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Chapter 222:The Male Lead Raises a Cat (38)

Jiang Yiran did not give any response. She simply let her quietly lick the bowl, and after she finished eating, he stood up and walked towards the kitchen.

At noon, the boy and the cat still shared the same dining table. Shen Mubai ate with a lack of appetite, occasionally stealing glances at the male lead, who was still eating. Disappointed by the absence of any eye contact, she lowered her cat’s head.

Unnoticed by her, at the moment she lowered her head, Jiang Yiran lifted his face. His deep eyes looked over for just a moment, then quickly lowered again, concealing any unclear emotions within.

Time quickly passed, and it was time for Jiang Yiran to go to school. Shen Mubai hesitated for a moment, then jumped off the sofa and followed him. She affectionately rubbed against his legs, making meowing sounds from her mouth.

Jiang Yiran’s steps slightly paused, then he leaned over and rubbed her furry head.

Shen Mubai’s eyes brightened, then she rubbed against his fair fingers and made soft, coquettish sounds from her throat.

Jiang Yiran stared at her for a while, then, using his distinctively calm voice, he said, “Stay obediently at home.”

Shen Mubai’s emerald-green eyes stared at him without blinking. After hearing this advice, she quickly and obediently responded with a “Meow~” understood.

After he left, she crouched in place for a while, then tilted her head, thinking about the look the male lead had before leaving. She couldn’t help but shiver and comfort herself, thinking that even if he suspected something… as long as she didn’t turn back into a human, he should quickly forget about it as time passed.

Well, she couldn’t even convince herself with that statement. So, with a sigh, Shen Mubai crawled onto the sofa, rolled over dejectedly, and said to the system, “Is there something affordable that can erase memories?”

The system said, “Yes.”

Shen Mubai’s eyes lit up. “I want to buy! I want to buy!”

The system asked, “Are you sure?”

Upon hearing this, Shen Mubai had a bad feeling, so she asked, “How many points does this cost?”

The system said, “Deducting 32 points, you will have 30 points remaining.”

Shen Mubai, “….”

In the end, Shen Mubai didn’t buy it. Well, she was just being stingy, and as long as the male lead didn’t kick her out and the progress bar kept rising, it was good enough.

As for things like dignity and face, changing bodies meant a fresh start.

So, with a clear mind, Shen Mubai lazily started binge-watching dramas and had an apple with a bottle of yogurt. However, the moment the male lead returned, she reverted to her timid appearance.

She obediently ran over to rub against the male lead’s legs, meowing and acting cute. She circled around him non-stop, except for the bathroom, sticking to him like glue.

If asked why she acted like this, it was probably due to an indescribable sense of guilt.

Jiang Yiran seemed to have no special reaction to the unusually enthusiastic cat today, maintaining his usual calm demeanor.

Shen Mubai was very disappointed; even the tip of her tail drooped. She couldn’t figure out what the male protagonist was thinking, so she could only try harder to please and act cute, almost rolling on the ground to expose her soft, tender belly to win his favor.

During dinner, Shen Mubai didn’t devour her food as usual. Instead, she carefully observed and occasionally glanced at the male lead. Finally, upon receiving a glance from him, she was so happy that she almost rolled on the spot.


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