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Chapter 6: Swipe Back

Su Hua couldn’t help but curse. What happened to using the money to save the antagonist?

“What’s the most expensive thing here?”

“How about… jewelry.” Liang Jiaqi had intended to ask, but when she met the other’s eyes, she involuntarily gave the answer.

This is unbelievable!

“On which floor?”

“The fourth floor.”

Watching Su Hua hurriedly heading towards the fourth floor, Liang Jiaqi quickly followed. She wanted to see what this Su Hua was up to!

Could it be that she still wants to buy jewelry?

Huh, don’t joke, this poor girl! She probably doesn’t even dare to enter the jewelry store!

If it weren’t for the fact that standing in front of her made her feel particularly superior, she wouldn’t be friends with her.

Su Hua hadn’t even entered the jewelry store when she saw the super-luxurious diamond necklace worn by the model in the showcase.

“How much is this?”

The salesperson, seeing Su Hua dressed in a very poor manner, couldn’t help but remind her, “Miss, this necklace is the work of designer Gong Yi, named ‘Rui Yi Zhi Xin.’ It was created by him and—”

“I don’t care about that. How much is it?”

The salesperson was startled by Su Hua’s intimidating manner and dared not speak. Another salesperson behind her quickly stepped forward to supplement, “Miss, the price is 999,999 yuan.”

“Okay, swipe the card!”

Su Hua handed her card over and couldn’t help but remind her, “Hurry up!”

Although the salesperson was confused, she quickly took the card to the front desk to process the payment. Just as she was about to write something, she heard the strange girl say, “Swipe the card first.”

Salesperson: “…”

Silently swiping the card for Su Hua, she looked at the bank notification and asked, “Why is it nearly a hundred thousand yuan less?”

“Um, we gave you a 10% discount.”

“Swipe it back. Whatever the amount is, this young lady doesn’t buy discounted items.” Su Hua handed the card back.

The salesperson silently swiped the remaining balance again; only then did she see the young lady in front of her not saying anything further, and she breathed a sigh of relief.

“Host, friendly reminder; only two minutes left. You’re just one yuan away from completing the task~”

“Oh, damn!”

The hand of the salesperson, who was writing the list, trembled. She nervously looked up. “Miss, is there anything else?”

“I’ll come to pick it up later. I’m going outside to buy something. Is there a place here that sells water?”

The salesperson pointed to a location for Su Hua, not daring to mention that there was water in the store, fearing the young lady might say she wouldn’t settle for mere sustenance.

“Hua Hua?”

Liang Jiaqi, who had been watching from start to finish, only realized it now.

However, Su Hua ignored her, went straight down to the third floor, and hurriedly spent the last second buying a bottle of water.

[Ding, congratulations to the host for completing the random task and earning one hundred points.]

“Your system number is really as cool as your whole being, 666.”

(T/N: 666 is a slang word that means awesome or cool.)

“Of course.” The system was quite proud. “Back in the day, I considered various numbers before finally choosing this especially cool one.”

“If I hadn’t completed that one yuan just now, would the task be considered incomplete?”

The system, unaware of the danger, naturally said, “Of course.”

“What about the discounted money?”

“As the predecessor of a squandering system, buying things at a discount? That would be too embarrassing. Such behavior is absolutely unacceptable.”

Su Hua smiled faintly.

[You have blocked system 666 for 24 hours.]

The system: “…”

Back at the jewelry store, Liang Jiaqi was now arguing fiercely with the salesperson, who was blushing.

“I really am her friend! It will be clear when she comes!”

The salesperson respectfully said, “I’m sorry, miss. The items no longer belong to our store, so I can’t show them to you.”

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