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Chapter 17: Happiness from the Remaining Time (1)

Afterwards, Noah took a walk by the lakeside for a change of mood in the afternoon.


Fiene waved her hands vigorously with the sparkling lake as the backdrop.

Her once red-dyed hair had returned to its original platinum color, shining brightly. When she had just arrived, her cheeks, which were pale, now had a faint blush.

On the white garden table, sandwiches, fruits, scones, and more were neatly arranged. Both the butler Lloyd and Martha stood by her side, smiling happily. The staff here were surprisingly overprotective of Fiene. They would report to Noah every time something happened.

Today’s picnic was no exception. Lloyd had come specifically to convey, “Lady Fiene is looking forward to it very much.”

There was no way Noah could refuse. Moreover, considering Fiene had never experienced a picnic since childhood, it seemed pitiful.

Since that day, whenever their walking times coincided, the two would have tea and snacks together outside.

Fiene’s wishes were surprisingly small. If she said she wanted an apple pie with ice cream on top, there was no way he could refuse. Even though she was about to die soon, was it really okay for her to ask for such things?

Despite being a woman who spoke bluntly and frankly to the point of surprising Noah, she never forgot to express her gratitude. She always directed a dazzling smile at Noah, who was often belittled and looked down upon as ugly.

If Fiene had been healthy and active in society, with her innocent words and beauty, she might have unwittingly captivated men.

Fiene became interested in magic after realizing she had magical powers.

However, as Noah had mentioned, being attributeless was extremely rare, and there was almost no information available. Noah had pointed out that the current simple magic tests would classify attributeless individuals as having no magic, posing a problem.

Noah was diligent in his research, even asking Fiene about the situation at her family home during their shared dinners.

“Did anyone in your family suffer from magical excess syndrome?”

Magical excess syndrome refers to having an excessive amount of magic, causing uncontrollable magical outbursts.

“I haven’t heard of such a thing.”

Fiene shook her head.

“Then, were there any members in your family who were physically weak during childhood?”

“Oh, yes. My sister was often ill. She used to have a fever frequently.”

“So, she had a frail constitution?”

“It seems so. Since our family was busy, I often took care of her. During that time, my sister was very fond of me.”

Her father was busy with work, and her mother was occupied with social activities. As the prospective lady of the prestigious Earl’s house, socializing was essential. In the meantime, Fiene, without magical abilities, took care of her sister’s health alone.

She reminisced about those past days.

“I used to be asked to read storybooks to my sister Maggie until she fell asleep. At that time, she would get anxious if I moved away even a little.”

As Maggie grew stronger with time, it was a shock when Maggie, with her newfound health, began mocking Fiene alongside Muge.

“So, what were your brother and sister doing during that time?”

Noah’s tone was always calm, lacking any condemnation towards the family in his voice.

“Both of them had magical abilities, so they studied with private tutors. Later, my brother went abroad for further studies.”

“I see. The Royal Academy of Magic is, after all, the most challenging. Perhaps he wanted to add prestige by attending a decent magical academy abroad.”

Indeed, magic was most advanced in this country. Noah was quite critical in his remarks.

“I’m not sure about the details, but that might be the case. By the way, Noah-sama, are you providing financial support to my family?”

“Yeah, I gave them the amount they initially asked for. I guess that makes sense since I won’t give you back.”

Fiene thought as much.

“Noah-sama, you’re a very kind person. My revenge plan failed.”

Fiene said it without much regret.

“I’m not particularly kind. I can’t just leave someone who’s coughing up blood and passing out at the doorstep. Besides, your family’s carriage hurriedly left, as if escaping. When you first came here, you said you were planning to die miserably.”

He said so, looking at Fiene with a hint of exasperation.

“By the way, that’s true. I guess rumors in the capital can’t be trusted. Noah-sama, excuse my rude words, but is it okay to ignore those rumors?”

Fiene was upset.

“Rumors are just rumors. Someone like me, who left the capital, has likely been completely forgotten.”

“I might be forgotten by my family as well.”

When Fiene murmured this, Noah chuckled.

“How can you be so sure? You might be unexpectedly needed now.”

Noah’s words of comfort were unexpected.

“Surely not.”

Fiene shook her head weakly.

“I can’t say for certain. What if your magic exhaustion is a result of unconsciously using magic in some form? If you were asked to come back, what would you do?”

“Am I not an experimental subject for you, Noah-sama?”

Fiene stared into Noah’s blue eyes.

She had no intention of returning, and the idea of her family asking her to come back was inconceivable. In fact, her brother and sister probably wished for Fiene’s death sooner rather than later.

“That may be true, but don’t you miss your hometown?”

Though his expressions were often unreadable, it seemed he was concerned.

“Not at all. Spending my remaining years in such a beautiful place is the best.”

Fiene absolutely did not want to return home. However, she couldn’t deny that, in various ways, she wanted to hear her family say, “Come back.”

“Don’t worry about revenge. I’ll see it through properly. Right now, I’m just pretending to be deceived by your family.”

Noah’s unexpected statement surprised Fiene.

“Pretending to be deceived?”

“I’ll make it clear—I’ve risen to become the top magician in the magic tower. I’m not a kind person, am I? But you have little time left, and you’re a valuable experimental subject. I’ll handle you carefully.”

It felt more overprotective than careful.

Since coming to this remote territory, Fiene has felt exceptionally well-treated.

Although Noah referred to Fiene as an experimental subject, the experiments felt more like examinations. After each session, he would make her drink a potion and teach her about magic control. It felt more like treatment.

“Um, I appreciate being handled with care, but please don’t unnecessarily prolong my life.”

At Fiene’s words, Noah lightly widened his eyes.


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