare suspiciously at Viola, slowly lowering his spear. But his right hand remained by his side, likely concealing a short sword. Surely he had one hidden.

In the narrow castle, a short sword was more manageable than a spear. The man’s vigilance and readiness told Viola that he meant business. The atmosphere wasn’t conducive to asking for directions.

With footsteps approaching from behind, Viola gave up on asking for directions, turned around, and started running again.

Passing by, everyone gave Viola a gaze mixed with caution and avoidance.

Avoiding them, Viola stubbornly kept her eyes straight ahead.

humans and demons.

Two races despised each other. Viola had been told over and over again that demons were the evil that should be eradicated.

Even so.

“This is delicious. I want to share it with my family.”

Even among demons, there were those who said Viola’s cooking was delicious.

She didn’t know how far she had run.

One door caught her eye, and Viola slightly slowed her pace.

a strangely decorated door. Just by looking at it, one could tell it was heavy, having passed through many eras. Its sheer size, covered in intricate details, inexplicably drew Viola’s gaze.

As if drawn in, Viola walked while gazing at the door. With footsteps approaching from behind, Viola, in a hurry, kicked the ground with all her might and—


Suddenly, she bumped into something.

Viola staggers, letting out an uncharacteristically cute scream..

And when she tried to apologize and hastily looked back, she saw…

not an illusion, but a demon king surrounded by black mist, gazing down at Viola with emotionless red eyes.

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