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Chapter 23 Posts Blocked

#Is she a real rich kid or just pretending to be poor? A detailed account of the extravagant spending of Qin Hua, a freshman in the finance department#

The post elaborates on the lavish spending activities of Su Hua since entering school. In reality, there were only two incidents, one involving 100,000 yuan and the other 50,000 yuan. However, due to the diverse recipients of her extravagant gifts, the rumors spread widely.

The post also suggests the possibility of Su Hua being financially supported by someone and raises allegations of her mother being involved in corruption.

“I only get 100,000 yuan as my monthly allowance, and she casually spent it all. If this is not being financially supported, I’m the first to not believe it.”

“Pretending to be poor? Seriously? Suddenly, I feel like I’m the poor one. EXM?”

(T/N:exm, an Internet buzzword, is the abbreviation of “excuse me.”  When you express shock, disbelief, or confusion about what the other person said or talked about on the Internet, type “exm?” to express your emotions.)

“Corruption is impossible, right? Who in their right mind would spend corrupt money like that?”

“Please look at picture two, the bracelet worn by student Qin Hua. I’ll provide a comparison picture. [Image]”

“Wow! A bracelet worth 200,000 yuan! Admiring the rich.”

“Although my family is wealthy, I’ve never been this extravagant. At most, I buy a watch worth a few hundred thousand.”

“Hey, beauty, can I get your contact information?”

“Qin Hua has spent over a million from head to toe. How much money did her mother embezzle?”

“This kind of girl must be financially supported.”

“Is the person above jealous? Which financially supported person dares to spend so much money?”

In a dormitory at St. Sakura

“Feng Xiao, come and see. Isn’t this your deskmate, Qin Hua?”

Feng Xiao initially didn’t want to get involved, but upon hearing Qin Hua’s name, his eyes subtly changed, and he walked over to the person.

“You see, it says Qin Hua is being financially supported.”

“She isn’t.” Feng Xiao frowned unhappily.

The person laughed and said, “How do you know she isn’t? Do you have some relationship with her?”

Feng Xiao pursed his lips without saying anything, sliding the mouse, looking at some unpleasant comments above, a hint of gloom passing through his eyes.

“I’m going to bed first.”

Feng Xiao returned to his room but opened his computer.

Looking at those comments, he closed the webpage and opened QQ. After a flurry of typing for less than ten minutes, Feng Xiao opened the webpage again, now displaying a 404 error.

On the other side,

“Darn, my post got blocked.”

A frustrated man, looking at Ling Yan, questioned, “Ling Yan, it’s not you who blocked the post, right?”

“It’s not me.”

The man seemed to realize it couldn’t be Ling Yan, muttering to himself, “Who could it be? Qin Hua? Damn, I finally got it pinned and highlighted.”

Su Hua was unaware of everything Feng Xiao did. At this moment, she was sound asleep, dreaming of tomorrow’s date.

Early the next morning,

Su Hua dressed herself beautifully, arrived at the school gate, and saw Feng Xiao walking towards her from a distance.

The young man approached in the sunlight, wearing light blue jeans, white sneakers, and a white T-shirt. His hair lightly swayed in the gentle breeze.

Although she was unable to see his expression, Su Hua could still feel his tender gaze on her. His expression must be serious and focused.

“Good morning.”

The girl’s eyes were playful, and her features were gentle. As Feng Xiao walked up to her, he could see her long eyelashes clearly, each one distinct, curly, and voluminous, like black little brushes.

Her cherry-like, crimson lips were soft and shiny, as if inviting someone to pluck them.

Feng Xiao was momentarily lost in thought, then quickly came to his senses, smiled, and said, “Good morning.”

Su Hua held onto his hand, tilted her head, and said, “Do you think our outfits today look like couple outfits?”

Upon her mention, Feng Xiao only then noticed. The girl was wearing a light blue long skirt, a color similar to his jeans. Over the skirt, she had on a white T-shirt, showcasing her petite waist beautifully.

She was probably around 1.67 meters tall, just reaching his shoulders. With matching white shoes, their outfits indeed looked very much like a couple’s.




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