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Chapter 5

Nan Yuan glanced at him and walked away.

She originally wanted to confirm the direction of Snow Mist Mountain, but this child seemed unable to speak?

Unable to speak, distinctive in appearance, and even understanding gratitude…

Suddenly, Nan Yuan felt that Xu Xiaotang’s opinion was not bad.

The little weirdo knocked his head for a long time; even though the snow on the ground did not melt, he knocked so long that he even left a blood mark on his forehead.

Until Nan Yuan’s figure was completely out of sight, his movements slowed down, gradually coming to a stop.

The little weirdo carefully observed the wooden sign in his hand.

The wooden sign was exquisitely made, with a snow lotus carved on one side and the word “Pei” engraved on the other.

He couldn’t read; he just sniffed the wooden sign at his nose, made sure there was no problem, and then stuffed it into his arms.

Thinking of the woman’s words, the little weirdo smiled again, but it was not a silly grin, but a kind of expressionless, emotionless smile.

Encountered a good person?

But are there really such good people in the world…

Nan Yuan arrived deep in Snow Mist Mountain, familiarized herself with the terrain, and casually killed a few reckless spirit beasts.

When her skills were honed enough, she returned.

After returning home, Nan Yuan did not see the figure of that child, somewhat surprised.

Rarely taking a liking to someone, she took the initiative to ask the old steward.

After listening, the old steward’s expression changed drastically: “What? The Lord sent out the Lord’s Command? Absurd! How can such a thing be given away casually? And it’s a child!”

Nan Yuan lay with a calm face, looking unruffled. “I have no other token at hand.”

“I’ll send someone to find him right away!”

The Lord’s order is something that Snow City uses to dispatch troops. The old steward, in his urgency, forgot to ask what the child looked like and left.

Subconsciously, he felt that the other party must be an exquisite and beautiful person; after all, everyone in the city knew that the Lord was very attractive.

The little weirdo finally entered the city but soon ran into trouble.

He accidentally bumped into someone, revealing the face he had hidden.

People around him exclaimed, and a group of passersby quickly gathered, pointing and discussing.

And the “noble” he collided with seemed to be of similar size, dressed decently, and rumored to be the younger brother of the most favored young master in the Lord’s mansion.

…The Lord.

The little weirdo thought of the token hidden in his arms, and his gaze turned cold.

It seemed that the woman wasn’t a good person either, but it didn’t matter. As long as he didn’t have to endure freezing and hunger again, he could serve the devil.

“Oh my god, this ugly freak scared me! How did he turn out like this? Go away, get away from me!”

An eleven- or twelve-year-old child kicked over.

The little weirdo looked up at the young master behind him and a few fierce-looking servants, but he didn’t dodge.

When kicked to the ground, he only protected the token in his arms with one hand and held his head with the other.

However, the more he covered, the harder the young master Xue kicked, as if treating him as a venting toy. While kicking, he laughed, “This ugly freak is not stupid; he even knows how to protect his stomach.”

His servants behind him laughed along.

“I don’t know if the bumps on this ugly freak’s face are a disease. Young Master Xue, why not find a doctor to take a look? Cutting off these lumps might make him look better.”

“That’s a good idea. You, go! Cut off one of his flesh lumps.”

“What? Young Master Xue, this, isn’t this a bit too much?” The servant who suggested it hesitated, looking at the onlookers.

He was just making a joke, never expecting the young master to take it seriously.

“I told you to go, just go! No one will die! If something happens, I’ll take responsibility. My elder brother is the young master of the Lord’s mansion! Besides, I just want to get rid of the lump on his face, not take his life.”

“Anyone who goes to cut off a flesh lump, I will reward him with a medium-grade spirit stone!”

Surprise! a medium-grade spirit stone!

Money talks, especially when it’s just cutting off a flesh lump without taking a life.

One of the servants immediately took out a dagger.

The little weirdo stared coldly at the person, his eyes seeming to contain a hellish fury.

Inside him were demons that devoured without leaving bones.

Having endured insults since childhood, he had grown numb and thought things would be fine after the person vented their anger.

Who would have thought that the other party wanted to cut his face?

The little weirdo’s thin hands, like chicken claws, clenched into fists, and intense resentment surged in his heart.

He wanted to kill.

The small village, Snow City, and everyone who had bullied him

All of them, killed!

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