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Chapter 37: It looks like Poison Killer #1 is cooperating

‘Well, until Your Excellency is pleased, I would like to work on the development of the bath bomb.’

Rosa was busy, and for some reason, in Ethan’s presence, she felt a certain tension, so she wanted him to leave once the business was done.

‘One more thing: I have a proposal.’

‘What is it?’

‘I’m thinking of hosting a banquet at my place.’

‘What! You, Your Excellency?’

Rosa was surprised.

As a healer, he was always busy, and perhaps because he was single, he rarely hosted banquets or tea parties. This was a rare occurrence.

‘I’ll help with your information gathering. Since I don’t have any animosity with the opposition faction of the Croitzer family, I might obtain some information. Just don’t expect too much from my information. I can’t openly conduct the investigation.’

Indeed, if he did such a thing, he would be labeled as a Croitzer sympathizer.

‘That would be very much appreciated, but why would you go to such lengths?’

‘I have concerns about my family. So, I want to know the source of the rumor that you are staging a drama. I want to know where the rumor originated.’

When he mentioned family, it was probably about Alex.

However, Rosa couldn’t believe that Alex would spread such rumors.

Because it contradicted his actions in proposing to Rosa.

(And… it couldn’t be Ellen. After all, she’s the heroine of the manga. It wasn’t in the manga at all. Then, who could it be?)

Rosa had no idea.

Ethan’s intentions were also unclear. Did he want to dispel suspicions about his nephew?

(For now, I’ll remove His Excellency from poison murderer number one…)

At that moment, Rosa had a realization.

(No matter how much they claim to be becoming regular customers, it’s not acceptable to dismiss them unless you’re sure they’re completely innocent, right?)

Rosa tightened her resolve.

Rosa spent busy days creating the bath bombs that Ethan requested.

Nowadays, she thinks that she spends more time at the shop than at home.

There was a reason for that—the workshop, filled with the scent of floral fragrances, had strangely become redolent of medicinal odors.

Summoned to the workshop by Helena, Rosa felt intoxicated by the smell.

“Miss, this might mix with the scents here.”

“It can’t be helped. For now, let’s partition the workshop. If bath bombs continue to gain popularity, we’ll have to consider expanding and investing in facilities for the future.”

In any case, they needed to organize the production line based on scents. Rosa hadn’t expected the products to sell this well. Investment was necessary for the sake of the employees.

“Perhaps we should raise the price for custom orders, but only for the scents.”

Rosa casually suggested.

“Indeed, I think that’s a good idea,” Helena agreed.

After numerous improvements, they finally delivered something that satisfied Ethan.

Ethan surprisingly paid generously, in Rosa’s favorite form—cash.

However, Rosa’s original goal had not been achieved.

All the items he had requested were for medical purposes, claiming to be effective for joint pain and body chill.

(No, that’s not it. I wanted to turn His Excellency into an advertising icon.)

Rosa was, in the end, a materialistic person.

It was truly regrettable and disappointing that they couldn’t commercialize the “Used by Lord Griffith” bath bomb.

By the way, the store started experimentally offering bath bombs for men under the name ‘Preferred by Philbert.’

My brother is quite popular.

Just as Rosa predicted, they are selling well to gentlemen who want to be popular, and the store is succeeding in attracting male customers.

On that day, after working like a horse, Rosa decided to return home as the sun set and work came to a temporary halt.

“Miss Rosa, the day after tomorrow is the banquet hosted by His Excellency, but you haven’t forgotten, have you?”

“Of course not.”

(Completely forgot.)

“It might be a good idea to take care of your skin.”

Now that it was mentioned, lately she had been neglecting meals, losing a bit of weight, and feeling like her skin was dry.

“Ha! For me, looks are the only thing I’m good at.”

She unintentionally blurted out her true feelings. Rosa was a sadly beautiful woman who had no success with men unless it was for financial reasons.

In that regard, the protagonist, Ellen, even without any wealth, was incredibly popular among men, making her seem like the better option.

At least once in her lifetime, Rosa wanted to hear someone say “I love you” sincerely. It was something that didn’t seem to happen even in her past life.

Rosa seemed on the verge of recalling unpleasant memories and quickly shook her head.

“That’s not true at all. Besides beauty, you have other strengths. Miss Rosa, you are an exceptionally competent businesswoman.”

Hugh, the usually silent guard, who was like a statue, spoke up.

He had a thick skin, but he was quite kind. However, his way of complimenting women was unique.

Thanks to the prosperity of the store, Hugh has been constantly providing security by Rosa’s side.

Initially, his imposing presence stood out in the store, and Rosa was perplexed. However, with his rugged and well-groomed features, he unexpectedly became popular among customers as the ‘handsome guard.’

Now, he occasionally even guides customers. The number of female customers coming in just to see Hugh has also increased.

Hugh is excellent as a guard and has contributed to the store’s sales. There was no mistake in her father’s judgment.

During the hours when Rosa is in the store, there are guards stationed outside as well, showing the overprotectiveness of her parents.

Tonight, Rosa, once again, counted the gold coins in her room. Since she started earning on her own, it has become a daily routine.

(To escape to a foreign country with the whole family, I still need a bit more. I need to work a little harder!)







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