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Qin Yue wore a black suit, his hair meticulously arranged, standing tall and robust, with handsome features and deep contours. From a distance, he exuded a vigorous and imposing aura.

Jiang Nian wore a red cheongsam, with a jade hairpin adorning her elegant hair. Her light makeup highlighted her charming lips, presenting an overall graceful and picturesque appearance.

Shen Ran looked up at her, wanting to hold onto Jiang Nian’s clothes as tightly as he had before. He reached out a few times but found only emptiness. “Sister Jiang…”

Jiang Nian put on a gold bracelet. “Hmm?”

Shen Ran was a bit dazed, looking at his empty hand. He called her again, “Sister Jiang.”

“What’s wrong?”


Jiang Nian turned around, looking at the boy who had grown up by her side. Over the years, she has witnessed Shen Ran’s changes. Although he still appeared as a child in front of her, she had seen the confident and domineering Shen Ran in the laboratory. There, he strategized with composure, displaying a mindset and determination beyond ordinary people.

Facing Jiang Nian’s puzzled look, Shen Ran smiled slightly, pursed his lips, and reached out to hold Jiang Nian’s hand. “Sister Jiang, no matter when, I will protect you.”

Jiang Nian also smiled, nodded, and patted Shen Ran’s head. “Let’s go; I’m getting married.”

Shen Ran: “…Hmm.”

He thought that even if Sister Jiang gets married, in his heart, she will always be Sister Jiang, forever his Sister Jiang.

It was a small but warm wedding, with just over a dozen people present. Jiang’s parents had tears in their eyes, turning away to wipe them secretly. Jiang Yuan’s nose was also red, trying to comfort them on the side. Qin’s parents were full of satisfaction, looking at their son and daughter-in-law, nodding repeatedly, choked with emotion. Captain Li came, bringing many gifts, especially from General Shen. Zhang Wei and his family, along with little Lu Lu, laughed heartily, and Lu Lu ran around the room, circling Jiang Nian.

Qin Yue’s heart and eyes were filled with Jiang Nian, his wife.

He held her hand and was ready to spend his life with her.

“I love you, Jiang Nian.”

Early the next morning, when Qin Yue went out, he saw the wedding gifts arranged from the entrance all the way to the courtyard downstairs. He didn’t know who sent them, as there was no name or message left. The security guard said that people had been coming secretly with things since last night, saying they were wedding gifts for Disctrict head Jiang. They were just small, inexpensive items, but it was a gesture of goodwill, and he couldn’t refuse the sincere intentions. They were considerate enough not to disturb, just leaving the gifts and going away.

Those who knew that Jiang Nian and Qin Yue were getting married didn’t come, and those days, whenever they met someone, they would hear wishes for a happy marriage. Of course, there were no guests for the wedding, and he thought this matter was over. He didn’t expect these people to have planned it all and secretly delivered the gifts at night.

These many things couldn’t be left unattended. When Jiang’s parents and Qin’s parents saw them, they were surprised and touched, but couldn’t help but mutter a few words. Why bother sending these gifts? They weren’t short of food at home; wouldn’t it be better to eat well themselves? These people!

Qin Yue knew that most of these gift-givers came for Jiang Nian, so he naturally handed them over to her. But with Jiang Nian’s temperament, she probably wouldn’t accept them.

He looked up at the sky and couldn’t help but smile.

After Qin Yue and Jiang Nian got married, they rarely separated during missions. Unless it was unavoidable or Jiang Nian was pulled away by Captain Li for help, Qin Yue would always bring her along. In Qin Yue’s words, as a husband, he had to protect his wife. If they were apart, his soul would be restless and his heart uneasy, making it easy to make mistakes.

Jiang Nian thought it was okay: “It’s a good opportunity to build the reputation of our formidable couple. Let’s strive to make people tremble at the sound of our names and retreat without a fight!”

Qin Yue’s eyebrows twitched. “Double formidable couple?”

This reputation might be better avoided…

Jiang Nian, busy calculating with her fingers, felt that this reputation had to be tried. This was an era of talented individuals, and perhaps she would become a historical figure in the future. Maybe she could even fulfill the shattered dream from the previous world, striving to make herself one of the world’s top ten unsolved mysteries! The name “Double Formidable Couple” might not be enough; she could add “Black and White Formidable Couple.” Of course, when she traveled alone, she could call herself the “Golden Formidable.”

Qin Yue didn’t like the serious look on Jiang Nian’s face, so he created a spatial barrier and pulled her into his arms. “Nian Nian, it’s time to sleep.”

Pressing his thin lips against her forehead, he rolled into the red bedding with Jiang Nian. Jiang Nian had been carefully planning the future as a soon-to-be historical figure, and she was excited. However, after a while, she felt dizzy, and her eyes became misty… Compared to Qin Yue, a pseudo-power-type ability user, Jiang Nian was somewhat inadequate. At least, his physical strength and energy were many times greater than hers.

Fortunately, Jiang Nian was a healing-type ability user. When Qin Yue planted a few small strawberries on her neck, she could heal herself. This made Qin Yue even more fond of being hands-on, and in his space, no matter how loud the commotion, as long as he didn’t want others to hear, they wouldn’t.

This was an excellent place, and Jiang Nian could freely tease Qin Yue, especially since Qin Yue was handsome and sexy. She touched his perfectly sculpted muscles, truly her sweet burden.

Jiang Nian became pregnant with Qin Yue’s child five years after their marriage. After the apocalypse, human genes underwent major changes, and the environment and climate also experienced drastic transformations. The probability of newborns decreasing every year is a major headache for the government. In the first few years of their marriage, they used contraceptives. Later, as the situation stabilized and the global political landscape shifted after the apocalypse, a United Nations conference was held to discuss the future of human survival, the issues between ability-users and ordinary people, and research on the zombie virus.

Not long after Jiang Nian became pregnant, Shen Ran finally developed a vaccine against the zombie virus. As long as this vaccine was injected, no matter how severe the injury, one wouldn’t be infected or mutated by the zombie virus. This undoubtedly saved many frontline soldiers. The announcement of this major achievement immediately caused a sensation worldwide, and Shen Ran’s name became well-known.

When Shen Ran excitedly ran to her and said he had succeeded, Jiang Nian noticed that her long-dormant protagonist, Halo, had finally surpassed sixty points.

Jiang Nian had never expected that Shen Ran would help her break through her protagonist halo. Fortunately, Jiang Nian was smart enough not to feel that Yao Xiaoyue had to counterattack herself to break through. Perhaps after Yao Xiaoyue, who had been reborn as a supporting character, became the protagonist in her own world, Jiang Nian transitioned from a protagonist to a supporting character. The supporting character’s counterattack had to be better and make significant progress from any perspective.

And this invention, which had never appeared in previous lives, became the best proof of the counterattack.

Seven months later, Jiang Nian gave birth to a daughter. She lived to the age of seventy in this world, and after her death, countless people came to pay their respects.

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