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Chapter 8: Stratagem 2

Rolf and Muge immediately headed to Donovan’s office, summoning Daisy there as well.

“So, what illness did Fiene have?” Donovan, seated at the mahogany desk in the office as the family gathered, inquired.

“It seems Fiene is suffering from a lung ailment,” Rolf replied smoothly. This was true; Fiene herself had been told so by a doctor.

“In that case, a long journey is out of the question,” Daisy said with a sense of relief.

“Yes, indeed. Let’s have Muge go instead. With your strong magical abilities, His grace should be satisfied,” Donovan agreed.

The Hausen family was determined to make this engagement a success. They had no expectations from Fiene.

“The doctor said it’s best to recuperate in a place with fresh air,” Muge added. “Isn’t His Grace’s border territory a perfect fit?”

When the siblings spoke in unison, their father looked surprised.

“Do you two intend to subject Fiene, who is suffering from a lung ailment, to a month-long carriage journey?” The father had a shocked expression.

“Yes. If it’s a place with good air, there are plenty near the capital. Besides, what if something happens during the journey? We can’t send a sick person to His Grace’s residence,” Daisy said, looking incredulous and glancing at her siblings.

“It’s okay. The doctor recommended a change of air for recovery. Besides, it’s not a severe lung condition. Taking a potion to regain strength should cure it. The only issue is that the potion is expensive,” Rolf explained confidently.

“That’s right. Father, the doctor said so. Dr. Wymain is a renowned physician from a noble background, isn’t he?” Muge added firmly.

The doctor hadn’t said anything like that, and Fiene was the only one who knew about her condition.


The two only heard from Fiene that she had lung problems.

However, it was only a matter of time before the parents yielded to the persuasion of the two siblings.

Rolf and Muge remained silent about Fiene’s remaining life expectancy. Even though their parents weren’t concerned about Fiene, they thought it wouldn’t be forgiven if their parents found out.

However, Fiene’s remaining time was convenient for them. Surely, Fiene would die before being exposed as someone other than Muge.

One evening, Rolf and Muge suddenly appeared at Fiene’s bedside.

“Fiene, you’ve decided to go to a place with fresh air.”

“Huh?” Fiene blinks at her brother’s words.

“That’s fine. If it goes well, you can become His Grace’s wife. Departure is tomorrow.”

“What do you mean?”

There, Fiene was surprised to hear the details from Rolf and Muge.

“It’s impossible for me to take my sister’s place like that! Besides, what do father and mother say?”

“That’s not a problem.”

“Not a problem? You haven’t told Father and Mother about my remaining time, have you?”

Fiene’s eyes widened in shock.

“Even if I told them, this decision wouldn’t change. It’s the unanimous decision of the family.”

“I’m about to die soon, and this is cruel!”

Her brother and sister were unforgivable.

“Hey, Muge, hold Fiene down. I’ll cast a constraint spell now.”

“Constraint spell?”

Fiene, who had little knowledge of magic in general, didn’t understand the meaning.

“Yes. Fiene, you can never again use your own name. From now on, you are Muge. I’ll lend you my name for a while.”

As usual, condescendingly, Muge held down the protesting Fiene. Fiene wanted to shake her off, but she had no strength left, and even if she screamed, no one would come.

After casting the constraint spell on Fiene, they called the maids into the room.

“From now on, dye Fiene’s hair red and make it beautiful red hair that befits the Hausen family’s name.”

Satisfied, they left.

With no strength to resist in her sickly state, Fiene tearfully watched them go.

Even though she was socially awkward, she knew about the rumors about the eccentric Duke.

despair as dark as the feelings in Fiene’s heart spread.

Afterwards, the month-long carriage journey was miserable. Nauseous in the carriage, unable to eat, Fiene somehow endured the long journey thanks to the doctor providing potions.

During the journey, she thought about stopping drinking the potion and just dying. That way, Muge would have to go in her place.

However, that wouldn’t satisfy her. She wanted to retaliate against her family somehow. Fiene couldn’t forgive the actions of Rolf and Muge at any cost.

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