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Chapter 1 -10: Elder Brother’s Side Story

Mireille, dressed in commoner’s attire, eagerly boarded a carriage.

“Dear brother… please stop joking! Anyway, right now, my pursuit of’my favorite’ takes top priority.”

It seems she is planning to visit someone named ‘Noel.’ Judging by the blushing and ecstatic expression just from mentioning Noel’s name, it’s clear he is her secret lover.

…Could it be that Mireille has been involved with someone else elsewhere?


Uttering this under his breath, Mireld boarded the same carriage, feigning a calm demeanor.

“…!? Why is my dear brother following me!”

“I shall accompany you on your so-called ‘Troublesome affair.”

Though Mireld heard the term ‘favorite’ for the first time, it likely refers to some secret meeting. If Mireille has been up to something suspicious, he won’t forgive her.

“I must ascertain what kind of man you’re having a ‘troublesome’ affair with, as your elder brother.”

“Just a moment…”

Ignoring Mireille’s protests, Mireld instructed the coachman to depart.

“What’s the sudden fuss about? It’s unlike, dear brother… Well, let me explain. ” is not some dubious activity. It involves supporting someone you have deep affection for, called ‘favorite‘ That’s what’supporting activity‘ is!”

(T/N: The Japanese word is oshikatsu, which does not have any direct translation in English that is able to capture the nuance of this word. Oshikatsu is defined as “the act of enthusiastically supporting someone like an idol singer or actor that one feels particular devotion to.”)

Mireille explained with a dissatisfied expression, while Mireld stared at his ‘sister.’

(…Mireille has truly changed. What could have transformed her to this extent? Perhaps ‘Noel’? Should he use the Gasstark family’s influence to erase Noel?)

Mireld started feeling drawn to his ‘sister’ exactly two years ago, when she had just become a second-year student at the academy.

Since then, he has become increasingly attracted to Mireille.

to a non-blood-related younger sister.

The once arrogant and haughty Mireille had returned to being a bright and lively girl. Mireld believed that her current appearance was her true self.

In her childhood, Mireille was a pure and adorable little girl.

One day, when Mireld was five years old, their father returned home with a baby. not a half-sibling but someone with special circumstances. His parents treated Mireille with courtesy, as if dealing with a noble.

But from Mireille’s perspective, they were ‘parents lacking in affection.’ Seeing Mireille lonely and unable to rely on her parents, Mireld felt sorry for her. So, he cherished her like a real sister, and Mireille came to adore her brother.

On the day Mireld became an adult, their parents revealed the truth.

“Mireille is the result of the forbidden love of a certain noble lady. Raised as a legitimate child of the Gasstark family, she is destined to be welcomed into the royal family as the crown prince’s consort when the time comes.”

Of course, Mireille herself is unaware of this truth. She must not reveal her origins until the day the royal family discloses them.

Having learned the truth, Mireld began to distance himself from his ‘sister.’

It was because approaching her had become frightening.

The emotions that surged when he was with Mireille—whether it was affection as siblings or something different—were overwhelming, and he couldn’t discern whether they were terrifying.

He could only watch from afar as Mireille, growing more isolated, turned into an arrogant young lady.

Ideally, as her brother, he should have admonished and guided her correctly.

But Mireille, on her own strength, cleared her own path.

Such a girl was irresistibly dear to him.

Due to the foolish Judrich breaking off the engagement with Mireille, her future was entirely uncertain.

(Should I just take her for myself?)

Such thoughts crossed Mireld’s mind.

If the royal family deemed her ‘unnecessary,’ he would gladly accept her.

…It shouldn’t be impossible.

If the royal family would publicly disclose that Mireille is not of Gasstark lineage.

(But, the future can wait. For now, I just want to enjoy my days with Mireille.)

“…Honestly! Dear brother, please don’t interfere with me, okay?”

Inside the carriage, Mireille pleaded.

Even dressed in a simple dress for commoners, Mireille was quite charming.

Despite dressing her clothes and hair in a commoner’s style, one couldn’t disguise her beauty—such superficial aspects were also endearing.

“Now then. Shall I meet this ‘Favorite’ of yours too?”

What kind of man does Mireille like?

If he’s not suitable for her, Mireld will eliminate him without mercy. Jealousy sprouted deep in his heart.

Such emotions were also a first in his life.


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