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Chapter 27:Playing in the Royal Capital

“Now, let’s go out, Fiene.”

With these words, Noah put on a mask that covered half of his face. When he did, the face of a handsome man with well-defined features appeared. The left side of Noah’s face, unscarred by burns, was beautiful. His attire was not the usual loose robe; instead, he wore black from head to toe, giving off the air of a noble young man.

Despite Noah’s various developments, Fiene couldn’t help but wonder why he didn’t create a medicine to erase the scars from burns.

“Noah-sama, you look beautiful.” Fiene expressed her sincere impression, causing Noah to instantly blush.

“W-What are you saying! There’s no way!”

He seemed uncomfortable. Noah disliked being liked by others and receiving compliments on his appearance. He was indeed an unusual person.

“Noah-sama, you’re quite unique.”

“You’re not bad yourself. Let’s go then.”

Noah extended his hand for Fiene to escort her.

It was Fiene’s first time being escorted by a man, and she felt a little nervous. Placing her hand gently on top of his offered hand, she climbed into the carriage. Despite calling Fiene an experimental subject, Noah treated her with great care, like a noble lady. And he fulfilled her wishes. He was always a gentleman.

“Belatedly, Noah-sama, I want to thank you for saving me from the thugs the other day during the masked ball.”

Fiene bowed deeply. It was a story from the first masquerade ball she attended.

“Hmph, so you noticed.”

Noah, sitting opposite Fiene in the carriage, turned away.

“Yes, I did. It was you, Noah-sama.”

“Hey! Did you figure it out on purpose?”

Fiene’s words made Noah visibly flustered. Fiene couldn’t help but think that he was easily deceived.

“People as kind as you aren’t common. So, Noah-sama, did you realize it was me too?”

“Realize or not, at that moment, your mask was almost coming off.”


Fiene blushed and covered her cheeks with her hands.

“When I sent you to the carriage, I found out you were from the Hausen family. Upon asking the organizers, they mentioned that Muge Hausen had attended. That’s why I decided to meet you.”

“Huh? Was that so?”

“Yeah, I’m not good with socializing, and even then, I didn’t realize that you and your sister had swapped places.”

“So, what would have happened if my sister had straightforwardly gone to you?”

“I would have kicked her out, no doubt.”

His response was immediate.


However, Fiene couldn’t believe that the kind Noah would actually do such a thing.



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