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Chapter 11: Confession

“Discrimination exists even in the Dacian Empire.”

In response to unexpected words, Eva turned her face towards Lucas.


Lucas, who had once fallen silent, seemed to be searching for words as he gazed at Roch, who was munching on grass.

“I am from a different mother than my older brother. After the empress passed away, I am the child the emperor conceived with a human mother. I am a dhampir, not a pure-blood vampire. So if you call it ‘otherness,’ I share the same fate.”

Eva was astonished at Lucas’s confession.


“Yeah, not a vampire, not quite human, a halfway existence.”

“…Lucas-sama, have you experienced hardships because of this?”

“I wonder. Both my father and older brother love me. Perhaps because I’m not pure-blood, there’s no struggle for succession, and they see me as a protected entity with a short lifespan, so there might be that.”

In Lucas’s matter-of-fact words, Eva sensed his inner conflict.

“But among other vampires, there are quite a few who don’t appreciate me for not being a pure-blood member of the royal family. Many despise me.”

“Is Lucas-sama’s lifespan short?”

“Pure-blood vampires have a long lifespan. Dhampirs, on the other hand, have a lifespan similar to humans.”

Come to think of it, Raymond mentioned that he’s over a hundred years old.

“Forgive me for asking, but how old is Lucas-sama now?”

“I’m 22. From my older brother’s perspective, I’m still like a baby.”

He’s five years older than me.

“Fortunately, I resemble my father in appearance, with the characteristic blond hair and red eyes of a vampire. My strength, a vampire’s ability, is also comparable. Rather, with the emperor’s blood in me, I can even surpass pure-bloods in some aspects.”


“Yeah, the ancestors of vampires were a warrior race, so they were strong. That’s how they managed to become emperors, reigning over various races.”

Eva inadvertently looked at Lucas’s body. When she heard “warrior race,” she imagined a robust figure, but Lucas, although slender, appeared solid, likely due to his height. He didn’t look as muscular and large as the knights in the border marquise’s knight order, but the strength must be there.

“As the commander of the knight order, I knew you were strong, but the vampire blood must be one reason for your strength.”

“Do you like my physique?”

Perhaps he noticed her prolonged gaze. Lucas teased her, and Eva snapped back to reality.

“Oh, I’m sorry!”

Blushing with embarrassment, she felt her ears heat up.

“I thought you might not have a rough physique like the knights in the border marquise’s order…”

Lucas burst into laughter at her words.

“You’re interesting. You were curious about my physique after our conversation. Truly the daughter of the border marquise.”

After a hearty laugh, Lucas, with tears in his eyes, looked at Eva.

“It’s about time to go back. Have you enjoyed the flower field enough?”

“Yes! Uh, Lucas-sama? Does it have to be roses for a vampire to absorb vitality? Can’t you use other flowers?”

“Other flowers won’t do. Only roses.”

“I see. I understand.”

Lucas, tilting his head, responded to her excuse.

“Since the flowers here don’t bloom in the mansion’s garden… if you’d like, I can pick some for your room, Lucas-sama.”

Picking up on Eva’s awkward words, Lucas crouched down and began picking flowers around his feet. He untied the hair tie holding his golden hair, skillfully arranging the flowers. He kneeled down and respectfully offered the bouquet to Eva.

“I’m sorry, I forgot. This is for you.”

When Lucas saw her eyes widen and she couldn’t make a sound out of surprise, he laughed refreshingly.

“I really want Miss Eva to accept it.”

He called her by name for the first time.


Although her voice trembled a little, Eva accepted the bouquet.

“thank you”

Looking up at Lucas, whose long golden hair fluttered in the wind, Eva said, “It’s the first time I’ve received a bouquet. Thank you! Thanks to Lucas-sama taking me out today, I’ve made beautiful memories of the territory. I will never forget this day.”

Unnoticed by Eva, Lucas’s eyes dimmed slightly in response to her words.

Lucas whistled to call Roch, who was freely eating grass around the flower field and pond. Just like on the way there, Lucas quickly saddled up first. Eva had been contemplating how to mount Roch without Lucas’s help, but in an instant, she was lifted up with one hand.

“Lucas-sama! I can get on by myself!”

“I told you. Vampires are strong. Besides, you’re as light as a feather.”

While they had Roch running on the way there, they walked leisurely on the way back, allowing them to continue their conversation on horseback. Perhaps because they had talked about various things in the flower field, the conversation became more relaxed and lively.

“By the way, it was around here that I first met you.”

“Yes, there’s a wild strawberry habitat nearby, so I was going to pick some.”

“Wild strawberries? Ah, you had a basket with you.”

“They’re delicious. I made a pie with them the other day.”

“You made it?”

“Yes, after watching the head chef in the kitchen for so long, I ended up wanting to try it myself. Lucas-sama, do you like sweets?”

“I don’t dislike them.”

Eva quietly tucked away the desire to someday make sweets for Lucas. She reminded herself that she was engaged and that Lucas would return to his country. She must not dwell on the day they will never meet again.

“When I saw you in the forest, I was surprised by how beautiful you were. I thought I might have been enchanted by a forest fairy, so I became cautious.”

Eva’s heart nearly stopped at the sudden words. Noticing Eva, who had involuntarily stiffened, Lucas peered over her shoulder with a puzzled expression, asking if she was okay. She couldn’t easily regain her composure. How could he say such lines casually and calmly? Lucas’s handsome face coming so close all of a sudden was also not good for her heart. Eva’s heart pounded so loudly that it might be audible.

“Thank you, Lucas-sama. I’m not used to being praised for my appearance, so…I was just surprised.”

“I’m surprised that you’re not used to being told that.”

“I thought Lucas-sama might be accustomed to giving compliments to women.”

“I’ll take that as praise for my skill in complimenting.”


“What are you laughing about?”

“I find it enjoyable to casually talk with Lucas-sama like this. I don’t have friends other than childhood friends, so… it’s very refreshing.”

“I see. That’s good.”

A faint, laughter-like voice was heard.

She stared at the small bouquet in her hand. A big man like Lucas had picked and made a small bouquet of wildflowers for her. She will never forget today. A real prince took her on a distant journey on horseback, had a chat by the flower field, and even gave her a bouquet. It was the perfect memory of her territory. With today as sustenance, she could live on. So, she would surely be okay from now on.

Upon returning to the mansion, Lucas found himself perplexed by his feelings.

Why did he pay attention to that young lady? Why did he voluntarily reveal that he was a dhampir? She was about to get engaged soon. Why did he feel irritated?

He found her intriguing. A girl who, despite being as beautiful as a fairy, lacked confidence in her own appearance .She appeared fragile, yet she possessed a strong core boldness, and intelligence.

Even today, he felt impulsive bloodlust in her vulnerable moments. If he mentioned he endured the desire to bite her delicate white neck while on horseback, would she be frightened?

“Brother, you’re back.”

“Did you manage to take a break with Roch?”


“That’s good. As soon as you’re back, sorry, but there’s something I want you to investigate.”

“Regarding that matter?”

“Yeah, that’s right. Here.”

After reading the documents handed to him, Lucas couldn’t help but question Raymond.

“Brother, is this…?”

“Yeah, you can consider it the truth. Now we just need to gather evidence.”

“I see… I’ll go now. Is it okay if I bring a few subordinates?”

“I like that face. I wonder who’s changed you; big brother felt jealous.”

Lucas glared at Raymond, who grinned.

“What are you talking about? I won’t be back for a few days.”

“Just handle the report.”

Raymond bid farewell to the hurriedly departing Lucas.

Lucas is the child between a vampire father and a human mother.

Raymond enjoyed seeing the growth of his considerably younger brother. Initially, he thought of him as a weak child who would die sooner than him, perhaps triggering a protective instinct.

However, Lucas turned out to be strong despite being a dhampir, stronger than pure-blood vampires. He knew Lucas had also undergone training in secret. He was not only genetically gifted but had also worked hard behind the scenes. Despite being the most intelligent and strongest knight commander in the country, there was something that even he couldn’t achieve without being a pure-blood.

If his overly capable brother were a pure-blood vampire… there were times when Raymond wondered if he still doted on Lucas because he was the emperor’s son.

Lucas had taken an interest in Elizabeth’s daughter. Even though the most beautiful young ladies in the country had cast their glances, he had remained unmoved.

It was interesting to see Lucas, who had followed his vampire instincts by obediently succumbing to his first experience of bloodlust, evolve.

His younger brother, who had lived by resigning himself to something, was now beginning to satisfy his own desires. His cute brother truly kept him entertained.

In the long life of a vampire, enough to get bored, his brother’s presence provided a sense of fulfillment. He was glad he had brought him to the Tifris Kingdom.

“Entertain me even more.”



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