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Chapter 22: Shock, Unleashing the Maids

The servant girls speculated one after another.

But no matter what kind of speculation it was, everyone felt that the Lord of the City’s affection for the little freak would not last too long.

Nan Yuan cleaned her face and hands, remembered something, and incidentally washed the child next to her.

Behind her, the beautiful maids had already lined up, holding various clothes and accessories in their hands.

Nan Yuan glanced over and casually pointed to a dark-colored dress and a dark plush cloak.

Among various accessories like hairpins and beaded flowers, she chose a shiny red agate-inlaid gold hairpin.

The maids looked at each other in surprise.

It was completely different from her previous preferences.

“Lord, do you want assistance with changing clothes?” the chief maid, Dong Xue, asked.

Nan Yuan did not answer. She frowned, and her indifferent gaze swept over the group of beautiful maids, “In the future, when coming to my room, do not wipe strange things.”

Pause, “The scent of rouge on you is unpleasant.”

One or two people were fine, but when there were many, each person’s scent of rouge was different, mixed together, the smell became strong and nauseating.

For Nan Yuan, who had cleanliness issues, being surrounded by such a smell was a torment.

And she never compromised.

Pei Ziqing quickly lifted her arm to smell, finding nothing strange, and breathed a sigh of relief.

The beautiful maids were scared and knelt on the ground in unison, “Lord, forgive us!”

Nan Yuan pursed her lips.

Although she was pleased that her cold and ruthless demeanor could scare off a group of ants, this cautious appearance became dull after seeing it too many times.

So many maids standing together, Nan Yuan didn’t recognize Dong Xue among them, and said without raising her head, “From now on, Dong Xue will take care of my daily needs, and the rest—”

Pei Ziqing, standing motionless on the side, was listening intently.

During this, he subconsciously looked at the woman.

Unexpectedly, he happened to make eye contact with her.

In those beautiful eyes was a calm indifference to everything, clear and lazy.

Pei Ziqing was taken aback and quickly averted his gaze.

Nan Yuan yawned and continued, “The rest will serve Ah Qing in the future.”

Upon hearing this, Pei Ziqing was frightened and waved his hands hastily.

“Ah Qing also doesn’t like maids serving?” Nan Yuan asked.

Pei Ziqing nodded.

Nan Yuan paused and changed her statement, “Then go serve those young masters in the Hundred Flowers Garden. Dong Xue will allocate, one person for each.”

The Hundred Flowers Garden did not refer to a garden with a hundred flowers but was named after them.

Over the years, various handsome men collected by the city lord lived in the Hundred Flowers Garden.

Like the favored Yun Wu, who lived in the Plum Garden the year before,

and Gu Lanzhi, the favored young master last year, who lived in the Orchid Garden.

Later, when Xue Song Yun, the young master, arrived, he moved into the most luxurious Peony Garden in the mansion.

The Orchid Garden didn’t have orchids, and the Peony Garden didn’t have peonies, after all, this was Snow City.

Yun Wu’s Plum Garden did have a patch of red plums.

After the consecutive shocks, Dong Xue accepted this task with trembling steps.

Did the lord really damage her brain during closed-door cultivation?

To dote so much on an ugly child was one thing, but now she was sending a group of beautiful maids to serve those young masters in the Hundred Flowers Garden?

Previously, the lord was most averse to this, fearing that any young master would mix with the maids. Therefore, it used to be the young masters being served by young male attendants in the Hundred Flowers Garden.

However, no matter how shocked she was inside, Dong Xue didn’t show it. Her professional ethics were quite high.

On this day, the young masters in the Hundred Flowers Garden were shocked to receive a beautiful maid.

Even if they accepted the person, they dared not look at her more than once, even suspecting her of being a spy sent by the city lord to monitor their every move.

For a while, all the young masters in the Hundred Flowers Garden behaved properly, even reducing their outings.

Plum Garden.

The fragrance of red plums filled the entire garden, and four handsome young masters of different styles gathered in a pavilion in the plum blossom forest, chatting leisurely.

The serving maids were dismissed and kept at a distance.

Among the four handsome men, one played the zither, one drank tea, and the remaining two seemed uneasy.

One had a serious expression, and the other stood restlessly, burdened with heavy thoughts.

As the master of the Plum Garden, the young man in green clothes, Yun Wu, glanced at the others and calmly took a sip of tea, displaying elegance and pleasing the eye.


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