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Chapter 29: The Hero and the Demon King’s Castle

“Viola. Are you really not going to quit?”


In the Demon King’s Castle, in the grand hall, where steaming dishes are lined up, it is usually filled with demons who have come to eat, but today, almost no one is there.

Viola and Leon. Nox, who looks very dissatisfied because he was dragged along by Viola, Ignatz, who followed Nox. That’s all.

The hero is in the grand hall.

As soon as the news spread, those who heard it immediately turned away, and those who did not hear it turned away as soon as they stepped in. Sitting alone, Leon apologizes to Viola.

“Sorry, it’s because of me.”

“Why are you so down? It’s not like you.”

Viola dismisses it and places a freshly baked pie in front of Leon.

“Besides, everyone here is on Leon’s side, right? It’s rude to act gloomy in front of allies you’re spending time with.”

Viola opens her arms and repeats, “I’m your ally.”

“Look!” Viola pointed with her hand, and in front of her was the figure of Nox, who was stabbing the meat in front of him with a straight face.

“… Allies, huh?”

Staring at Nox silently moving the knife, in no time, a mountain of meat pieces is created in front of him. Next to him is Ignatz, who only has eyes for Nox.



Leon smiles faintly, reaches for the cutlery slowly, and starts eating the pie. Viola, satisfied to see that, puts her hands on her hips and proudly declares,

“Don’t worry. Once they’ve tasted it, they won’t be satisfied with the bland food in the Demon King’s Castle again!”

And then those words became reality.

One day after Leon started having meals in the grand hall,.

Early on, a few men cautiously peeked in from the entrance. The aroma of the delicious food inside made the hungry men’s stomachs growl audibly.

Viola, who heard this keenly, waved with a smile. On the other hand, freshly grilled meat sizzled.

The men who had sneaked in quietly enjoyed their meals, then quickly tried to leave. Viola placed a freshly baked apple pie on the table. The men exchanged glances, smiled wryly, and took their seats.

Three days passed.

Arnold, appearing with sarcasm, had his mouth blocked by Viola with a lettuce leaf. Looking at the unsatisfied eyes beneath his glasses, Viola fled.

In the hallway, running and laughing, she passed numerous demons. Each and every one of them directed hungry eyes towards Viola.

Seven days passed.

The grand hall had almost returned to its original state. Emaciated men, reaching their limit, dove in at an incredible speed, clearing the large dishes one by one.

The last man to enter looked at the almost-filled seats, snorted, and sat down next to Leon.

Leon, surprised, silently placed a portion of freshly carved meat on the man’s plate.

The man bit into the meat without saying a word.


Leon nodded in response to the man’s words.

“Viola’s cooking has always been delicious.”

“That’s right.”

Looking at the man, who was desperately devouring the food without much conversation, Leon cast a gentle gaze. Then he stood up and bowed quietly towards the interior.

His figure was surely unnoticed by anyone. Everyone was engrossed in the feast that Viola had skillfully prepared.

Closing his eyes once, Leon slowly took a seat.

“See, Leon. It’s okay, like I said.”

“You’re right, Viola.”

Leon, with a wry smile, looked up at the proud Viola with narrowed eyes.

“I can’t compete with you.”

Viola, puffing her chest proudly, carried the large empty dishes to the kitchen.

Returning to the grand hall with additional dishes, Viola muttered to herself.

“Everyone seems to be eating well today…?”

“They probably don’t want to lose to the hero, I guess.”

Arnold, who had just entered the grand hall, shrugged his shoulders. Certainly, Leon had always been a hearty eater. He was probably still clearing the large dishes at a considerable pace.

“Is that how it is?”

Without a word, Arnold adjusted his glasses with a clink and took a seat at the table. Viola, with a wry smile, returned to get more dishes for the man, who silently urged her for more food. If everyone continued eating at this pace, it would undoubtedly be insufficient. It might be better to make more.

She called out to Lester and then retreated to the kitchen.

Quietly finishing the additional dishes, when she returned with the food in hand after a while, some people were sprawled on the floor. Still devouring the food were Leon, Nox, and Ignatz. Arnold lay silently on the table.

In the midst of such a scene resembling carnage, Viola shrugged her shoulders.


Leon noticed the plate on Viola’s hand and let out a suppressed cheer.

“There’s still more, huh?”

“Well, yeah. But this will be the last.”

Viola, placing the plate on the table with a thud, rested her hands on her hips.

“Understand? I want you to enjoy the taste. I won’t make more to compete anymore!”

“I still want to eat.”

“Leon, there’s such a thing as a limit.”

Viola gave a bemused smile in response to Leon’s plea that he was only at 80% full, claiming there was still room in his thin stomach.

“It ends here for now.”

“Looking forward to the morning snack.”

“I won’t make it.”


“Don’t give me that genuinely disappointed face!”

His appetite unchanged, Viola reached into her pocket, pulled out a small bag, checked its contents, and tossed it to Leon.

With a fork still in hand, Leon skillfully caught it, eagerly opened his mouth, and inspected the contents.

“Oh, dried apples. You gave me these a while ago.”

“Because that’s all I have now, you’ll have to make do with it… Hey, don’t eat it now!”

“It looks delicious.”

“If you eat it now, there won’t be any left. … Nox?”

Feeling a gaze, Viola turned around. In Nox’s crimson eyes, staring at Viola emotionlessly, Viola tilted her head.

“Did you want some too, Nox?”


“Do you need something then?”

“… No, it’s fine.”

Viola tilted her head further at Nox, who immediately returned his gaze to the plate in front of him. What did he want?

However, that question was quickly forgotten as Viola stopped Leon, who was about to empty the contents of the small bag.

The grand hall, which they stepped into to clean up, was in a terribly messy state.

However, Viola couldn’t help but be delighted at the lively atmosphere that had returned to the place.





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