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Chapter 3: Evacuation for Non-Combat Personnel

However, Feng Xiao livestreamed for half a month and then gave up.

The reason was that Feng Xiao unexpectedly became a “word-cutting” anchor in the audio livestream!

Yes, you heard it right!

In a livestream where one sells their voice, Feng Xiao didn’t sell his voice. Instead, he engaged in text messaging with others on the livestream screen.

It can be imagined that on a platform already highly competitive, after the guild promoted him several times with no significant increase in popularity, they decided to give up on him.

Without promotion, Feng Xiao, who was a “word-cutting” anchor, naturally wouldn’t be liked. After livestreaming for half a month, he completely gave up on this path.

Calculating the timeline, Feng Xiao should have been livestreaming for about a week now. In a few more days, he would probably give up on this path of audio livestreaming.

After downloading the Mango FM app in two minutes, Su Hua hastily registered an account and then topped up her account with a hundred thousand coins.

[Ding, congratulations to the host for completing a random task and earning ten points.]

“Oh my god, only ten points.”

“Host, ten points are already a lot, you know. Keep in mind that we are the predecessors of a squandering system, and tens of millions or even billions are just a wave of the hand.” Seeing the host unhappy, the system, for some reason, felt a bit pleased.

Oh, wait, why does it have such thoughts? It should be assisting the host in completing tasks! It needs to do a self-check!

Su Hua’s eyes lit up. Tens of millions or even billions—isn’t earning points just a matter of minutes?

“A friendly reminder: the money transferred by the system cannot be gifted, donated, discarded, or subjected to any other abnormal means. Moreover, the value of money and purchased items must be equivalent.”

Su Huai: “…”

The idea of starting a charitable foundation that had just emerged was extinguished.

“What if I can’t complete it?”

“If you can’t complete it, ten points will be deducted, and the task amount will double. Host, there are ten minutes left until Feng Xiao goes off the air.”

Su Huai checked the time. It was already past eleven at night, almost midnight.

She quickly searched for Feng Xiao’s screen name.


(T/N: ‘Mie’ means ‘Extinguish’).

Yes, Feng Xiao’s screen name was just one character, “Mie.” I wonder who he wants to extinguish. It might not be that easy to change the mindset of this villain.

Soon, Su Hua found Feng Xiao’s livestream room, and he was indeed livestreaming.

Mie: “Welcome, Hua Di Wei Lao, entering the livestream room.”

There was even a broadcaster’s badge above his name.

Su Hua found it hard to imagine that the formidable villain who used to engage in intellectual battles with the male protagonist was now livestreaming, and so courteously at that.

“Thank you.”

The number of online viewers in the livestream room was displayed as 2, with a total of 10 viewers and 5211 gifts in the overall ranking.

Su Hua was bewildered. There were only her and Feng Xiao in the livestream room. This villainous boss seemed to be having a tough time.

“[Hua Di Wei Lao] sent a Mango X1 to Mie.”

Mie: “Thank you.”

“[Hua Di Wei Lao] sent a Muah Muah (kiss) X1 to Mie.”

“[Hua Di Wei Lao] sent a chocolate X1 to Mie.”

“[Hua Di Wei Lao] sent a wall slam X1 to Mie.”

“[Hua Di Wei Lao] sent a diamond ring X1 to Mie.”

[Hua Di Wei Lao] “Look at me! My level has risen to level 1!”

“[Hua Di Wei Lao] sent planet X1 to Mie.”

[Hua Di Wei Lao] “Look at me! My level has risen to level 15!”

“[Hua Di Wei Lao] sent a Castle in the Sky X1 to Mie.”

[Hua Di Wei Lao] “Look at me! My level has risen to level 16!”

While Su Hua heartlessly sent gifts, Feng Xiao’s livestream room had long been pushed to the top spot.

Mr. Song: “Wow, a big spender!”

Little Xia Tian: “66666, the emperor’s set, huh.”

Your ancestor: “Castle in the Sky, really beautiful.”

Su Su: “The theme is actually a ‘word-cutting’ anchor; impressive.”

Milk Bottle: “Is this the alt account of the anchor?”

White Moon in the Sky: “Jumping to level 16 at once, you must have spent fifty or sixty thousand, right?”

Silent Seven: “Miss, please take care of me!”




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