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Chapter 56: Sudden Development (3)

With a melancholic expression, Ethan slowly began to speak.

“The autopsy results indicate that Jillian drowned in the river after getting drunk. However, I can’t help but think she might have been pushed into the river by someone.”

“Someone? No way; I don’t think so. It’s just an unfortunate accident,” replied Rosa, shaking her head.

Jilian having Ellen’s hair ornament was mysterious, but based on the situation, Rosa couldn’t believe that Jillian was murdered by someone.

In the manga, no such gruesome incidents occurred around the heroine.

However, the question of how Jillian acquired the hair ornament intrigued Rosa.

“Miss Croitzer, in that case, let’s make sure to share information. This is also my concern,” Ethan said, taking another sip of tea before continuing.

“You are hiding the fact that your bad reputation is spreading among Lord Croitzer’s ears, aren’t you?”

“Yes, unless I say it myself, no reckless person would dare mention it to my father or mother. And if my father finds out, he might suspect the Arnaud faction and retaliate.”

Rosa didn’t want that. It was not wise to provoke hostile nobles.

So Rosa had made up her mind.

“I want to solve this case before anything else. For now, I plan to confront the culprit with evidence and publicly apologize in high society.”

If she didn’t, Rosa’s honor would not be preserved.

“Just an apology? You’re quite lenient,” Ethan said with a faint smile as he stood up.

“Well, then, I’ll take my leave. Be careful in your surroundings.”

Saying that, he exited from the backyard.

Rosa’s spine tingled.

(Scary! Could it be that His Excellency is also a suspect in the poisoning case?)

Afterward, Rosa pondered absentmindedly. She wondered who had taken custody of Jillian’s body.

Shaking off such thoughts, Rosa immersed herself in her work. She had a feeling that she would be away from the shop more often in the future.

Rosa considered appointing a temporary store manager. Gradually, she thought about delegating tasks to employees and eventually settling into the role of the owner.


That night, as Rosa prepared for bed and lay down on a canopy bed, thoughts of the incident came to her mind.

“The Moreau family shouldn’t have the funds to make such requests to the Oliver Trading Company. Yet, it seems the company is covering Moreau family debts. What on earth is happening?”

Rosa wondered what advantage the Oliver Trading Company saw in this.

Then she had a revelation.

“Could it be that Count Moreau wants Ellen to be engaged to Alex? Is he planning to establish connections with the royal family through this?”

If that were the case, it would make sense for the Oliver Trading Company to support the Moreau family. Yet, mysteries still lingered.

“Why did Jillian have Ellen’s hair ornament in the first place?”

As Rosa wrestled with these thoughts, she eventually drifted into a deep sleep.


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