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Chapter 28: It’s pre-opening

Finally, the day of the pre-opening of the store has arrived.

Rosa, with memories from her past life, didn’t suddenly open a shop without any preparation.

First, she invited close friends and the ladies her mother had connections with to the store.

“Helena, it’s finally here.”

“Miss, with a smile. After all, Miss is the face of this store,” Helena said with a serious expression.

But if you look closely, the corners of her mouth are slightly raised.

Rosa looked at Helena’s somewhat disappointing smile with a warm feeling.

By the way, the name of the store is ‘Rozerian.’

Rosa recommended ‘Rosa’s Shop,’ but the idea was rejected during a family meeting while having dinner at the dining hall.

“Why can’t I put my name on the store?”

Rosa is very dissatisfied. In her past life, many names became brand names as they were.

“Then, won’t all customers call it ‘Miss Rosa’s Shop’ instead of ‘Rosa’s Shop’?”

Indeed, Rosa thinks there’s some truth to what her father says. After all, Rosa is the daughter of a wealthy duke. She’s unbeatable. At least for now, although she’s scheduled to fall from grace.

“Well then, how about ‘Miss Rosa’s Shop’?”

Then, her mother makes a subtle expression.

“How long do you intend to stay as ‘Miss’?”

Her brother doesn’t join the conversation, nor does he show any interest. He just enjoys his dinner.

“Understood. Then, I’ll go for something based on my name.”

After careful consideration, they settled on ‘Rozerian.’

Thinking that the name of the store matched the brand name, Rosa became excited.

“Miss Rosa! Congratulations on the pre-opening!”

While Rosa is lost in thought inside the store, her friends have somehow arrived.

“Oh! Miss Poppy, Miss Ella, and even Miss Melissa!”

They are childhood friends and also hangers-on. And if the Croitzer family falls, they are part of a community destined to collapse together.

“It’s a lovely store.”

“Really! I was captivated just looking at it from outside.”

Both Poppy and Ella express their admiration.

“Oh, I’m so happy. Thank you.”

“Miss Rosa, this glass display shelf is wonderful. Where did you buy it?”

Melissa, who is sensitive to trends, immediately asks.

“I designed it myself and had it custom-made. If you like, shall I introduce you to the workshop?”

“Yes, please!”

“Oh, these bath bombs have a mysterious pattern. It’s like a rainbow.”

While talking with friends, Madame and others, including her mother, arrive one after another.

Whether everyone is dutiful or interested in bath bombs…

Rosa greets and attends to customers.

The Croitzer family’s maids, including Helena, took on the duties of salespeople.

And although the store was opened with the intention of showcasing it and distributing bath bombs as samples on the way back, they noticed that orders had poured in.

And the bath bombs, which were neatly displayed as a showcase on the shelves, were sold out.

Finally, they had to call Hugh, who was guarding outside, to help take orders.

Hugh thought he might not be suitable for the store due to his intimidating presence, but the rugged yet handsome guard became extremely popular among the madam crowd.

The pre-opening closed about six hours after it started.

And the grand opening is three days away. The store is completely empty after the pre-opening, and the inventory has run out.

Upon learning this, her father said, “You’re still inexperienced if production can’t keep up,” but Rosa feels like such business tactics existed in her past life.

(I wonder if it adds a bit of exclusivity? Limited-time or seasonal offerings might be good too.)

Ideas keep popping up in Rosa’s mind.

And then, three days until the opening. Rosa once again experienced busy days akin to hell, and her corporate slave mentality awakened.

“We must absolutely make it in time for the opening!”

“Miss, despite talking about a battle royale system, everything is sold out, isn’t it? Moreover, we have new orders. We don’t have enough staff.”

Helena is right.

“Yeah, I think I’ll eventually have to recruit temporary help, but I feel like this commotion will settle down in about a month.”

“No, it will only get busier if more customers come.”

“Is that so? Hugh, what do you think?”

Hugh has been silently making bath bombs next to Rosa.

“Well, I don’t know anything about business. So, Miss, when can I go back to my guard duties?”

He wears a slightly puzzled expression.

“Oh, by the way, I wanted to make you our store employee. Since you seem popular among the madams, How about it?”

The rugged and handsome guard answers without stopping his work on the bath bombs.

“Miss, I am a knight. My job is to protect you.”

Easily rejected. However, being told so by a handsome and rugged guard, Rosa doesn’t feel bad, and she gets unnecessarily excited since she was never ‘protected’ in her past life.

But it is certain that they couldn’t secure valuable labor.

“I was thinking when I saw you, but there’s quite a bit of physical work, so do we need male employees?”

“Male employees can be a risk for a store with only women. Please, carefully consider it.”

Rosa has a keen eye for those with a corporate slave spirit.

By the way, thanks to Rosa’s father’s arrangements, the outside of the store is secretly guarded by the Croitzer family’s guards.

However, they are protecting Rosa herself, not the employees. When Rosa goes home, the guards will go home too.

“Certainly, as you say.”

And just because they are women, some people may look down on them.

In the future, if the business goes well, they will have to consider these things.

Rosa agrees with Hugh’s opinion and decides to observe the situation for now.

Then Rosa stops making bath bombs and looks back at the workshop.

“Hey. I’ll increase the overtime pay by 20%, but is anyone willing to stay?”

“Of course! Master!”

The voices of all the employees in the workshop harmoniously cheered. Some even strike victory poses. Overtime pay seems to be a good source of income for them.

And most of the employees Rosa hired used to be laundresses, all with seemingly endless physical strength and exceptional work motivation.

“Heh, I made the right choices in hiring.”

With the promise of a 20% increase in wages, their motivation rises even higher.

“You’re amazing, Miss.”

While being praised by Helena, Rosa’s bath bomb production continued smoothly.

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