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Episode 9: The Mysterious Man

The first time the hero, Leon, and I met, he seemed like an ordinary young man.

He traveled around various facilities to boost morale, and he wasn’t much older than Viola. There was nothing particularly extraordinary about his demeanor, and if not for being called a hero, one might have passed him by. His features were well defined, but the smile on his face always seemed somewhat forced.

The way the adults around him behaved, as if trying to gauge the young man’s mood, appeared somewhat ridiculous and pitiful.

I vaguely recall thinking, “Is this the hero?”

Although we had shared a meal due to circumstances, it was only for a short time until Leon returned to the capital. I felt like he probably didn’t like being in the position of a hero, but our conversation never delved that deep. Nevertheless, as he continued to stand on the front lines as a hero, Leon must be someone with a strong sense of duty.

Viola, having finished washing the vegetables, lightly drained them and rearranged them on the cooking table by type. With a mischievous smile on her face, she immediately separated the flowers of her favorite Rayz.

Finding them was always a joy. It not only quickly diminished the scent of meat but also added an indescribably pleasant fragrance. Since such things couldn’t be obtained in the human world, Viola couldn’t help but look forward to using them.

Viola had gathered a large quantity of Sharon’s fruits, all of which she tossed into a bag lying in the kitchen. Absorbed in pounding the bag with a stick and crushing Sharon’s fruits, she noticed that the man from before and the chef were approaching her.

Viola hastily hid the bag behind her back and smiled as if trying to cover up the work she had already begun.

The chef introduced himself as Lester.

“Miss human. It was nice to meet you. Could you tell me your name?”

“I’m Viola. Lester-san… Is it okay to call you that?”

“Of course. So, what do you want to do in the kitchen?”

“What do you think? Cooking, of course.”

“That’s true.”

Viola’s eyes sparkled as Lester’s face relaxed.

Among the people in the Demon King’s castle, he might be the most normal. He didn’t use condescending language, wasn’t noisy, didn’t intimidate with wings, and didn’t ignore others.

Approaching Lester with enthusiasm, Viola took out the sauce she had made that morning, still in a small bottle.

Due to the time that had passed, there was a layer of white oil on top, but the atmosphere should still come through. Presenting it in front of Lester, she noticed his expression was unenthusiastic. He seemed unable to imagine what it was for.

“You put this on ingredients or mix it. I think it’s faster for you to taste it, so can I make it once?”

“Sure. But please don’t do anything dangerous. Also, don’t approach ingredients without my permission.”

The moment Lester said that, his eyes glinted with alertness.

In a roundabout way, he was warning against poisoning. Being in charge of meals at the Demon King’s castle, he appeared mild-mannered but not easily manipulated.

However, Viola hadn’t come to poison anything. Dismissing it casually, Viola happily began her cooking.

“Will you watch?”


Ideally, herbs should be dried before use, but the meat she tasted this morning still had a slight odor. Viola’s palate found it harsh without anything to add aroma. From the herbs lined up on the platform earlier, she separated the ones she would use this time, tying up the rest with a string. She planned to dry them in her room later.

Placing the meat on a shallow dish, Viola headed towards the adjacent brewery. She asked for a bit of the seemingly less extravagant wine from the barrels lined up everywhere and lightly sprinkled it over the meat she had set aside. Finally, she mixed in finely chopped herbs, sprinkled salt, and kneaded the meat, completing the preparation.

“Do they often drink wine in the Demon King’s castle? There seems to be a lot of it.”

“The Demon King enjoys alcohol. It’s something his subordinates learn from.”

“I’ve learned something good. Thank you.”

Viola mentally noted that the Demon King liked alcohol.

Setting a goal to make something the Demon King would find delicious was important. She wanted to learn more, but delving too deep into questions about the Demon King might raise suspicions of poison. While a certain degree of suspicion was acceptable, being kicked out of the kitchen would be unbearable. Viola smoothly shifted the topic.

“It’s a wonderful kitchen.”

“Unfortunately, I haven’t fully utilized it.”

“Did Lester-san not create this kitchen?”

“No, it was the Demon King.”


Viola, on the verge of cutting her finger, quickly stopped and turned to Lester.

“The Demon King made it?”

“Yeah, when he was young.”

“Is that a story from hundreds of years ago?”

“I see, humans seem to have misconceptions about the Demon King. It’s a relatively recent story.”


“Yeah. I’ve heard that human kings determine their successors through bloodlines. Is that correct?”


“The Demon King is different. It’s an overwhelmingly meritocratic society. The most powerful demon leads, and the rest follow. Therefore, rulership rarely lasts for hundreds of years.”

“The Demon King changes quickly, then? Aren’t there those who betray him?”

“If someone betrays, they get eliminated. There’s no point in doing such a thing. If you’re strong enough to challenge and win directly, I guess it’s possible.”

Lester’s casual mention of these things left Viola deeply surprised.

She had assumed that the man had lived as the king for centuries, and learning that he had recently ascended to the throne was shocking. Perhaps that overwhelming dignity and arrogance were methods to avoid being underestimated and to continue ruling.

“Even among demon races, lifespans vary by species. The reign lasts until the king dies or weakens.”

“So, strength is everything.”

“Yes. In that sense, there won’t be a change in the Demon King for a while. I’ve lived a fair amount, but this Demon King’s strength is unparalleled.”

“So much… It must be a remarkably strong species.”

“That’s the thing; I have no idea.”

“No idea?”

“No one knows which species he belongs to. Absolutely mysterious.”

Lester, who seemed to think he had talked too much, stopped speaking, and his gentle expression changed.

“Despite that, when it comes to humans, they can’t seem to help but want to eradicate demon races, whether in the distant past or now.”

At the bitter tone of his voice, Viola averted her gaze.

Joining the Demon King’s subjugation force was simply a way to survive, and she had never considered the meaning behind it. The orders to kill the Demon King had never provoked her to question them.

“…Humans naturally dislike demons.”

“Especially those at the center of the battles. Personally, I had never seen a human until I met you. It’s quite surprising. It’s completely different from what I had heard.”

“Me too. I was surprised to come here.”

“Yeah. You’ll probably be accepted. But that robe might not be a good idea.”


Viola casually removed it from her shoulders, her face tense.

She hadn’t realized it. the embroidered royal crest. Considering what humans wearing this robe have done to demon races so far, it was undoubtedly unpleasant. Once she thought about it, her body moved on its own.


Without hesitation, Viola threw the discarded item into the fireplace. The pure white robe, initially holding its shape, gradually changed color as it smoldered, eventually collapsing into ashes once the fire caught.

As it happened in an instant, Viola silently watched the disintegration, her gaze fixed on the ashes.

“…Is it okay?”

“Yes. It’s something I don’t need.”

After responding decisively, Viola, with a smile that seemed to overflow with relief, clapped her hands, prompting Lester to peer into Viola’s hands again. In that moment, a sound resembling a groan escaped Lester’s throat.

“What is this white object?”

Lester wore a puzzled expression, as if he had just discovered a stain in the sink. However, Viola proudly puffed out her chest.





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