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Chapter 2

There is a vast but barren land on the Cangmiao Continent where many demon and demonic cultivators gather, known as the Demon Realm by cultivators.

In the depths of the Demon Realm lies an abyss of ten thousand zhang, feared even by demonic and sorcerous cultivators.

(T/N: zhang, an old Chinese measure of length equal to 10 chi, or 3.58 meters (11 feet, 9 inches))

Here, the demonic energy soars into the sky, nurturing various malformed creatures within. The creatures that crawl out of the abyss are all extremely terrifying entities.

Such creatures can only emerge from the abyss once every few thousand years.

The Demon Realm is in the far south, while the Snow City is in the far north.

In theory, these two places are miles apart, and it’s unclear what compelled a powerhouse who crawled out of the Demon Abyss after enduring countless trials to personally make a trip, specifically for… city slaughter.

“Yuanyuan, I really don’t know. There’s no record of the reason in my father’s notes.”

Perhaps they unintentionally incurred some deep enmity with the Snow  City?

Nan Yuan lounged casually and manly, with her eyelids lazily drooping, feeling a bit drowsy.

When the weather turns cold, all she wants to do is sleep.

But she can’t afford to; if she sleeps, it could be for decades, wasting time and life.

“Xiao Tang, tell me about this big boss demon lord.”


Xu Xiaotang directly pulled out the precious notes his father left for him from the spatial realm, flipping through them noisily to a certain page.

Then he read aloud, “Bloodthirsty Demon Spider, one of the five demon lords of the Demon Realm, offspring of the ancient demonic sawtooth spider.

This demon lord’s appearance is extremely beautiful, gender-indistinguishable, and captivatingly alluring. Its temperament is unpredictable, and particularly enjoy collecting beautiful women, then gruesomely cutting off their skins while they’re still alive.”

Nan Yuan was not at all disgusted by this demon’s repulsive hobby and remained unfazed.

Honestly, she’s not much of a saint herself.

“Looking at it this way, this demon lord was an ordinary person before demonization.”

Tens of thousands of years ago, on the brink of extinction, the ancient demons turned their attention to humans, intertwining with human bloodlines.

The offspring of human-demon unions became half-demons. Most of these half-demons were killed, but quite a few survived.

After generations, the ancient demon blood in these individuals became increasingly diluted.

Even if someone possesses this ancient demon blood now, it’s extremely difficult for them to demonize.

This bloodthirsty spider demon should be a human with a rare strain of ancient demon blood who, by a stroke of luck, awakened their bloodline and successfully demonized.

The enmity with Snow City was probably forged when this demon lord was still an ordinary person.

However, five years is still early, and Nan Yuan is not in a hurry.

“Xiao Tang, let’s go; take a look outside.” Nan Yuan stood up, carrying Xu Xiaotang in her arms.

Xu Xiaotang trembled and whimpered, “Yuanyuan, I’m scared. I’d rather go back to the spatial realm. Dad said you shouldn’t appear in a world that doesn’t belong to you, or else the Heavenly Dao Daddy will find out and send down divine thunder to kill you.”

“This is a higher-level world; it shouldn’t be like that. Besides, this world already has spirit beasts. You can come out, and I’ll protect you.”

Little scaredy-cat, if it didn’t have soft and fluffy fur all over, Nan Yuan wouldn’t bother talking to it.



Xu Xiaotang happily chirped and nestled safely in her arms.

Nan Yuan stroked the fur of the little meatball and closed her eyes comfortably.

The main gate opened, and outside it was already evening.

“The Lord is coming out!” someone exclaimed.

“Respectfully welcome the Lord’s return!”

“Respectfully welcoming the Lord’s return~”

Nan Yuan walked all the way, listened all the way, and also saw all the way the handsome and diverse faces of… beautiful men.

Pei Yueying is someone who loves beauty and has collected handsome men from the entire mansion, making her private life quite sensational.

It’s said that her most impressive record is managing nine male companions in a single night.

However, rumors are just rumors, and Nan Yuan, who has read memories, claims that at most, it’s just five men at once.

Matters of love and romance are the most boring and not as enjoyable as cultivating. She truly doesn’t understand these people, especially not her old man.

“Master, should we prepare a carriage?” the old housekeeper asked.

“Uncle Wu, I want to take a stroll outside the city.”

The old housekeeper asked with a face full of kindness, “Have you gained anything from this seclusion?”

“Yes, so I want to practice outside the city.”

Upon hearing this, the old housekeeper smiled even more kindly. “Very well.”

His shrewd eyes glanced at the spirit beast playing dead in Nan Yuan’s arms. Although he couldn’t identify the species of the spirit beast, he didn’t inquire further.

Ah, why does this child always like to keep fragile little things?

When Nan Yuan walked away, the hidden Xu Xiaotang whispered stealthily, “Yuanyuan, that old man kept staring at your back. Is he suspicious of you?”

Nan Yuan’s eyes were cold and indifferent, with a hint of casualness. “So what?”

Even if the entire city suspected her, she wouldn’t be afraid, especially when it’s just an old man.

In Xu Xiaotang’s heart, there was a burst of admiration: Yuanyuan is so awesome!




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