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Chapter 35: Sister, Don’t Marry Him!

Pei Ziqing looked at Yun Wu with an extremely sinister expression in his eyes.

Yun Wu seemed oblivious, continuing in a leisurely manner, “Leaving aside the young master’s status and position in the mansion, just talking about his cultivation, you can hardly find anyone more powerful in the entire Snow City.”

“Having someone like him marry into the Lord’s mansion to become your sister’s husband is a profit for your sister.”

Pei Ziqing’s expression twisted momentarily at the mention of the word “husband.”

“My sister is the best woman in the world, and no one is worthy of her! This young master is just lucky to have been born into a good family. What makes him think he can marry my sister?”

Yun Wu chuckled. “Whether he is worthy or not is not for you to decide. Why don’t you go and ask your sister in person? See what she has to say. Your sister would have no reason to refuse such a perfect future husband. With the support of the Zhuang family, Snow City will be safe for at least two hundred years.”

“Young master probably doesn’t know that every fifty years, there is a wave of beasts outside the Snow Mist Mountain. The scale varies, but Snow City is never truly at peace. The largest beast wave happened five hundred years ago, devastating the entire city. It will be different if there’s someone from the mansion in charge. Regardless of whether this young master is favored or not, as long as he carries the Zhuang surname, the Zhuang family won’t ignore any troubles in Snow City.”

“Such a perfect future husband willing to marry into the Lord’s mansion, only a fool would refuse. Don’t you think?”

Yun Wu’s words stung, and Pei Ziqing’s clenched fists nearly broke his skin.

“We are considered master and disciple, and I advise Young Master Pei to recognize reality sooner rather than later,” Yun Wu pretended to sigh.

“What kind of master and disciple are we? Get lost!” Pei Ziqing harshly pushed him aside and walked past him.

Yun Wu swayed from the push, touched the spot where he was hit, and spoke just loud enough for Pei Ziqing to hear, “When your sister becomes his wife, she will engage in unimaginable intimate activities with that young master from the Zhuang. Perhaps she will soon have a child. What concerns will you have by then? After all, you’re just a fake young master picked up by fate.”

In that moment, the tight string in Pei Ziqing’s heart finally snapped.

Yun Wu glanced at the staggering youth and smirked.

Lord’s Mansion, conference hall.

Nan Yuan assessed the young man sitting opposite her while communicating telepathically with Xiaotang.

Xiaotang, relying on the fact that no one could understand its beast language, crouched directly on Nan Yuan’s shoulder, chirping softly into her ear.

“Yuanyuan, this is the famous cannon fodder character in the book. Despite his handsome appearance, he’s quite ambitious! In the original plot, after Pei Yueying went into seclusion and died, he appeared right on time when the turmoil in Snow City was at its worst. He joined forces with the old steward to quell the unrest and became the new lord. To legitimize his position, he even married the deceased Pei Yueying.”

“Yuanyuan, what do you think of this vulgar behavior?”

Nan Yuan: Ingenious.

Xiaotang shifted its posture and continued chirping, “Unfortunately, cannon fodders are just cannon fodders. He didn’t enjoy his position for long before the formidable Lord of the Abyss arrived to wipe out the city. As the lord, he died a particularly tragic death.”

“Oh, by the way, this cannon fodder has some connection with the Qi family. His third brother is the most talented among the younger generation of the Zhuang family. Later, he became good friends with the Qi family’s heir. When he died, the two naturally became enemies with the bloodthirsty demon spider…”

Xiao Tang kept chirping, and the person across from Nan Yuan couldn’t help but glance over.

The handsome and dignified man smiled slightly, giving off a very pleasant feeling. His voice was also very gentle: “I thought I had seen a lot, but today, seeing Miss Pei’s spirit beast, I realize my experience is quite limited.

Dare I ask, Miss Pei, what species is this spirit beast? I have never seen it before.”

Nan Yuan cradled the little furball on her shoulder and casually said, “I caught it on Snow Mist Mountain, probably a mutated species of some spirit beast, nothing worth mentioning.”

The elderly steward on the side, seeing the two young people beating around the bush and not getting to the point, was getting a bit impatient.

He was highly satisfied with this young master from the Zhuang family, hoping to facilitate this marriage for the sake of fulfilling the late Lord’s wishes and securing the future of Snow City.

Finally, Zhuang Molan spoke, composing, “I won’t hide it from Mr. Wu and Miss Pei. This time, I am here to fulfill the agreement made by our family…”

As the people inside were engaged in a lively conversation, suddenly, a commotion and the sounds of a scuffle came from outside the door. Before long, someone forcefully entered.

“Young Master, this person claims to be the young master of the Lord’s Mansion, and we didn’t dare to harm him.”

A servant from the Zhuang family, who came in with the commotion, reported.

Zhuang Molan waved his hand and said, “Step back.”

He looked at the young man who barged in, and when his gaze fell on that face, he took a sharp breath, a hint of surprise flashing in his eyes.

Before coming, he had inquired about the affairs of Snow City and knew that Pei Yueying had adopted a child with an unattractive appearance.

Unexpectedly, the child turned out to be so ugly.

As soon as Pei Ziqing entered, he rushed towards Nan Yuan, embracing her waist and looking up at her with bloodshot eyes, filled with a pleading expression: “Sister, don’t marry him; please, don’t marry him…”

He turned his head to look at the young master from the Zhuang family, filled with resentment.

Indeed, he was extraordinarily handsome, with a white-based fiery brocade robe, an expensive jade crown, and a waist seal adorned with gemstones, all highlighting the man’s status and position.

He was a natural aristocrat, not like Pei Ziqing, a fake young master.

Pei Ziqing’s grip tightened involuntarily, holding the woman’s waist even more tightly.

“Ah Qing, you step back first.”

Nan Yuan patted the young one’s head, somewhat annoyed.

After all, who was the one spreading rumors in front of the child?

The elderly steward, who already disliked Pei Ziqing, was furious when he saw him recklessly enter and even hit the future son-in-law. He scolded angrily, “You don’t even know what occasion it is—just barging in and making a fool of yourself. Get out!”

Nan Yuan gave him a glance, feeling displeased.

Her child didn’t need someone else to lecture him.


Pei Ziqing looked at Nan Yuan eagerly, ignoring the old man. He only listened to his sister’s words.

“Don’t worry, Sister won’t marry anyone.”

Upon hearing this, Pei Ziqing’s eyes widened. “Really? Sister, don’t lie to me.”

“Sister never lies.”

Pei Ziqing suddenly smiled happily and said, “Then I’ll wait outside for Sister. When Sister finishes talking, I’ll come find Sister again.”

With that, he cheerfully ran out.

“Sorry for the show, Master Zhuang,” Nan Yuan said to the distinguished guest.

“Just now, Miss Pei wanted to dissolve the engagement. Could it be related to this child?” Zhuang Molan asked, his gaze carrying a hint of inquiry.

He originally thought this matter was a sure thing; after all, his identity was there, and whether in appearance or cultivation, he was superior. During his time in Qinghe City, many young ladies from prestigious families were enamored with him.

Unexpectedly, just before these ugly ones came in, he was rejected.

Zhuang Molan maintained his graceful demeanor on the surface, but deep down, he was quite disdainful.

Even if she wasn’t a robust martial artist and had a somewhat attractive appearance, her scandalous and licentious behavior, controlling several men at night, had spread for miles around.

He condescended to come to this remote place, willing to marry such an indiscreet woman. Where did she find the audacity to reject him?


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