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Chapter 17: Scum Principal

“He was originally intellectually disabled—a scumbag man, a scumbag woman—with messed-up minds. If they’re not intellectually disabled, then what are they?”

Lu Lewei and Ling Yan were not decent individuals. When they were doing well together, everyone else seemed like scum. When things weren’t going well between them, they each had their own backup options. Su Hua couldn’t stand it.

De’er: “…” It was speechless.

Su Hua returned home and, upon opening the door, saw the principal of St.Sakura, Qin Zhi, who was also her father’s younger brother and her uncle. scumbag who always had thoughts about his own sister-in-law.

Shu Lan sat opposite Qin Zhi, who was smiling with satisfaction and looking quite pleased. “Hua Hua is doing very well in school. I’ve already spoken with everyone.”

“Oh? The principal is so good to me; why don’t I know?” Su Huai suddenly walked in, startling Qin Zhi. Upon seeing Su Hua’s appearance, his eyes lit up, pretending to be affectionate. “So it’s Hua Hua. I haven’t seen you all summer, and you’ve become so beautiful.”

“Even if I’m more attractive, it’s not as good as Mrs. Qin.” Su Huai stared at him coldly, with a slight chill in her brow.

Qin Zhi hesitated, unable to find words. He always felt like his niece could see through something.

“Hua hua,” Shu Lan interrupted and said to Qin Zhi, “Qin Zhi, sorry about this.”

“I understand.” Qin Zhi nodded.

However, Su Hua wasn’t letting him off. “Did I say something wrong? Originally, Mrs. Qin wasn’t as attractive. In the principal’s heart, isn’t Mrs. Qin the most beautiful woman in the world?”

The reason Qin Zhi had thoughts about Shu Lan was not only because of his character but also because his own wife was very unattractive. So, when Su Hua said this, it would make him feel like she wasn’t mocking Mrs. Qin’s unattractiveness,but  she was actually mocking Qin Zhi himself.

It was just that simple.

Qin Zhi chuckled. “Hua Hua is becoming more and more humorous.”

Su Hua was about to retort the scumbag, but she saw Shu Lan giving her a meaningful look.

She had to change the subject. “It’s so late, Principal; aren’t you going back yet? Although you are my dad’s younger brother, my dad has passed away. If you stay here for so long, people will talk.”

“Well, then I’ll leave first.”

Being shown the door like this, Qin Zhi couldn’t keep a thick face any longer and had to bid farewell.

Upon hearing this, Su Hua immediately walked to the door, opened it, and sweetly smiled, “Principal, take care.”

Qin Zhi said a few words to Shu Lan before leaving with an unruffled expression.

“Hua hua, why did you address the principal so impolitely?”

Su Hua pressed Shu Lan onto the sofa and said seriously, “Mom, why did you tell Qin Zhi our address? We moved because we didn’t want him to know.”

“He called and said you had something at school, and I blurted it out in a hurry.”

Su Hua hung her head, completely speechless, with Shu Lan.

Shu Lan cautiously glanced at Su Hua and asked, “Hua Hua, why can’t we tell Qin Zhi?”

“Mom, didn’t you notice that Qin Zhi has intentions towards you? And just now, he even had thoughts about me. He’s a guy with a wolf’s heart in human skin.”

Shu Lan couldn’t believe it. “No way?”

“Otherwise, why would he help us, a widowed mother and daughter?”

Shu Lan was about to explain when Su Hua interrupted, “Don’t talk about relatives and such. We’re living well now, and we don’t need his help.”

“But the school…”

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