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Chapter 21: Smiling Face

“Feng Xiao, tomorrow is Saturday; how about we go on a date outside?”

As soon as Su Hua finished speaking, Feng Xiao began to cough violently. Su Hua quickly handed him water, saying, “Eat slowly; no one is competing with you.”

Feng Xiao: “…”

After reluctantly drinking a few sips of water, he caught his breath.

“Qin Hua, we are just classmates.”

Su Hua widened her eyes. “How are we just classmates? At the very least, we’re friends. We’ve been chatting on WeChat for a month, and we even became desk mates. Feng Xiao, why are you so heartless?”

The indifferent Feng Xiao: “…”

She said they chatted on WeChat for a month, but it was all her talking, and he only occasionally replied.

Moreover, what does this have to do with being heartless?

“Even if we’re friends, that doesn’t mean we have to go on a date. Only couples can call it a date.”

Su Hua was about to burst into laughter. She had just thought of taking advantage of the situation to confess, but then…

[Ding, random task: Spend fifty thousand yuan within half an hour. The money has been transferred to your account. Please check.]

[Friendly reminder: not allowed for live streaming recharge.]

“Wait a moment.”

Su Hua’s expression turned serious, and Feng Xiao asked her, “What’s wrong?”

“My hands are itching.”


Feng Xiao naturally understood what she meant. She often said these two words in his live broadcasts, indicating that she was about to spend money on gifts.

But he wasn’t currently live, so where did she intend to spend money?

Soon, Feng Xiao figured it out.

Su Hua had paid for everyone’s bills in this cafeteria and even allowed for leftovers to be taken home.

However, this was still far from fifty thousand yuan. Su Hua then went to several neighboring stores and paid for all the bills there.

Feng Xiao was at a loss.

If they were to get married in the future, he would have to work even harder to earn money to withstand her extravagant spending.

Just as he thought of this, Feng Xiao blushed. Was he actually thinking about marrying her?

“What’s wrong?” Su Hua sat in front of him.

Meeting her clear gaze, Feng Xiao felt like she could see through all his thoughts. He quickly averted his eyes, blushing, and said, “Nothing; it’s nothing.”

Su Hua glanced at him and shifted her attention back to the system.

“Why can’t it be used for live streaming recharge again?” she asked.

The system explained, “Feng Xiao’s financial crisis has been resolved, so future tasks can’t be used for live streaming recharge. Just letting you know in advance.”

“Damn, I feel like you just don’t like me,” Su Hua exclaimed.

“No way,” the system replied nervously.

This damn system—she felt like tearing it apart.

Ignoring the system, Su Hua continued with the previous topic: “Since only couples can call it a date, can you be my boyfriend?”

“Why are you treating me so well?

“Of course, it’s because I like you.”

Her answer was natural and expected; her eyes were clear and bright, reflecting his eyes that anxiously awaited her response.

So, this is how he looks.


Qin Hua, no matter what your purpose is, if you dare to betray me, I will definitely die with you.

Su Hua didn’t know what was on Feng Xiao’s mind. Upon hearing his answer, she was very pleased, never expecting to conquer him so quickly.

“Host, I need to remind you that Feng Xiao’s blackening value is at 92.”

“Oh my god! I let him be my boyfriend, and now he’s blackened? What happened to true love? Is it so hard to reform him like a typical Mary Sue protagonist? Why is life treating this goddess so unfairly?”

Su Hua had a smile on her face, but in her heart, she was muttering curses.



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