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Chapter 54: Feng Xiao’s Breath

Just as he got out of bed, Mo Han crouched down to pick up his clothes and unexpectedly saw a patch of fresh red where he had been lying.

Although he had no prior experience with such matters, he knew what that blood was.

Mo Han pursed his lips, and in a daze, the person on the bed had already awakened.

Su Hua opened her eyes, staring blankly at Mo Han standing naked by the bed. After blinking a few times, a scream shattered the calm between them.

#On the self-cultivation of the drama queen host #

After dressing, Su Hua’s eyes were still red.

Mo Han, looking at this scene, also felt uncomfortable. From his memories, he learned that she had saved him yesterday, but he had slept with her.

“I will take responsibility.”

Since he had done it, he would definitely take responsibility.

Su Hua, tearfully raising her eyes, looked at him sadly. “How… how will you take responsibility?”

The just-unblocked babble De’er immediately expressed disdain: “Host, you’re really good at pretending. Yesterday, you could have saved him using other methods.”

[You have blocked the system’s babble.]

[…This is the first time I’ve hated the block feature.]

“If you’re willing, I’ll marry you.”

Thinking about the years of pressure from his family to get married, Mo Han thought that if he didn’t get married, he would still have to obey his parents and marry a woman he didn’t love. It might as well be the woman in front of him; at least she had saved him.

And he had touched her.

Although he was driven by drugs last night, Mo Han remembered the soul-stirring sensation vividly.

Su Hua’s eyes lit up.


Seeing his surprised expression, Su Hua lowered her head again.

“To be honest, I’m quite conservative. You are my first man, so I’ve decided to stick with you.”

For some reason, hearing Su Hua say this made Mo Han feel a bit pleased but also a bit inexplicably annoyed.

If it had been someone else with her last night, would she also have decided to stick with that person?

Thinking that the answer was definitely yes, Mo Han felt a bit stifled.

Startled by the sudden and inexplicable emotions, Mo Han looked at the woman in front of him, feeling more comfortable with her.

However, he immediately spoke coldly, “Well, let’s spend some time together first. If both parties have no issues, we’ll get married next year.”

Mo Han didn’t go to work, bringing the homeless Su Hua back to his apartment.

The apartment wasn’t large—about sixty square meters. One room was Mo Han’s, and there was also a tiny study.

“The room is yours; I’ll sleep on the couch tonight.”

Su Hua nodded, unceremoniously entered the room, and closed the door.

Mo Han looked at the closed door, then went into the study. As for Tang Group, he couldn’t go to work anymore.

“What’s going on?”

As soon as Su Hua entered the room, she released the block.

“Why does Mo Han have Feng Xiao’s breath?”

De’er was stunned, then hesitated, “I don’t know. If the host can upgrade the system a few more levels, maybe I’ll find out.”

Su Hua smirked, placing her left hand on the purple bell bracelet on her right hand without asking further questions.

Seeing this movement, De’er was horrified.

Strangely enough, even though the host’s bracelet looked like a bell, it had never rung.

Su Hua narrowed her eyes.

Originally, she thought being bound to the system was an accident, but now it seems that there might be some conspiracy behind it.

The game was becoming more and more interesting.

After a nap, Su Hua found dozens of missed calls on her phone, all from Tang Tan.

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