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Chapter 53

Ning Ning protected her body with sword energy and held Pei Ji’s head in her arms. His body was as stiff as a sculpture, and he did not move from beginning to end, and even his breathing was gentle.

Jiang Si saw the heavily injured Zheng Weiqi lying on the ground at once. Without hesitation, he shielded her beneath him, saying, “Brother, be careful!”


Aware of his inability to resist, Xuan Ye, in a fit of rage, chose to self-detonate. The released demonic energy lingered incessantly.

After a while, Jiang Si reluctantly propped up his body, which had been pushed next to Zheng Weiqi by the shockwaves. Their eyes met.

Amidst the mist and floating shadows, heroically saving the beauty created a romantic and charming scene.

With their eyes inches apart, Jiang Si felt that in his entire life, he had never seen someone who piqued his curiosity as much as this person.

The handsome youth remained silent for a moment, then lightly opened his thin lips, using all the seriousness he could muster. “Brother, why is your chest muscle so exaggerated?”

Zheng Weiqi’s expression paused.

Then she coldly chuckled, “Is that so?”

Only upon hearing the voice did he realize that this was a girl dressed in men’s clothing.

“A woman?”

Jiang Si frowned, and finally, a faint smirk curled from the corner of his lips. “Interesting. You just displayed the Xuanxu Sword Sect’s Myriad Sword Technique with the cultivation of the Nascent Soul stage. You successfully caught my attention. I am Jiang Si, from Jialan City. Woman, what is your name?”

Zheng Weiqi remained expressionless.

Ningning took Pei Ji to the medical hall for treatment, while the people from Jialan City brought all the elders to the interrogation hall.

He Zhizhou, fully committed to playing the role of a gossip lover, was slightly stunned upon hearing this conversation.

Finally, the plot arrived at a romantic scene under the moonlight.

—But this atmosphere seemed a bit off! Why did the Young City Lord spout such inexplicable lines!

It felt like everyone around was acting in a proper martial arts drama, and suddenly, a guy who just walked out of a CEO romance movie arrived, earnestly reciting lines from a cheesy script.

As for Ning Ning’s senior sister—

Her expression was already somewhat off.

He remembered Ning Ning saying that Zheng Weiqi, during her training outside the sect, had learned many curse words and was an authentic genius from the Zaun region. Later, she was put under a spell by their master, Tian Xianzi, to restrain herself a bit.

(T/N: Zaun region from the online game League of Legends)

As for now, it seemed that, probably, she couldn’t hold back anymore.

Zheng Weiqi, channeling her Zaun energy: 30%.

“Why aren’t you answering me? Huh?”

Jiang Si’s face darkened, as if understanding something. “Want to play the game of cat and mouse? Make me fall for you. This trick won’t work on me; I advise you to rethink. I won’t fall in love with any woman.”

He Zhizhou awkwardly lowered his head, vigorously scratching the sole of his shoe.

Help! Is this the highly renowned genius Young City Lord of Jialan City? Is he really this kind of person when dealing with women?

A narcissistic lunatic possessed by an ancient CEO drama male lead? That can’t be right!

Meanwhile, Meng Jiaqi, standing on the side, blushed and kept whispering in his ear, “The Young City Lord is so charming, so full of masculinity! How can someone like him, exuding a cold and melancholic manly aura, exist? Always!”

He Zhizhou: …

Are all you demons from 300 years ago so aesthetically refined?

Perhaps 300 years ago, such a personality was indeed a somewhat good trend that could attract thousands of girls, making them exclaim about individuality. But saying it now, in this time and place—

It’s equivalent to the year 2050. The first thing we said when we met was, “Oh no! You also surf the Internet? Hoho, Phuket Island, are you GG or MM?”

(T/N: GG and MM are internet buzzwords meaning Gege and Meimei..)

Zheng Weiqi, channeling her Zaun energy: 70%.

Seeing no response from Zheng Weiqi for a long time, perhaps to salvage a bit of his dignity, he forcibly held his ground with a tough facade, “Don’t flatter yourself. I am just interested in your swordsmanship. Women, everyone has an appreciation for talent. Besides love, I can give you anything.”

Zheng Weiqi: “Heh.”

With a forceful push, Zheng Weiqi pushed him to the ground. Before Jiang Si could react, he lay stiffly on the ground, his chest pressing against her knee, unable to move. “I caught your attention with the Myriad Sword Technique? I can also twist your head off with one foot and kick it away, making it shoulder-to-shoulder with the sun, ensuring that you will never forget me forever. Besides love, what else can you give me? One million spirit stones, quickly! Also, your future salary for the next eight hundred years; bring them all to me!”

Pause, and then she took a deep breath. “With your little arms and legs, how dare you have wild thoughts here? You, this narcissistic maniac, are simply a rare species. Your level of brain damage is comparable to a wrongful case. Why hasn’t the immortal cultivation world considered using your face as a city wall? Even if they set up cannons and bombard,they won’t be able to move you for a lifetime.”

Her words left Jiang Si speechless. Before he could respond, with her mouth still rapidly spewing insults, Zheng Weiqi suddenly turned pale.

According to the spell that Tian Xianzi placed on her, as long as she opens her mouth to curse, she will involuntarily do the thing she least wants to do at the moment.

And what she least wants to do now is—

Zheng Weiqi’s expression was as if she had just eaten a fly. She lifted Jiang Si’s chin, her tone softening a lot, all turning into an extremely ambiguous sigh. “Man, you’re really a teasing little demon.”

What is despair?

This is the deepest despair.

He Zhizhou: …

Help! Senior Sister has turned into a domineering CEO by herself!

Everything she did was beyond Jiang Si’s expectations. The latter was immobilized, his chin held firm, and after hesitating for a moment, he tried to speak with a show of strength, “What are you doing? Woman, don’t you know you’re playing with fire?”

Unexpectedly, Zheng Weiqi’s tone was extremely firm, like being possessed by a CEO—if you ignore her expression of disgust, as if she wanted to be reincarnated immediately.

“You actually refuse me? If you want to provoke me, then you succeeded. But don’t forget… the fire you started, you have to put it out yourself.”

Too terrifying.

These two people actually had a back-and-forth conversation, matching wits, and with just a few words, they became half of a modern CEO literature classic. Well done. Jiang Si’s tone weakened a bit. “Don’t forget your identity! How can you go beyond like this!”


Zheng Weiqi gave up resistance, no longer trying to manage her expressions, her face full of a wicked smile. “I’m afraid your mouth says no, but your body is very honest. Going beyond, so what? In the future, only I can bully you, understand?”

This is an unprecedentedly ultimate greasy dialogue.

What does it mean to defeat magic with magic and to crush greasiness with greasiness?

Jiang Si was stunned.

How could there be a woman more devilish and wild than him in this world? With just a few words, she left him speechless!

The once unstoppable kingly aura appeared so vulnerable before her, becoming a submissive little turtle.

Somehow, he felt a bit scared.

How much he wanted to say, woman, don’t challenge my limits.

When it came to the tip of his tongue, it turned into, “It’s not what you think; listen to my explanation! I didn’t… *cough*!”

Plot twist.

Jiang Si’s injuries were not healed, and his spiritual energy was thin. Dizziness and coughing were common symptoms.

Upon hearing the suppressed voice, Zheng Weiqi immediately frowned, looking fierce like a hellish Asura. “Where’s the doctor? Where is the doctor? If he can’t be cured, I’ll bury the entire city of Jialan with him!”

How domineering, how wanton, and how unrestrained.

A punch for “Woman, you’re playing with fire.” a kick for “You’re just a plaything.”

As soon as this statement was made, Jiang Si understood, and he lost.

Lost thoroughly, lost without any suspense.

Qin Chuan, with a middle-aged man’s face, poked his head out with a curious look. “Big brother, big sister, what are they doing? Why is Sister Zheng lying on the Young City Lord?”

He Zhizhou was silent for a moment.

Then, adhering to the principle of protecting the healthy growth of the flowers of the motherland, he answered very seriously, “They are practicing that… that little jumping frog exercise. You’ve seen a toad before, right? The movements are not much different.”





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