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Chapter 25: Unexpected Reunion

“Long time, no see, huh?”

“Vi, is that…?”

“Yeah. Um, actually, I’m not dead.”

Viola chuckled at what she was saying.

It was clear that her words didn’t quite match the atmosphere. Nevertheless, facing Leon, who seemed to have come to the Demon King’s castle alone just for Viola’s grave visit, Viola had no idea what words to use.

“But, that wound…”

“Thanks to Nox.”

“Nox… You mean the Demon King?”


Trying to rub his eyes as if doubting what he saw, Leon realized that his arms were bound. He closed and opened his eyes forcefully several times. Still, Viola was there, unchanged, and it seemed that Leon somehow believed her.

“Viola, you’re safe…”

Relieved is a small phrase. At the same time, a single tear fell from those blue eyes.

Viola panicked at this.

“Wait, Leon? Isn’t this a bit too dramatic?”

“Not at all! Viola, I am—”

“I am interrupting this touching reunion, sorry.”

A voice, entirely unapologetic, cut in. Viola glanced briefly at Nox, who had interrupted. Clearly, he was in a bad mood. An unmistakable aura of displeasure emanated from him. However, as Nox himself had said, he disliked underhanded tricks. No matter how frustrated he might be, he wouldn’t kill Leon right here and now.

Indeed, without raising his sword despite his angry voice, Nox didn’t make any move to attack.

“Now that we know Viola is alive, what do you intend to do?”

“What do you think? Obviously, I’m taking Viola back.”


Nox squinted his eyes slightly. The air trembled, and at the same time, a part of the ceiling collapsed, shattering near the still-bound Leon.

“In that pitiful state, you plan to take Viola from me? Well, well, the hero is quite skilled at dreaming without shame.”

“Even if you threaten me, my resolve won’t change.”

“Shall I kill you right here, in the midst of this touching reunion?”

Nox’s sword, without any preparatory movements, grazed Leon’s cheek. Leon, who had brushed away the blood dripping from the cut with a shake of his head, stared back at Nox strongly.

“You can go ahead and kill me. In front of Viola.”


“Hey, Nox! Leon! Can you stop talking about taking back or not taking back and just respect the person’s will?”

Viola, who tried to rush from the corridor to the entrance, was stopped by Nox.

“Don’t come. You promised not to interfere. It’s too early to forget.”


Stopping in the middle of the corridor, Viola put her hands on her hips and stood firm.

“Leon! Sorry, but I’m not going back! Nox! Stop with the intimidation!”

“Not going back?”

“I already told you. I don’t have the habit of forcing Viola to obey. Viola has chosen me of her own free will.”

“Nox, don’t gloat.”

Nox, shrugging his shoulders, obediently sealed his lips. Viola pointed her finger at Leon and continued in a calm voice.

“I’m fine here, and I have a role to play. So, I’m not going back.”

“If that’s the case, then I’ll live here too.”


In response to Leon’s immediate rejection, Viola blinked.

Bound as he was, Leon boldly declared, “I’m not going back either.”

“Wait, Leon, what are you saying?”

“Rejected. Go back.”

“If I return to the country, I’ll spread the word about Viola and the Demon King, but can I go back?”

“…Well, that would be troublesome.”

Viola, momentarily speechless, stared at Nox. In response to her gaze, Nox made a visibly dissatisfied face, accompanied by a small clicking sound.

“Hey, Nox.”


“Don’t say that. After all, Leon is a hero, so he could be a valuable negotiating tool. If we detain the hero, Nox’s safety is temporarily assured, and we might be able to extract various information.”


“But with this much known, we can’t just send him back to the country, right? If the choice is between killing him here or extracting information, isn’t the latter more rational?”

“People are irrational creatures, as you said. Some things are just not acceptable.”

“Why are you so stubborn?”


Nox, kicking the ground, landed next to Viola in an instant. His hand, wrapped around her waist like a fluid motion, restrained Viola as if never letting her go. Leaning in close, almost at a breath’s distance, Nox whispered,

“Do you really want to help that man to this extent?”


“You said you were worried about me, right? Then why not make the decision to kill him right here and now?”

In the brief moment when Viola hesitated to speak, something dark flickered in the depths of Nox’s eyes.

“I am an irrational creature. If that man occupies your thoughts to that extent, there is no choice here but to erase him.”


Slightly hesitating, Viola whispered back in a low voice,

“I want to help Nox.”


“As I said before, the appearance of the hero has greatly activated the Demon King’s subjugation. So, if we use the existence of the hero, we might find a way to end the Demon King subjugation itself.”


“So, yeah. Rather than helping Leon, it’s more like wanting to domesticate him.”

At those words, Nox abruptly stopped his movements. Eventually, an uncontrollable laugh escaped his throat.

“To domesticate, huh? Quite the loaded words.”

“It’s not in a weird way!”

“Indeed, only you would think of making me obedient like this.”

Letting out an intentionally exaggerated sigh, Nox raised his voice so that Leon could hear.

“Do as you please. But I’ll take precautions for safety.”

“Yeah. Thanks, Nox!”

“Viola! Thank you!”

“You, be quiet.”

Nox coldly glared at Leon, who had suddenly brightened his face.

The Demon King, the hero, and the former healing magician.

The strange cohabitation was about to begin.

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