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Chapter 22: Warm Days

In a lake where the warm sunlight gently poured down, Fiene was on a boat rowed by Noah. The wind crossing the lake surface felt pleasant.

“It’s so nice. Truly a wonderful landscape.”

In front, there was a forest. Looking behind, flower fields and meadows extended, with a picturesque old castle standing.

“When you say it, it does feel that way. I’ve seen this scenery since I was a child, so it doesn’t really impress me much,” Noah said in his usual calm manner.

“Oh, Noah-sama, you’re being extravagant. I know! Noah-sama, I want to try rowing the boat too.”

“The oars are surprisingly heavy. I doubt you can do it.”

Despite saying that, Noah handed the oar to Fiene and taught her how to row.

However, even though Fiene thought she was rowing as Noah instructed, the boat didn’t move forward at all. Water splashed around.

“Fiene, you need to plunge the oar deeper.”


As soon as Noah gave instructions, the oar slipped from Fiene’s hands and floated away.

“Well, what do we do now?”

“It’s unavoidable.”

As Fiene panicked, the boat, now without oars, began to move towards the shore. Fiene widened her eyes.

“It’s water magic. We’ll retrieve the oars later. Don’t worry about it.”

“I’m sorry. But it’s quite challenging, rowing a boat.”

Disappointed, Fiene spoke. She thought she could do it since Noah made it look easy.

“True. If you really want to row, practice will help. Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy.”

Fiene shook her head at Noah’s words.

“No, I realized it’s more enjoyable to be the one riding. I know! Next time, I want to take a nap on the boat. It must feel nice.”

“I can’t help it. I’ll accompany you again.”

Noah reluctantly agreed, but he knew he would fulfill Fiene’s wish.

“Please, I’m counting on you.”

Fiene was already looking forward to the next boat ride.

If only Fiene had a bit more stamina, she thought, she could spend more time playing with Noah.

She had thought she had abandoned all desires, yet she surprised herself by making such requests.

Noah usually had a stern expression and didn’t talk much. However, being with him was enjoyable, and time passed quickly.

Somehow, the sun had started to set. It gets cold here at night.

“You seem strangely indifferent. Doesn’t the capital make you nostalgic?”

Noah asked her didn’t she feel homesick. However, that was never the case for her.

“I’ve been at home all this time, or I’ve been asked to do some shopping nearby. I haven’t really gone out, so I don’t have many memories.”

“There are no cafes that women would like around here, nor shops dealing with trendy dresses or jewelry. Don’t you get bored just looking at plant encyclopedias in the library?”

Noah asked, looking puzzled.

Certainly, Fiene’s days might seem monotonous, but they were more than fulfilling. She spent her time leisurely, without being hurt by the insensitive words of family or burdened with heavy tasks by her father.

Life here was peaceful, stress-free, and above all, the food was delicious. If she wanted ice cream, Noah would make it for her anytime. No, recently, he would prepare it before she even mentioned it.

She didn’t feel bored at all. Fiene thought she was spending an incredibly luxurious and fulfilling time.

“I never get tired of it. … By the way, although I lived in the capital, I’ve never been to a place called a cafe. I also think I’d like to go to a bookstore for a bit.”

She suddenly thought of going there. It might be a modest dream, but she wished she could experience such everyday life in the capital.

“A bookstore, huh? Is the collection in the library here not enough for you?”

“Well, I thought I’d like to read some of the popular romance novels in the capital.”

Unfortunately, there were no novels of any kind in this library.

Fiene has never experienced love. If that’s the case, she thought she’d at least like to have a pseudo-experience through books. It seemed that, after coming here, a little desire had indeed sprouted.

“I see. You were interested in such things. In that case, let’s go to the capital together next time.”

“Hehehe, Noah-sama, you really know how to joke.”

“It’s not a joke. I have some business at the magic tower. I’ll take you along while I’m at it.”


Fiene looked surprised, gazing at Noah’s serious expression.

The next day, Fiene was dressed in an outing clothes by Martha, her hair was tied, and makeup was applied.

“Fiene-sama, how is your health?”

“Well, I’m perfectly fine. Um, but is Noah-sama serious about taking me to the capital?”

According to Noah’s explanation, it would only take a few minutes to get there.

“It’s okay. It won’t be a burden on your body, and you’ll arrive soon. More importantly, Fiene-sama, while you’re on your way to the capital, how about having master buy you some clothes?”

“Huh? From Noah-sama?”

“You only have that one outing clothes, right?”

Martha said a little disappointed. Fiene had only this clothes, which was a hand-me-down from Muge.

“Thank you, Martha-san. But at this point, I don’t need it.”

Thinking about getting clothes when she’s about to die soon, Fiene tilted her head. She didn’t have such extravagant desires at this point.

“Fiene-sama, if it’s your wish, your master will surely grant it. It’s better to ask for many things.”

At Martha’s words, Fiene let out a laugh. Indeed, if he said it, he could make anything happen. Magician were truly remarkable.

However, rather than having him buy her clothes or jewelry, Fiene found more joy in the prospect of being taken to cafes and bookstores.

Despite having grown up there, Fiene knew almost nothing about the capital.

(And maybe I’d like to visit a botanical garden…)

Even though there shouldn’t be any good memories in the capital, the anticipation of being able to tour around somehow made Fiene look forward to it.




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