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Chapter 24: Hausen Family – Examination with Wymain

Today is the day for Maggie’s examination with Dr.Wymain.

On this day, the couple goes together. Maggie has some worries, but above all, the suppressant is expensive. Especially entrusting it to Muge and Rolf is not an option.

They messed up during the time with Fiene.

Even though Rolf has started helping around the house, the problem is Muge.

Donovan didn’t think Muge was such a selfish daughter. He had thought she was a clever girl, but he was quite mistaken.

If he had sent Muge to the duke, she would have been sent back immediately. He now think that maybe she was accepted because she was Fiene.

“Are you taking the suppressant properly and practicing magic control?” Wymain asks, and Maggie nods honestly.


“Your condition is not very good. Have you skipped it a few times?”

Wymain asks Maggie directly with a serious expression.

“A little, but my body feels heavy, and I don’t want to do anything. Besides, I feel nauseous after taking it…”

Maggie makes excuses. Despite the high cost of the suppressant, Maggie sometimes pretends to take it and disposes of it. Therefore, family members usually keep an eye on her.

“Yes, I think your older sister is suffering even more,” the doctor’s words make Maggie fall silent.

After the medical examination, Donovan and Daisy were the only ones left in the examination room, as Wymain told them that they had something to talk about.

“Doctor, what is the matter?” Daisy asks with concern. Donovan is also worried. The fact that they have to talk to the couple alone means Maggie’s condition is probably quite serious.

Maggie complains of feeling tired and often neglects her magic control training.

“The matter I want to discuss is Miss Maggie’s excessive magical power syndrome. This is still my speculation, but I think it may be related to Miss Fiene’s magical depletion syndrome,” says Wymain.

“What? Is Fiene causing some negative effects?” Donovan asks in disbelief.

“It’s the opposite. Could it be that Miss Maggie’s excess syndrome occurred because of Fiene’s absence?” Wymain suggests.

“What exactly does that mean?” Donovan’s heart sinks with a bad premonition.

“I’ve examined various cases, and magical depletion syndrome occurs only when there is no magic. Could it be that Miss Fiene unconsciously kept healing Miss Maggie? As a result, Miss Fiene may have developed magical depletion syndrome.”

“No way! Fiene doesn’t have magic?” Daisy immediately denies.

“Have you only undergone the country’s basic examination?” Wymain asks, causing Donovan and Daisy to exchange glances.

“Well, yes, we did take the test seriously,” Donovan replies.

“I see. High-ranking noble families with magical lineage usually, when their children receive a no-magic verdict in the basic examination, go for precise examinations at the magic tower without giving up. You didn’t do that, did you? Well, it’s rare for someone to turn out to be magically gifted in those cases.”

The couple nods awkwardly.

They had accepted the explanation that there could be some magic that could slip through even the basic examination.

All members of the Hausen family were magically gifted. If it were another child and not Fiene, they would have had them examined at the magic tower. However, they never considered having Fiene go through with it.

This was because rumors always surrounded her as Daisy’s illegitimate child.

They preferred to keep her confined at home rather than risk her magical abilities being revealed. They believed it was for the good of the family.

In fact, the Hausen family prospered until Donovan’s investment failure.

No, to be precise, the house started becoming strange since Fiene’s condition began to worsen.

She had strongly discouraged Donovan from making that investment, as it was risky.

However, Donovan, ignorant of the world, proceeded with the investment while Feene was bedridden, questioning what a naive young girl could understand about investments.

“But, I never imagined such a thing could happen,” Daisy appeals to Wymain with a trembling voice.

“If not, it’s hard to believe she would develop excessive magical power syndrome after turning fourteen. That’s a disease that usually occurs in much younger children. So, as I mentioned last month, did you manage to contact the young lady you sent to the borderlands with only six months to live?”

The couple, cornered, could only maintain an awkward silence under the doctor’s scrutiny.

“Let’s stop going to that doctor. It’s unimaginable that he would pry into family matters like this. Besides, who goes all the way to the magic tower for an examination?”

In the carriage on the way back, Daisy vents her dissatisfaction to Donovan.

“But he’s the best doctor in the capital. And anyway, we must bring Fiene back,” Donovan responds.

“I really don’t know what to do.”

While the couple slumps their shoulders in unison, Maggie, whose fever has risen again, sleeps with shallow breaths.

After starting to have Rolf help with household chores, Donovan realized for the first time that Fiene was an intelligent girl.

In comparison, Rolf, despite having awakened, can only talk the talk and is incapable of doing any work. Despite having spent a fortune to send him to study abroad in a neighboring country with the hope of giving him some polish, he turned out to be utterly useless. He must have been constantly talking big, neglecting his studies, and simply playing around.

“Indeed, it was a mistake to send Fiene to the borderlands.”

“I know, I know. But at that time, the debt repayment deadline was looming, and I couldn’t convince Muge. Besides, it was painful every time I saw Fiene. Even though she’s my child, she doesn’t resemble anyone.”

“That’s why I told you. Fiene is an occasional changeling born into the Hausen family.”

Donovan responded weakly.

Every time he saw Fiene, he fell into paranoid thoughts, wondering if Daisy had made a mistake. Moreover, if Fiene were allowed outside, people would point it out and spread rumors. That was unbearable.

So, when the no-magic verdict came, he decided to keep her confined at home.

However, there were no others around with platinum hair and green eyes, and as she grew, she became a spitting image of her great-grandmother in the portrait. Moreover, according to the doctor, Fiene seemed to have magical abilities, just like her great-grandmother, who was said to have used mysterious magic.

Fiene undoubtedly was the daughter of the Hausen family.




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