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Chapter 26: Displeased by Their Presence

Next, Lu Lewei and Feng Xiao witnessed Su Hua’s extravagant spending in a bizarre fashion—there was no limit to the oddity.


Feng Xiao felt immense pressure; his wife was too adept at extravagance.

Having swept through the entire shopping mall, Ling Yan and Lu Lewei had practically become companions, getting the mall staff to deliver their purchases to Feng Xiao’s dorm. The four of them were now preparing to go for a meal.

As they entered the restaurant, the two deliberately lagged behind Su Hua, whispering to each other.

“Qin Hua spent over a million today. Her money shouldn’t be from the school principal, considering the principal’s annual salary is only a million. The principal probably wouldn’t give her that much money.”

Ling Yan nodded. “I’ll look into Qin Hua when we get back and find out where her money comes from.”

“Good, thank you.”

While her family was considered wealthy, the company, from her grandfather’s to her father’s hands, had long lost its former glory. In recent years, the company’s earnings have declined further.

“Wei Wei, we should help each other.”

Lu Lewei looked up at him. His brows were cold, but his gaze was full of affection. Lu Lewei felt shy and lowered her head, nodding, “Hmm.”

Su Hua watched the main couple walk in holding hands, and this scene nearly blinded her titanium dog eyes.

She hadn’t done anything, so how did she end up promoting the relationship between the main couple?

This plot was truly infuriating.

“Host, why are you so concerned about the main couple’s relationship?”

Su Hua said confidently, “I find them displeasing!”

De’er whispered, “… you’re the host; everything you say is right!”

During dinner, Su Hua began displaying various acts of affection, sometimes having Feng Xiao feed her and other times having him peel shrimp for her.

She had turned Feng Xiao’s handsome face as red as a monkey’s buttocks.

Ling Yan and Lu Lewei on the opposite side couldn’t bear to watch.

“Uh, well, Qin Hua, we’ve decided to head back this afternoon. You guys can continue shopping.”


Lu Lewei’s smile froze.

Oh? What does “oh” mean?

Ling Yan, who was about to speak, had his hand held by Lu Lewei. She subtly shook her head at him.

Watching the couple’s little actions, Feng Xiao lowered his eyes, not revealing his thoughts.

After finishing the meal, Su Hua suggested splitting the bill.

“Why go Dutch? Aren’t you rich?”

Su Hua smiled. “Although I am wealthy, I didn’t say I would treat you to this meal, so we’ll split the bill. Any problem?”

Ling Yan, feeling annoyed, took out his wallet and pulled out several banknotes, placing them on the table. He looked at Su Hua with cold eyes and said, “I’ll treat you to this meal!”

“Thanks then,” Su Hua said, tilting her head and looking quite happy.

Ling Yan became even more upset. How could there be such shameless women in the world? He quickly pulled Lu Lewei out of the restaurant.

As they left, Feng Xiao approached Su Hua and held her hand. “Hua Hua, why do I feel like you’re targeting them?”

“Is it that obvious?”

Feng Xiao nodded. A person who could casually throw ten thousand yuan on the ground but embarrassed others over less than a thousand wasn’t just targeting them.

“Just don’t like them,” Su Hua explained. “Come on, let’s go watch a movie.”

For the movie, Su Hua deliberately chose a horror film, clinging to Feng Xiao throughout, saying, “Feng Xiao, I’m so scared.”

“Drama queen host,” De’er couldn’t help but comment.

【You have blocked the system De’er.】


Blocked after just one comment. Host, besides this, what else can you do?

“So scary, Feng Xiao; I’m really scared.”

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