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Chapter 19: Ah Qing? He liked it so much.

“Yesterday, the pill you took was meant to help eliminate impurities from your body. I forgot to mention it to you.” When Nan Yuan said this, there was no consciousness of the afterthought.

The little kid was still too weak, so Nan Yuan didn’t dare perform a thorough cleansing on him. She simply removed the toxins and impurities that had accumulated in his body over the years.

When the child develops a bit more foundation in the future, it wouldn’t be too late to help him expand his meridians and conduct a more thorough cleansing.

Pei Ziqing blinks, his eyes filled with trust and dependence on the woman.

He guessed it.

Meeting the trusting and admiring gaze of the child, Nan Yuan felt gratified.

She impulsively raised a little kid, but she didn’t want to end up raising a thankless wolf.

“Come with me to the study.”

The child obediently followed her, his gaze falling on the woman’s hanging hand, and he stared for a long time.

He wanted to hold it but didn’t dare.

Unexpectedly, the next moment, the woman took the initiative to hold his hand!

Pei Ziqing’s body suddenly tensed, and his palms became sweaty.

He stole a glance at the woman, afraid that she would notice.

Fortunately, the study was not far away. After the woman let go, Pei Ziqing immediately wiped his sweaty little paws behind his back.

Time seemed to pass particularly quickly when staying with the woman.

In the past, Pei Ziqing lived in a daze, always hoping for the days to pass quickly so he could grow up quickly.

But on this day, he actually wished time could slow down a bit.

No one had ever treated him like this.

The woman not only had him sit at the table to eat, just like yesterday, but also personally taught him how to read and write…

Sometimes, looking at her calm eyes, he would forget that he was a freak, feeling a strange illusion that he was a normal person too.

“Have you learned the fifty words I taught you today?” Nan Yuan asked.

Pei Ziqing nodded and immediately recited the fifty new words he had learned.

Nan Yuan’s poker face revealed nothing, but Pei Ziqing felt that she should be satisfied.

“Ah Qing, your handwriting is too ugly.”

Pei Ziqing thought he would receive praise from the woman, but little did he know…

He felt a bit unjustly treated.

However, when he realized what the woman had called him, his eyes slightly widened, and his breath caught.

… Ah-Qing?

He knew the woman had given him a beautiful name, but it was the first time he heard her call him by that name. It sounded so nice, and he really liked it.

Lost in thought, the woman suddenly approached, her arm wrapping around him from behind.

Pei Ziqing’s eyes widened abruptly, and a look of surprise flashed across his face.

She… she actually embraced him!

In that moment, the brain of the little freak, Pei Ziqing, was chaotic, and his heart thumped wildly.

The woman’s cool and slender jade hands enveloped the child’s small, white, and tender little hands.

“Ah Qing, you’re too noisy,” came the woman’s usual calm and unruffled voice in his ears.


But he didn’t say anything.

Listening to his own heartbeat like a drum, Pei Ziqing suddenly understood.

He immediately adjusted his breathing to avoid inadvertently provoking her displeasure.

Although the woman is treating him very well now, he still worries.

Nan Yuan held the child’s hand and wrote a character for “Qing.” Though she slowed down the strokes, they still exuded a sense of elegance and freedom that was extremely unrestrained.

“Write it again.”

Pei Ziqing’s ears turned red, and he nodded hastily, starting to rewrite.

From start to finish, Pei Ziqing never asked about the matter of that male favorite.

Regardless of how it was before, now the woman cares for him more than that male favorite.

Pei Ziqing sat upright, but a subtle curve sneaked onto his lips.


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