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Chapter 23: Cooperation (Part 2)

After Tang Xin hung up the call, Yan Hao spoke up: “Selling the prescription to others should prevent further trouble. However, the Qi family will probably hold a grudge against master.”

Tang Xin said fiercely, “I don’t care about them. If they don’t come to me, I’ll settle the score with them anyway. Anyone who dares to provoke me should be prepared to face my retaliation.”

“Unable to sell the hemostatic powder, and with others having better detoxifying agents, can the Qi family rely solely on Qi Xing’s self-created nutrient solution to get by?” Yan Hao questioned.

“How many branches does the Qi family have? How many people do they need to support? With the main source of income gone and other medicines not earning much in a month, they’ll have to rely on their reserves to sustain their followers. I want to see if the Qi family can survive by eating into their own savings,” Tang Xin declared.

Cutting off the Qi family’s financial path might lead to its demise. Yan Hao lowered his gaze, avoiding direct confrontation, a wise approach.

“There’s a question: what if someone with the prescription informs the Qi family?” Even if not through informing, the Qi family could negotiate terms with people and secretly buy the prescription. This way, the Qi family could also sell the hemostatic ointment.

“I’ve considered that possibility,” Tang Xin admitted, somewhat reluctantly. “But at least this idea can divert the attention of others. As for the Qi family, we can figure out another way to deal with them later. Huangsha Star’s top pharmacist; with a solid foundation, I don’t expect to defeat him all at once.”

However, if executed well, reducing the Qi family’s business by half would be entirely feasible.

Tang Xin proceeded to dial the contact number of the second person.

Seeing an unfamiliar call in the contact list, Lan Yin was momentarily surprised but answered, “Hello?”

“Hello, I am the owner of the Star Network Tang Clan Shop. I want to sell the formula for hemostatic ointment and detoxification medicine. Are you interested?” Tang Xin asked directly and recounted the story of discovering the ancient formula.

The formula for hemostatic ointment?! These five words filled Lan Yin’s mind instantly.

The family’s doctor, Dr. Jiang,due to overworking on ointment research, was already lying in bed. During moments of dizziness, he spoke incoherently, all about ointments.

“How do you plan to sell it?” Lan Yin asked decisively.

“Everyone is the same,” Tang Xin quoted a number. “This is the price for one prescription.”

“Everyone? How many people do you plan to sell to? Am I the second one? The first one is another online customer, and the payment has already been received,” Tang Xin glanced at the contact list message and answered.

“Zhao Min!, snatched by him again,” Lan Yin squeezed out a few words from his mouth, with a hint of frustration and resentment.

Tang Xin showed little interest in their relationship, saying indifferently, “Take your time to consider. If you’re not interested, I’ll find someone else.”

She spoke casually, but could he really refuse? Lan Yin thought, expressionless.

The prescription came at a crucial time. If they didn’t figure out the ointment soon, Dr. Jiang, supported by the family, might not survive his illness, given his frequent contemplation.

He was a pharmacist painstakingly nurtured by the Lan family!

People from the Lan family turned to him for various ailments, big and small. After all, when seriously ill, a familiar family pharmacist was more reliable.

If not for Jiang’s busy schedule and a pile of miscellaneous matters, coupled with his self-created formula being inferior to the hemostatic powder, the Lan family wouldn’t have needed to purchase medicines from the Qi family.

Since starting the research on the hemostatic ointment, Jiang has become like a possessed man.

Despite several orders to stop researching, he agreed on the surface, only to secretly conduct experiments in his room.

Thinking about it gave Lan Yin a headache.

Having a spirit of inquiry was a good thing, but perhaps considering one’s own life first would be wise?

Now, if he could buy that cursed prescription back home, Jiang wouldn’t need to struggle anymore. It was like buying him a life, and how could he refuse?

“Oh, by the way,” Tang Xin suddenly remembered something: “you have a wide network. Do you know anyone not on good terms with the Qi family?”

Lan Yin answered without hesitation, “All the other pharmacies in Huangsha Star are not on good terms with the Qi family.”

Tang Xin’s eyes lit up.

How could she forget? Fellow practitioners are often adversaries. Suppressed by the Qi family for many years, wouldn’t other pharmacies willingly seize the opportunity to confront them without her instigation?

Moreover, unless a family had many pharmacists, buying a prescription for family use was enough, but a pharmacy could produce and sell the ointment.

A large family produced for itself; not buying hemostatic powder from the Qi family or patronizing them anymore would have the same effect for her.

However, would the pharmacy owner be willing to pay a little more for the formula and give Qi’s family more trouble?

Remember, the enemy of your enemy is your friend!

Suddenly, it felt like she had opened the door to a new world.

Tang Xin provided her federal card number: “After the money is received, the prescription will be sent to you through logistics. I have one condition; you must not resell it to the Qi family.” Even though she doubted the other party would heed her words, etiquette demanded she say them.

Lan Yin understood how severe the Qi family’s enmity was and immediately assured, “I understand your point. I’m Lan Yin. If you discover other ancient formulas in the future, feel free to contact me.”

Lan Yin used to be skeptical about luck. However, ever since his foolish younger brother found the hemostatic ointment on the Star Network, and now meeting the shop owner just by strolling down the street, he had to admit that luck was also a form of strength! If the owner could discover two ancient formulas, perhaps more could be found in the future?

Lan Yin resolved to be on good terms with her.

After the call ended, Tang Xin couldn’t help but sigh, “I neglected it. I didn’t think about talking to the second and third pharmacists on the planet.”

People always remember the first. If you can’t be the first, the difference between the second and tenth is not significant. Forget about others; if the second has a smaller mindset, they might harbor resentment towards Qi Xing.

The resentment ran deep.

Yan Hao suggested, “Start by talking to the second pharmacist. It’s best if he’s willing to take the lead; if not, contact several others. No matter how formidable the Qi family is, they won’t be able to handle several pharmacies teaming up.”

Tang Xin smiled with satisfaction. While others faced the Qi family head-on, she could launch a sneak attack from behind. The plan was excellent!

Just as Tang Xin was about to ask Yan Hao to go out and gather information about the second pharmacist and the second pharmacy’s style of doing things, her contact list rang. It was Zhao Min calling.

Had he completed the payment and was now urging her to ship the goods?

Tang Xin muttered a few words and answered, “What’s the matter?”

“Can we change the cooperation method? I’ll open a pharmacy, and you will provide the finished products of the hemostatic ointment and detoxification medicine. Net profit split: 70% for me and 30% for you,” Zhao Min proposed.


Tang Xin said expressionlessly, “I can only make the hemostatic ointment; I only have the formula for the detoxification medicine.”

“In that case, you provide the hemostatic ointment, and I’ll buy the formula for the detoxification medicine and have it made by someone else.” Zhao Min quickly adjusted his proposal.

Was this person actively seeking to confront the Qi family head-on?

Tang Xin was puzzled. “Why are you willing to open a pharmacy and directly oppose the Qi family? Give me a reason.”

“Do I have to give a reason?” Zhao Min laughed.

“Without a proper reason, I can’t believe you. Cooperation without trust seems unnecessary,” Tang Xin replied.

Zhao Min sighed. It was truly difficult to handle. He had to be honest: “Okay, okay, I’ll tell you the truth. My name is Zhao Min, and the Zhao family has quite a few industries in Huangsha Star, considered a significant family.”

“My father is currently the head of the Zhao family, and I have six half-siblings from different mothers. In the future, when my father is gone, the family assets will be distributed according to his will. It means whoever he favors will get more. The most favored one currently is just a second-level martial artist, but he is destined to receive the most family assets. Others can only rely on themselves.”

“Coincidentally, not long ago, my favored brother got into a fight with the Qi family’s young master over a woman, got beaten up badly, and is still lying in bed recovering. My father went to the Qi family seeking justice, but Qi Xing completely ignored him. If I were to directly conflict with the Qi family now, my father might look at me with more favor. If he’s pleased, he might help me a bit and make things easier for me.”

“The Qi family relies on medical skills for prosperity, not so much on martial strength. They have only three Level 5 martial artists in total. If I take the lead, my father is a Level 6 martial artist, and we have three Level 5 martial artists at home. The Qi family would hesitate and wouldn’t dare to do anything to me. If I can make the Qi family suffer in silence, my father would be very willing to be my support.”

“Satisfied with the reason?”

Tang Xin was surprised. She didn’t expect things to develop this way. Just as she was considering finding someone to confront the Qi family directly, the perfect candidate reached out to her for cooperation. Everything went so smoothly that it felt a bit unreal.

If Zhao Min’s words were true, she would be extremely satisfied! If the Qi family couldn’t resort to force and had to compete based on the quality of their medicines, what more was there to say? The Qi family would undoubtedly meet a tragic end.

Moreover, her new partner seemed cunning and full of ideas. Working with him would be very reassuring, and victory over their opponents seemed imminent.

The only thing to be cautious about was whether Zhao Min’s request for her to provide both the hemostatic ointment and the finished detoxification medicine was a misunderstanding, a slip of the tongue, or intentional. Could he have guessed something?

Tang Xin remained silent for a long time, and Zhao Min dangled a new lure: “If we cooperate, we don’t have to meet in person. I’ll still transfer the money to your federal card, and you can deliver the goods to me through Ah Li Logistics. I’m not curious, don’t want to know what you look like, and don’t intend to secretly obtain your information and address through contact list numbers or federal card details.”

It sounded good. Instead of working with strangers, cooperating with Zhao Min seemed like a better option. He was shameless to a certain extent, but as a teammate in scheming against their opponents, it was quite satisfactory.

After considering it for a while, Tang Xin agreed.

However, she always upheld honesty in her collaborations. Her principle was, “Seventy-thirty is fair; eighty-twenty is also acceptable, but I’ll only take sixty percent.” Cooperation could last a long time when everyone got a fair share.

Zhao Min was delighted, and then he shared another piece of information: “To show my sincerity, I won’t hide anything from you. I know that contact list numbers are real-name registered, so I deliberately found someone with no money and paid them a bit to get a contact list for me to use. The federal card number is an anonymous card, and you can’t trace whose account it is.”

“Since I’m a weak woman with low martial strength, I need to be vigilant everywhere.”

“I’m alone, and the quantity of ointment I produce in a day is too little to sustain a store. I suggest you buy the hemostatic ointment formula, have someone make it, and offer low-quality products priced at 200 credit or less to compete with the Qi family. Additionally, I will regularly provide a batch of high-quality goods to you, following the high-quality route. Whether through auctions or exclusive gifts, it’s up to you.”

“The Lan family has already bought the hemostatic ointment formula, can produce it themselves, and doesn’t need to buy it separately. So, the ointment I originally planned to sell on the Star Network, I’m willing to sell all of it to you at a price of 300 credits.”

“I have only one request: let’s join forces to ruin the Qi family.”

Listening to this, Zhao Min’s forehead started sweating.

No wonder Qi Huan was slashed; the person on the other side clearly had a keen mind and thoughtful considerations.

To bring down the Qi family, she was willing to earn less money for herself and give the majority to him.

It seemed that the other party was not smart if they didn’t make money. However, if they wanted to earn more in the long run, they had to stand on the same side as her.

Betrayal was all about who offered more benefits and who to listen to. The more Zhao Min received from the other side, the higher the cost and difficulty for the Qi family to instigate him to betray. Qi Huan was just a fool; facing such a formidable character, wouldn’t he be manipulated!

“Okay. Since we’re cooperating, how should I address you?”

The other party provided several store-opening ideas, wasn’t too concerned about taking more profit, and was solely focused on bringing down the Qi family. Such a trustworthy partner! As long as the Qi family didn’t fall, he didn’t have to worry about being stabbed in the back.

“You can call me the Divine Doctor.”




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