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The next day, Rolf returned from his overseas studies.

Having heard the story from Donovan, Rolf also opposed marrying Muge off to Duke Stein.

He had a particularly strong affection for his younger sister, Muge, and the two had been close since childhood.

In the end, the family gathered in the salon, excluding the bedridden Fiene due to illness, and the meeting began. By the way, Fiene was not informed about the family’s financial difficulties or the proposal.

“Isn’t it possible for Fiene to be the one?,” Maggie argued after a quarrel with Muge.

“That’s because Fiene doesn’t have any magical power,” Donovan said with a troubled expression.

“I refuse. getting married at the age of fourteen, and to that ugly eccentric magician. Does he abduct people and conduct experiments on them in the slums?” Maggie trembled in fear.

“Well, weren’t you close to Fiene not because you liked her but because she often took care of you when you were sick as a child? Don’t you feel any gratitude towards Fiene?” Muge said it maliciously.

Maggie had been weak and frequently bedridden with fever in her early years, and Fiene had often taken care of her.

“That’s a story from when I was little! Fiene is now always holed up in her room, can’t socialize properly, and on top of that, she’s from the Hausen family but without magical power. It’s unbelievable,” Maggie retorted.

“You were very affectionate with Fiene when you were little,” Muge said, sending a cold glance to Maggie.

“So I’m saying it’s a story from the past! Besides, Fiene is without magical power, so she might not be able to marry a noble. In that case, she should marry the Duke. It’s a good deal since she’s marrying into the Duke’s family.” Maggie, who had relied on Fiene until the age of eleven, now genuinely looked down on her magical-less sister after experiencing the outside world.

“Muge, cut it out. Maggie is still a child,” Daisy intervened.

“So, you want me to go instead?” Muge tightly grasped her brother Rolf’s arm.

“Father, let’s send Fiene to them.” Rolf protected Muge. Like his sisters, he also found Fiene, the second daughter without magical power, undesirable.

“However, the Stein family has produced great magicians. Sending Fiene, who has no magical power and has been bedridden due to illness, to the frontier is not feasible, right? Besides, Fiene has no experience in socializing; it’s hard to imagine her handling it well.” Donovan tried to persuade, but Rolf stood firm.

“As Muge says, we can pretend that Fiene is Muge. Fortunately, the two are close in age,” Maggie suggested.

“But if it’s revealed, it’ll be a serious problem. Besides, their hair colors are different! Muge has the distinctive red hair of the Hausen family, while Fiene has platinum hair. Among the red-haired family members, Fiene is the only one with a different hair color,” Daisy pointed out.

“However, he left the magical tower and is not in the capital. Rumor has it that he’s a research fanatic and doesn’t engage in social activities. Even if they switch places, he may not notice,” Rolf said dismissively. He knew that the Duke rarely appeared at social gatherings.

Even during the conferment of honors, Duke Stein wore a mask. It was said that he was allowed to wear a mask even in front of the king because of his extremely ugly face.

“Indeed, he has never appeared in social gatherings. It can’t be helped. Let’s ask Fiene.” Donovan finally yielded after being rejected by the three children.

“Well, it can’t be helped… By the way, tomorrow Fiene is supposed to go to the doctor with me. I’ll ask her if she can endure a month-long journey to the Duke’s territory as an escort,” Daisy reluctantly agreed.

This marriage proposal was initiated by the Hausen family. When Donovan requested an engagement and a meeting with Duke Stein, the response was that if they were willing to come to the frontier, they could meet.

Although annoyed by such treatment, they couldn’t afford to be picky due to financial difficulties. That’s why they wanted Muge, who was more accustomed to socializing and skilled in maneuvering, to go instead of the reluctant Fiene and make this proposal successful.

“However, the other party is talking about a face-to-face meeting. If Fiene messes up, she might not only lose the engagement but also be sent back home on the spot. What do you plan to do?” Donovan said with a bitter expression. The fate of the Hausen family was at stake in this marriage proposal.

“I have a plan for that, so don’t worry about it,” a confident Rolf said, despite Donovan’s sleep-deprived and fatigued state.

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