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Chapter 58: Family Gathering!

On that evening, the family was gathered.

The dining table was lively, with her father and Philbert deeply engrossed in a discussion about business.

Beside them, her mother expressed concern for Rosa.

“Rosa, have you been working too hard lately? You seem a bit worn out.”

Rosa was taken aback.

“Huh? Really? I need to be careful, then. If I show signs of fatigue, it might affect the sales of my bath bombs. I market them as a form of ‘healing,’ you know. Gotta keep my skin radiant!”

Upon Rosa’s response, her mother wore a disappointed expression.

“Rosa, you really are… Oh well, how about going to a tea party with me next time? Young gentlemen gather there too.”

“I’ll pass.”

Rosa is currently the subject of some serious gossip.

Given the current circumstances, seeking a suitor is an impossible proposition for her.

Besides, Rosa has no intention of getting married.

As the debate about attending the tea party with her mother continued, Philbert suddenly interjected.

“Rosa, did you hear about repaying the debt to the Moreau family from Father?”

Rosa glanced briefly at her father.


Her father nodded in response to Rosa’s answer.

“The matter with the Moreau family has been settled amicably. We now have a good relationship.”

“That’s good to hear.”

While saying so, Rosa felt perplexed by the sudden change in topic between her father and Philbert.

“Is it really good…?”

“Well, who knows?”

Her father and Philbert wore serious expressions.

“Did something happen?”

Upon Rosa’s question, her father spoke up.

“It seems the Oliver Trading Company and the Moreau family are connected by common interests.”

“That implies a connection to the aristocratic society, right?”

Her father’s expression darkened further.

“It seems it’s not such a simple matter. Lord Moreau apparently wants to recommend his daughter as the fiancée to Prince Alex.”

Alex and Ellen were originally in love, making this news a relief for Rosa.

This means the threat of poisoning is likely to be averted.

“Is there anything wrong with that?”

Rosa replied nonchalantly, prompting the intense gaze of her father, mother, and Philbert to focus on her.

(Huh? Why does it feel so ominous?)

Rosa suspended her fork mid-air with a piece of meat on it.

“Rosa, did you think we were unaware of this?”

Her mother twisted in apparent sadness.


“Your bad reputation.”

It was exposed, not just to her father but to the entire family.

“I didn’t orchestrate getting thrown off the horse!”

Rosa immediately shouted.

“Of course! So, Rosa, you knew all along. Why didn’t you consult with us?”

Philbert clenched his fist in frustration.

“I think Lord Moreau used the engagement between Prince Alex and his daughter as bait, making Oliver Trading Company shoulder the debt. That’s what I believe.”

Rosa was surprised by her father’s speculation.

“Even if it’s just’shouldering the debt,’ it’s a tremendous amount of money, you know?”

“It seems they’re further assisting Oliver Trading Company. If they become a wealthy count’s family, it might pave the way for a marriage with the third prince. Rumors have started about Lord Moreau’s daughter attending Prince Alex’s office.”

It seemed her father had heard about it too.

“It’s quite a convenient situation for the Moreau family. I wonder what the representative of Oliver Trading Company is thinking.”

At that moment, Rosa realized.

(So, will the Croitzer family fall? No, but I don’t think so…)

“It’s impossible for the Moreau family to be our backing, right? But still, not engaging in an engagement with Prince Alex was the right decision.”

The family unanimously nodded in response to Rosa’s statement.

“To prevent your engagement with Prince Alex, Lord Moreau spread rumors about you. Now, what are you going to do?”

Her father showed a sinister smile.

(More than that, I’d like my father to worry about the downfall of our house.)

“Father, I’m sorry to interrupt the lively discussion, but can we wait for retaliation until the engagement between Prince Alex and Lady Ellen is confirmed?”

“Why? Rosa, that’s not like you!”

Philbert shouted.

“What do you mean ‘not like me’? I’m thinking carefully too.”

“If you’re attacked, you retaliate. Once the nobility thinks they can take advantage, it’s over.”

The words of Philbert suddenly reminded Rosa of a delinquent from her past life.

(It’s not much different from that world.)

“Big brother, if you act now, Prince Alex and Lady Ellen won’t be able to get engaged. Then what if Prince Alex, in need of support, proposes to me? That would be troublesome!”

This was also a cry from Rosa’s heart.

“Well, Rosa, despite how much you liked the prince before, now you’re strongly disliking him.”

Mother opened her eyes in surprise.

“Mother. If the rumors are true and Prince Alex and Lady Ellen are in love, that means if I get engaged, Lady Ellen will become Prince Alex’s mistress, right? I absolutely don’t want that!”

“Rosa, you have a clever side beyond your business acumen.”

Philbert is impressed.

“Of course. Big brother, just how much do you think of me as a fool! I will only marry someone who loves only me!”

Rosa stated it firmly.

(Yeah, I know I don’t have a partner. I have no regrets about being single for life!)

While feeling irritated with her brother, Rosa sighed in relief, thinking that the manga’s course had changed for now.

After all, she just wanted to avoid poisoning.

However, questions lingered.

(Why did our family fall apart? Who exactly crushed our house? It must have been tough to bring down such a large family.)

She tried to recall, but she couldn’t even remember if it was mentioned in the manga.

(Most likely, it wasn’t in the manga. I seem to disappear with a ‘pop’ in the first chapter.)

After a delightful fruit tart for dessert, Rosa immersed herself in a sense of happiness, took a leisurely bath, and then went to bed.

“Ah, sleeping enveloped in the scent of roses is pure bliss.”

In no time, Rosa fell into a deep sleep.

—Ah, at least my poisoning is avoided for now!




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