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Chapter 33: Ellen and Alex

When Alex was working in the royal palace office, a servant entered.

Alex was informed that Ellen Moreau had arrived, and he sighed.

The two are currently in a secret relationship. Nevertheless, Ellen comes directly to the royal palace office without any hesitation.

Although it’s advised to refrain from visits during this delicate time, in reality, the frequency of her visits has only decreased.

There was a time when Alex found Ellen cute. However, now he sometimes feels frustrated with her for not learning the common sense of aristocratic society.

After dismissing the attendants and allowing her entry, Ellen timidly entered, looking apologetic.

Her appearance stirred Alex’s protective instincts.

“Isn’t it inappropriate to come here? Rumors are bound to spread.”

Surely, it’s only a matter of time before rumors circulate. Unaware of Alex’s thoughts, Ellen looks at him with moist eyes.

“Why… rumors so absurd? I couldn’t stand it and came here. Why is Lord Alex so obsessed with Lady Rosa? I heard you even went to Lady Rosa’s shop. Why?”

Her tone is not accusatory, but rather very sad. However, Alex was surprised that Ellen knew about that.

“It can’t be helped. In order for me to become the Crown Prince, I need the support of the Croitzer family.”

“So, it means it’s impossible for a poor viscount like us. If only we had money!”

She pleads with tears in her eyes.

“That’s why I’m asking you to wait a little longer. When I become the Crown Prince, I will definitely come to take you.”

“The Croitzer family won’t stay silent about that.”

Eren is completely immersed in sadness.

Alex tries to console her. If he doesn’t, Ellen might become emotional and visit the royal palace again.

“It’s okay. I have no intention of becoming a puppet for that family. Besides, Rosa, who seems quiet now, will eventually reveal her true colors. People don’t change suddenly. So, believe in me and wait.”

However, Alex also feels a sense of urgency.

Rosa, who approached him so passionately before, now seems to have no feelings for him.

As if she has changed completely.

Moreover, recently, his uncle Ethan, who was his biggest ally, has been strangely distant. Is it just his imagination?

“Why does Lord Alex want to become the Crown Prince so desperately?”

“It’s not that I want to. I have to. My brother is foolish, and there are forces pushing me. Born as the prince of this country, I want to use all the power I have for the sake of this country.”

Ellen nods in understanding at Alex’s words.

“I understand. I support you, Lord Alex.”

“In that case, I’d like you to refrain from coming to the royal palace for a while. If rumors about us spread here, it might undermine us later. Ellen, the royal palace is more dreadful than you think.”

After that, Alex spent some time chatting with Ellen over tea, indulging in her trivial stories.

Alex realized that his obsession with Rosa was becoming stronger than his obsession with Ellen.

Rosa possessed wisdom that Ellen lacked.

On the other hand, he found himself wary of Rosa for that very reason.

Without the support of the Croitzer Family, it would be difficult for him, a concubine-born, to become the Crown Prince. However, the people of the Croitzer family were too cunning.

Alex earnestly wished to control all the power in this country.

Therefore, he both needed and, at the same time, was hindered by the Croitzer family.

Family connections were, after all, troublesome. He had no intention of reaching a hasty conclusion. He believed it was now a time to carefully observe Rosa’s movements.

He wanted to avoid rumors about Ellen and him spreading at all costs.



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