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Chapter 17: Changed

Viola sighed as she gazed at the overgrown plants in the neglected field.

Five years ago, Viola sacrificed herself to save Nox. However, it seemed that Nox had somehow managed to resurrect Viola over the course of five years. It was a story that was hard to believe, but seeing Viola alive now left no doubt that it was true.


“Oh, Ignatz, long time no see.”


“You’re as noisy as ever.”

At the familiar, loud voice, Viola turned around. She caught sight of Ignatz running towards her with an intense expression.

As Ignatz approached where Viola’s voice could reach him, Viola remembered and clapped her hands.

“Oh, Ignatz. Do you know where the spare Sharon oil is? The Sharon fruit around here seems to be running out, and—wait, suddenly what!?”

Ignatz, who had charged at Viola with a forceful impact, stopped and stared at Viola.

“You’re alive.”

“What’s with you? Rude. I may have been close to death, but I’ve never died.”

“You’re alive!”

“That’s why you’re so loud. Ignatz, do you realize how loud your voice is?”

Viola grimaced as her eardrums were pounded by Ignatz’s loud voice from close proximity.

“I heard from the Demon King that you had awakened, but I never expected it…”

“What, Ignatz doubted Nox? A sign of an impending disaster?”

“No, it’s different!”

“That’s why you’re noisy! I’m still recovering, so don’t make too much noise.”

“Recovering… or rather, are you allowed to move? The Demon King strictly said not to leave the room!”

“Oh, that. I sneaked out secretly.”


Because Viola pursed her lips

“Just sleeping is boring. And Ignatz, all of you…”

Viola’s lips twitched slightly, and Ignatz stiffened.

“You probably didn’t cook properly while I was sleeping.”

“Well, about that…”

“While the ingredients in this field are thriving, plants for seasonings and oils are wiped out. Did you think I wouldn’t notice that they weren’t using them?”

“The Rays flowers are being taken care of!”

“Yes, they are, indeed.”

“The Demon King personally took care of them! Be satisfied with that! And be grateful to the Demon king!”

That man took care of them himself?

Viola couldn’t help but imagine Nox, who always wore an irritable expression, holding an incongruous watering can.

“What’s so funny!”

“Nothing. But it’s only the Rays flowers, right?”


Seeing Ignatz fall silent, Viola shrugged her shoulders. Before she could decide to do something about the weeds, Ignatz’s loud voice interrupted her.

“Ah, I get it. I’ll take care of it! Just stay quiet for now!”

“Yeah… I’m fine.”

“You’re fine!? You were stabbed! right in front of me! It’s bad for my heart!”

“Well, you know, I just faithfully upheld the initial deal.”

“Even so, be grateful to the Demon king! Otherwise, you would have been dead!”

“That’s what’s strange.”

Viola whispers to herself as she anxiously avoids the fingertips of Ignaz, who persistently tries to touch Viola, as if to confirm that she is alive.

“To think that Nox would even use his magic to save the life that was originally left for Nox .Well, I think I was quite good as a chef, but even if that were the case….”


Memories of the moment Viola woke up. Nox’s lips, which had taken over Viola’s lips as he pleased, and his crimson eyes, which exuded a trembling obsession.

Everything was so different from the man Viola remembered.

As Ignatz’s fingers, which couldn’t be avoided, were about to touch Viola’s cheek, a seductive voice disturbed the air.

“Viola. It seems you really want to anger me, huh?”

a sudden flash.

As if touching something hot, Ignatz withdrew his hand. A tingling heat, as if the cheek had been scorched, ran through Viola, who skillfully looked up with just her eyes.

A man with long black hair stood, blocking the light.



Cool fingertips reached out and touched Viola’s cheek. Slowly, the man’s fingers traced her skin.

“I don’t remember giving permission to go out.”

“I haven’t been told that I need Nox’s permission to go out.”


Slightly narrowing his eyes, Nox approached Viola’s ear and whispered.

“I said it. I won’t allow you to disappear from my sight on your own.”

“If you say that, then I have to stay in sight of Nox all day, right?”

“So, that’s what I’m saying.”

“… Seriously?”

“Seriously serious.”

Incredulously furrowing her brows, Viola looked up at Nox.

black hair, red eyes. A perfect beauty among beauties, without a flaw

Such a man was looking down at Viola with eyes that could make one melt.

“Nox, I’ve been thinking since I woke up, but what happened in the five years? Your personality has changed too much.”

“Is that so? Well, if I had to say.”

Softly, the narrowed crimson eyes pierced Viola straight through.

“I just realized one thing.”


“Who knows?”

“Are you not going to tell me even if you say that much? I think that’s unfair.”

Ignoring Viola’s words, Nox muttered, “Changed.”


“Really, it’s like dealing with a child’s level of allure.”

“As if I would bother with allure against Nox at this point—!?”

a forcefully lifted face. Nox’s breath, colder than a human’s, slid over Viola’s skin.

“Nox! Hey, what are you doing!?”

“You understand, right?”


pressed, moist sensation. From there, a shivering sensation spread throughout her body.

If one were to compare, it was like the sensation of being dyed all over. Something hot, somewhat ticklish, slid down from lips to skin.

She couldn’t bear it, and her spine trembled. From the open mouth, a sweet voice leaked.


“Nice voice.”

“…It’s distasteful.”

“These are quite the words.”

The man, who laughed happily at close range, pulled away from Viola’s lips.

Her averted gaze, as if she were fleeing, caught sight of Ignatz, who was blushing and fidgeting. That sight was also unbearable, and her lost gaze wandered aimlessly.

Being seen by Nox with a flushed face without understanding the reason was terribly unsettling.

“To do something like this without consent, even Nox shouldn’t think it’s okay.”

“If you really hated it, you could have pushed me away.”

“I was holding you down to prevent that.”

“Of course.”

Viola glared at the man, who showed no remorse whatsoever. Ignoring that gaze completely, the man crossed his arms and laughed.

“But even for me, I have no interest in taking the lips of a woman who genuinely hates it.”

“I know that.”

“Is that so? You weren’t genuinely hating it, huh?”


Viola instinctively lowered her face. With her rough breath, she forcibly squeezed out words.

“If someone as handsome as Nox approaches, anyone would find it hard to say they hate it.”

“It’s an honor to receive such praise.”

“But you didn’t do this kind of thing before.”

“Of course not. This is a legitimate medical procedure.”

“What do you mean?”

“Haven’t I said? Your body is still incomplete. Living without my magic is difficult for you. For a while, you should resign yourself to me.”

“I didn’t ask for that.”

Surprisingly wide-eyed, the man opened his eyes, but Viola wasn’t deceived. He had undoubtedly deliberately kept quiet. all to mock Viola like this.

“Or rather, how did I come back to life? I’m also a healing magician, but I thought it was absolutely impossible.”

“I transferred magical power.”

“For five years? Is that a lie?”

“Why would I need to lie?”

“If you can’t believe it, then like this.”

Nox raised his hand, and magic symbols were visualized and woven from his fingertips.

Staring at the complex symbols faintly glowing in the space for a long time, Viola reluctantly nodded. Certainly, there were parts that she didn’t fully understand, but it was a magical formula for transferring magical power.

However, as Viola was about to say something, she swallowed her words.

Magical power is a lifeline for anyone. It was absurd for someone to share their own magical power with others, even if they were a healing magician. Moreover, for five years

Unlike magic that used refined magical power within the body, transferring raw magical power, considering compatibility and inefficiency, was foolish. Unless there was a blood relationship, unfavorable compatibility was normal.

She thought so, but in front of the man who apparently managed to do it to her, such words didn’t come out. Instead, she murmured softly.

“Thank you, Nox.”

“…I see.”

Suddenly, a beautifully arranged face slipped into her field of vision, and Viola tensed.

The man, who leaned in as if peering into Viola’s face, suddenly erased the smile that appeared on his face. A dark light flickered deep in his eyes.

“When you were stabbed in front of me, when I bathed in your blood, what do you think I felt? Toward you, who wouldn’t wake up no matter how much magical power I poured into you, who almost went to the brink of death multiple times, what did I think of you when you were about to leave?”


“I’m sorry for that. But originally, that was the deal. I’m grateful, but from my perspective, I still don’t understand Nox much—”

“Shall I tell you what I realized during the five years you were asleep?”

In the same posture of peering into her face, the man slowly took Viola’s hand.

“What you truly want is best kept to yourself, without letting anyone else touch it.”

Leaning in and bringing his lips close, he whispered reassuringly.

“When the time comes for you to not be able to live without me, I’ll stop then.”





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