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Chapter 49: Is it another banquet with my older brother?

The next day, Rosa promptly went to the store.

Perhaps due to tiredness from last night, she fell into a deep sleep without paying much attention to her meal.

The encounter with Jillian at the small theater felt like a dream.

The worlds seemed too different.

However, these were realities, and there were still many things Rosa needed to investigate.

For now, above all, she had to clear her mind and focus on her business.

As for the Oliver Trading Company, Rosa made a mental note to casually ask her father and Philbert about it. She would find out which nobles they were connected to, at the very least.

However, considering that the topic of Oliver Trading Company had never come up in conversations with her father and Philbert, she was sure they didn’t see them as business rivals.

But the other party might not feel the same way.

Days of diligent work continued for about two days.

When Rosa returned from the store, she was summoned to the office.

Seizing this opportunity, she decided to ask her father about the Oliver Trading Company.

“Father, do you have a moment?”

Rosa casually popped her head into the office.

“Rosa, please have a seat.”

Her father, in a good mood, was sitting at the desk.

As Rosa settled into the comfortable sofa, the butler efficiently prepared her tea.

Pushing aside the documents on the desk, her father opened his mouth deliberately.

“I know you’re busy, but could you attend a social event with Philbert in my place? Just exchange greetings, wrap it up quickly, and then come back.”

(How troublesome. Another banquet with my older brother?)

Even though Rosa was carefree, as a noble daughter, she had duties to fulfill.

“Understood. When is it?”

“Sorry for the short notice, but it’s tomorrow.”

“Huh? That’s quite sudden.”

It wasn’t a problem, even if it was sudden. Rosa had a few dresses she hadn’t worn yet.

“I was planning to go myself, but an important business negotiation came up on that day.”

“Negotiation? Come to think of it, Father, do you know about the Oliver Trading Company?”

It felt a bit abrupt, but Rosa slipped in the question amidst the confusion.

“Huh? Why do you know the name of the Oliver Trading Company? They’re the ones you’re meeting tomorrow,” her father lightly widened his eyes.

“Eh? Are they one of our business partners?”

“No, it’s not like that… Well, if you’re interested, I’ll tell you after tomorrow’s negotiation.”

“Why wait until after tomorrow’s negotiation?”

“Rosa, uncertain information is a merchant’s bane. Keep that in mind,” her father said as if advising.

If Rosa pressed her father further, it seemed like it would lead to a tedious discussion about business, so she decided to wait until tomorrow.

No, more precisely, it would be after the evening gathering, so she would likely hear the details the day after tomorrow.

For Rosa, there was nothing else to do but hope for progress.

Moreover, she reconsidered that it might be a good idea to subtly gather information about the Oliver Trading Company during tomorrow’s evening gathering.

The Croitzer family carriage raced through the twilight capital.

“Today, Rosa is my escort,” Philbert said with a smirk, making an annoying remark.

“Well, ‘escort’ is rude. I’m going in Father’s place, you know? Because my older brother still hasn’t chosen a fiancée, so maybe that’s why I’m being taken out.”

“Well, don’t say it like that. Lately, women seem scary for some reason. Their eyes are just too intense and frightening,” Philbert replied.

“You’re saying something similar to His Excellency,” Rosa remarked.

“Is that so? I feel a sense of camaraderie with His Excellency, or maybe I just find him relatable,” Philbert said happily.

“Is that right? I’ve never felt that,” Rosa replied.

Philbert seemed pleased.

Come to think of it, Father was in high spirits yesterday. Surely, today’s negotiation for Father must be something very lucrative.

The croitzer family had a strong affinity for money, everyone loved it.

Though her mother has a somewhat detached air about her, so she not sure…

“His Excellency is a regular at the store, isn’t he? And you’ve even gone out together.”

“It was just one outing, you know? His Excellency is diligent with work, and he just wants medical bath bombs. Well, he’s the best customer because he pays well!”

Rosa chuckled “Hehehe.”

“Oh, Rosa. If you laugh like that, the gentlemen will run away,” Philbert said regretfully.

“Huh? What do you mean?”

While the two were talking, it seemed the carriage had arrived at its destination.



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