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Chapter 14: Fiene’s Slow Life (1)

Fiene returned to the castle from the research building and spent a leisurely day in a luxurious guest room.

From time to time, she would be taken to the research building to measure some values, but other than that, Fiene had nothing to do day after day. She was provided with delicious meals and expensive potions.

According to Martha and Lloyd, once Noah immersed himself in research, he wouldn’t come out of the research building.

Before coming here, Fiene had only envisioned scenarios of seeking modest revenge on her family and then living a transient life until her demise. However, now she was being taken care of every day, with nothing to do. The luxurious life was starting to feel uncomfortable.

In her family, she had never been treated so well, and she had always taken care of herself. Moreover, upon reflection, Noah seemed like a victim of the Hausen family. He was entangled in the family disputes and burdened by Fiene, who was pretending to be Muge.

Furthermore, not expelling Fiene likely meant that Noah intended to continue giving financial support to the Hausen family.

“Ah, if only I weren’t Noah-sama’s intriguing experimental subject…”

She thought so, but living comfortably here made her hesitate to consider taking revenge on her family.

And Muge probably never expected that she would live such a pampered life. To convince herself, she had to say, “Well, that serves them right.”

“But still, it’s a bit uneasy.”

Fiene muttered to herself.

Noah claimed that Fiene had value as an experimental subject, but in reality, even when she went to the research building, all she did was place her hand on the measuring device according to Noah’s instructions.

While Noah measured values and collected data, Fiene enjoyed the finest tea brewed by Lloyd and indulged in delicious financiers and chiffon cakes with cream.

From Fiene’s perspective, her family was an unforgivable existence, but from Noah’s perspective, Fiene and her family were probably similar. Upon closer examination, asking him for revenge on her family might be pushing it.

In any case, Fiene felt a little sorry. Noah didn’t come back from the research building, and thanks to the expensive potions, her health was excellent.

Feeling a bit guilty, Fiene decided to move.

Fortunately, there were several unused cabins here. Living alone without bothering anyone might be a good idea.

“Fiene-sama, why are you going there?”

“Yes, please return to the castle.”

Lloyd and Martha hurriedly tried to stop her, but Fiene had made up her mind.

“It’s okay. I have obtained permission from Noah-sama to live anywhere. Please don’t worry about me. I don’t want to cause too much trouble for everyone.”

Fiene’s words were sincere.

Lloyd’s tea was incredibly delicious, and Martha took care of her devotedly. Thanks to them, Fiene can now take a walk around the house. However, they also had jobs, so she couldn’t keep relying on them forever. Since her body had started moving, Fiene decided to move to the cabin she saw from the carriage when she arrived.

Thanks to Noah’s potions, her coughing and spitting blood had decreased. For the first time in a while, her body felt light.

Fiene gathered the few belongings she had brought from her family and moved them to the cabin. She immediately began cleaning the cabin. Though she got out of breath with just a bit of movement, she enjoyed physical activity, so she didn’t feel nauseous or spit blood.

Moreover, despite hearing that the cabin hadn’t been used for a long time, it was well-maintained, without a speck of dust, and her living environment was quickly arranged.

The attentive and caring servants brought new sheets and towels.

“No need to go to the trouble. Thank you very much.”

In terms of being employed by Noah, Fiene was in the same position as them, so she politely thanked them.

“Fiene-sama, we will bring your meals here.”

Even though they said that, Fiene felt a bit guilty.

“No, it’s okay. I’ll go to the main residence to eat. Please don’t worry about me.”

The small wooden cabin was much more calming than the luxurious guest rooms in the castle. Sunlight poured through the window, and the fresh greenery in front of her eyes was soothing.

Fiene, draped in a shawl over her shoulders, decided to stroll through the spacious garden. Walking along a tree-covered path, she could hear the soft sunlight filtering through the leaves and the nearby chirping of birds. This time, Fiene planned to feed the birds with breadcrumbs.

After walking for a while on the slightly damp ground, the path suddenly opened up to a flower field. Wild hyacinths were blooming abundantly, and beyond them, a sparkling lake could be seen.

“Amazing! It’s wonderful!”

She felt the impulse to start running, but it was too difficult, so she gave up.

She wanted to go to the lakeside, but the distance was considerable. With Fiene’s stamina, it was impossible. After leisurely admiring the beautiful scenery, Fiene picked some hyacinths and returned to the cabin, decorating her room right away.

Around the estate, there were various plants that Fiene didn’t know about. She suddenly wanted to know the names of the wildflowers.

Since it was a large estate, there might be a library. Fiene thought about looking for a plant encyclopedia.

“I’ll ask Lloyd tomorrow,” Fiene noted in her mind.

“I never thought I could live such a comfortable life before I die.”

That night, Fiene didn’t feel particularly hungry, so she decided to go to sleep without having dinner. Perhaps due to the walk, she fell into a deep sleep quickly.


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