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Chapter 27: Abstinence, Dismissing Male Favorites

Pei Ziqing felt stifled in his heart, but Nan Yuan seemed completely unconcerned. She didn’t give the old steward any sweet words, she wouldn’t be able to ask for money later.

The Lord of the city changed her tone, and the old steward couldn’t help but reveal a satisfied expression.

Actually, he had suspected that the Lord had changed, considering the change in temperament. However, despite several attempts, he couldn’t discern the other’s cultivation or any traces of disguise.

Unless… the other’s cultivation surpassed his own.

But why would such a master condescend to a small snow city?

Most likely, the child had grown up and didn’t want to be restrained by him.

The beautifully contoured young woman leaned back, sinking into the soft couch, looking lazy. She casually said, “Uncle Wu, there’s something I want to tell you. I’m currently cultivating a secret technique, and in the future, I need to cultivate a clear mind and abstain from worldly desires. I can no longer be involved with men. To focus on my cultivation, I plan to send all those male favorites in the Hundred Flowers Garden out of the mansion.”

As soon as these words were spoken, not to mention the old steward who had watched her grow up, even the servants who had just breathed a sigh of relief had expressions as if they had been struck by lightning.

What did the Lord say?

No longer involved with men in the future?


Too shocking!

Who in the mansion didn’t know that the Lord was fond of beauty? She had a collection of handsome men filling the Hundred Flowers Garden, indulging in revelry almost every night. Even the maids who served her had to be chosen for their features.

Although the Lord hadn’t set foot in the Hundred Flowers Garden recently and even ignored Mister Xue, everyone assumed the Lord was brewing some major move. Who would have thought—

Is it really true that she won’t be involved with men?

Nan Yuan continued, “Uncle Wu, please go to the treasury and fetch some spirit stones. These male favorites have been with me for quite some time, so give each of them a hundred mid-grade spirit stones.”

Everyone took in a sharp breath.

A hundred mid-grade spirit stones!

The Lord is indeed generous!

Uncle Wu first looked at her with suspicion for a moment before slowly breaking into a smile, expressing his heartfelt joy. He said, “The Lord has grown up. This old servant will go to the treasury to fetch them.”

Pei Yueying, tempted by comfort and beauty, hadn’t done much since taking over in recent years; she was busy collecting handsome men.

After painstakingly collecting handsome men for several years, they were to be dismissed overnight. The servants couldn’t help but feel heartache for the Lord.

However, the Lord’s focus had finally shifted from men to cultivation, and the servants were happy to see it happen.

Before long, the courtyard was filled with handsome men, each with their unique qualities.

After hearing the Lord’s intentions, the expressions of the handsome men varied.

Xue Songyun, who had just raised his chin proudly a moment ago, looked at the woman in front of him in disbelief.

In the past, this woman’s eyes were full of tenderness and lust when she looked at him, but now, she actually wants to drive him out of the house?

There was an indescribable sense of loss and anger in his heart.

Xue Songyun then thought of his parents’ words and couldn’t help but reflect. Had he strung her along for too long?

But he had willingly offered himself, and she hadn’t accepted him; she even humiliated him!

Panicking, Xue Songyun quickly looked at Yun Wu and Gu Lanzhi.

These two were the most favored individuals before he entered the mansion. Why do they show no reaction at all?

Gu Lanzhi sneered before calmly accepting the decision.

Yun Wu’s lips curled slightly, displaying an indifferent demeanor, as if this significant matter had nothing to do with him.

“Lord, I won’t leave! My heart is pleased with you, and I won’t go—”

A sickly handsome man sobbed, unmistakably a man yet managing to cry with a touch of a delicate and frail aura.

Nan Yuan’s beautiful eyes narrowed.

Noisy to death.

When the old steward brought over several large boxes of spirit stones, and a hundred mid-grade spirit stones were handed over to the sickly handsome man, he instantly transformed into a quail.

Money can move mountains. Although Pei Yueying was a martial cultivator, she was beautiful, kept company during meals and nights, and even knew how to speak some affectionate words.

To be honest, apart from restricted freedom, these men hadn’t suffered any losses. Now, with spirit stones in hand and the chance to regain their freedom, smart individuals knew what to choose.

Pei Ziqing obediently stood behind the woman, her eyes sweeping over the faces of these men, her gaze dark and gloomy.

Had these men all served Nan Yuan?

They all look so good.

So good that one might want to tear their faces off and stick them onto one’s own…




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