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Chapter 33: A Clear Blue Sky

“Nggh! Um, yes, we will now proceed with the second emergency meeting at the Demon King’s Castle.”

With a deliberate cough, Arnold declared.

Viola couldn’t stand the glances that were sent to her by the others, so she lowered her head.

The same meeting room as the other day. Due to Nox’s destruction of everything from the window to the curtains, the space was very open, with people gathered in a bustling manner.

Arnold sat at the host’s seat. Next to Ignatz, who leaning against the wall, and Leon, still unarmed but released from the restraints. Several other men crowded around, warily watching.

Everyone’s gaze flickered with curiosity, looking towards Nox’s seat while keeping a respectful distance.

The room was even more chaotic than last time. But the one causing the most disorder was right here.

Viola, cradled horizontally on Nox’s lap, struggled with the embarrassment of her bright red face.

Because no matter where she looked, her eyes met with someone else’s. Those who met Viola’s gaze quickly averted their eyes, only to gradually turn back when Viola’s gaze moved away.

All that remained was for Viola to bury her face in Nox’s chest, but that seemed decidedly more embarrassing.

“…Nox, can you put me down?”


Nox chuckled in a good mood, tightening his arms around Viola. Viola, who had long given up trying to break free on her own, sent a pleading look to Arnold as if urging him to continue.

Arnold, who silently took off his glasses, read out the agenda in an emotionless voice.

“Let’s discuss the future relations with humans.”


Staring at Nox’s calm response, Arnold couldn’t hide his disapproval, but Nox looked back at him with genuinely affectionate eyes. In that moment, Viola couldn’t say anything.

“Our goal is to cease hostilities between humans and demons. We have no intention of annihilating humans. Is that acceptable?”

Everyone in the room nodded without hesitation.

The one who rejected Ignatz, who insisted that the Demon king should decide alone, was none other than Nox.

Nox’s expression, as he declared, “Don’t burden me alone,” was clear as if a curse had been lifted.

“Well then, we’ll have to come up with a plan for that… So, any ideas?”


As Leon raised his hand, a momentary wary glance was directed towards him.

In the end, Nox believed in Leon. Nox said it was because it made sense, but when Leon added, “I understand that man’s feelings too,” it felt like there was emotion behind it.

However, it seemed not everyone shared the same sentiment, and a tense atmosphere lingered. Despite likely sensing this, Leon calmly spoke.

“The one orchestrating and pushing for the Demon king’s subjugation is the current king. In other words, aside from the king, not many have such a strong desire to defeat the Demon king or are willing to sacrifice extensively for it. So,”

Leon flashed a refreshing smile.

“We overthrow the king.”

“You say that so easily.”

Ignatz, sitting beside him, looked down on Leon arrogantly and rustled his large wings.

“If we kill the king, humans will seek revenge.”

“That’s true. We need to eliminate the king in a way that is blameless from everyone’s perspective.”

As Nox seemed to bend down, Viola stretched her neck. In her ear, Nox whispered with a laugh.

“Was he really human? Saying terrifying things with a smile.”

“I’m surprised too. I’ve never seen Leon like that before.”

Nox, who embraced Viola, who shrugged her shoulders, returned to a serious expression and spoke.

“There’s a way.”


“Yeah. But there are two truths that must be exposed. The true identity of the hero and my origin.”


“Viola. It’s necessary.”

“But, if you do something like that, Nox will…”


Whispering Viola’s name, Nox twisted his lips into a smile.

“Don’t worry. I’ll keep the seat next to the throne empty until I die.”


Nox lifted Viola and gently set her down. After confirming that Viola stood firmly, Nox confidently walked towards the center.

“Even if the king had to create a false hero, the reason he wanted to subjugate me is simple. It’s because I am the king’s illegitimate child.”

The room’s atmosphere froze.

A heavy sound rang out as Ignatz dropped the sword in his hand. Documents overflowed from Arnold’s hands, fluttering around the room. Nox, casually swatting away the flying papers, continued matter-of-factly.

“In other words, it’s the king’s personal affair. To conceal his own mistakes, the king exposed many people to danger. That should be more than enough reason to strip him of the throne, don’t you think?”

No one said anything, and Nox shrugged at the men who seemed paralyzed by the shock.

“Hey, continue the discussion… or maybe.”

Nox’s voice suddenly lowered. The air trembled.

“Did any of you want to sit on the throne in my place?”

A tremendous noise echoed.

In an instant, Viola’s vision turned completely white, and she instinctively closed her eyes. However, feeling no unusual changes, Viola slowly opened her eyes.

There, she couldn’t believe what she saw.

A clear blue sky, or rather, she was literally looking through it.

Nox, who had collapsed the ceiling in an instant, raised his gaze to Viola and grinned proudly. Seeing his delighted expression, Viola felt her entire body go weak.

The ground shook, and a man emerged from the pile of debris.

“Lord Demon King!!!! Are you unharmed?!”

“I’m fine…”

Nox let out a sound from his throat.

“I did this.”

“Ah, y-yes!!! It’s an incredible feat only Lord Demon King could accomplish!!!”

“Is causing the Demon King’s castle ceiling to collapse considered an incredible feat?”


Wiping his hair, now white with accumulated dust, with a handkerchief in a displeased manner, Arnold approached.

“I was late in rushing to you because I was looking for my glasses. My king.”

“Unfortunately, those glasses are not yours.”

“Eh, is… is that a joke!?”

“Yeah, it’s a joke.”

“Lord Demon King!”

Gradually, men crawled out from the gaps in the debris.

Everyone approached the Demon King and kneeled before him. Perhaps having heard the noise earlier, people from the castle gathered around.

In the center of it all, Nox sat down, holding Viola on his lap.

“The plan is simple. Expose the truth in the human realm. That’s the end of the king. But at the same time…”

“I,who have deceived the people ,will also crumble, right?”

Leon stood in front of Nox, his blonde hair still shining even when covered in dust.

“Yeah. It’s a plan with the potential to turn your positions into dust simultaneously. Are you okay with executing it?”

“For Viola’s sake.”

“How coincidental. We’re on the same page.”

With a small smile, Nox looked down at Viola, who had bitten her lip.

“You don’t need to worry about it.”

“That’s right. What you desire is not wrong.”

“Besides, you were the one who said it.”

Gazing down at Viola, Nox laughed.

“Meals taste better when shared with everyone.”





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