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Chapter 46-Part 2

Even in terms of appearance, Ji Ran was more attractive than Jiang Yi. Moreover, this girl had a calm personality, and even Jiang Liqi, as an elder, didn’t dare to underestimate her.

“What’s wrong? Where am I not as good as her?” Jiang Yi said defiantly, then muttered, “She just has a pair of good parents.”

Seeing that Jiang Yi was still not convinced, Jiang Liqi directly said, “Even if she has good parents, did her parents take the exams for her and score 700 points?”

Not mentioning it to avoid getting angry, this time Jiang Yi scored just over 400, not even reaching 500.

During the last monthly exam, Ji Ran did have lower scores than Jiang Yi, but she was just playing around.

Jiang Liqi sighed but also felt helpless. She still hugged Jiang Yi in the dining room. After all, she was her biological daughter. Even if she couldn’t compare to others in many aspects, Jiang Liqi still had to plan for her.

As it was almost time for class, Shen Zhi casually entered the classroom through the back door. The classroom, which had already started the reading session, suddenly became a bit quiet when he walked in.

However, Shen Zhi was naturally silent; such situations often happened.

Therefore, he didn’t pay any attention to it while holding a bag of milk. After Ji Ran moved aside, he walked to his seat and sat down.

However, on his clean desk lay a large piece of paper, and he originally thought it was the distributed exam papers. As he reached for it, he realized it was actually an apology letter.

Because the three prominent characters “Classmate Shen Zhi” were written conspicuously at the beginning,.

“Classmate Shen, as classmates in Class 8 of the second year, we did not stand up and cheer for you when you were upholding justice and fairness. Instead, we even joined in the wrongdoing, suspected your character, and slandered you behind your back…”

Shen Zhi’s eyebrow was raised. What was this?

But he continued to read quietly.

“The Tang Zhenpeng incident makes us feel ashamed because, at the first moment when this incident occurred, none of the students believed in you. However, the school’s punishment made us realize that we were completely wrong. Our teachers taught us to admit mistakes and correct them, so today we sincerely apologize to you.”

“Classmate Shen, your willingness to help others is something every one of us should learn from.”

Below were signatures; most of the students in Class 8 signed.

Shen Zhi looked at it for a while, feeling a strange and unspoken taste. Since he entered the school, there have been countless rumors about him, true or false, exaggerated or fabricated, which somewhat demonized his name.

So much so that whenever people mentioned him, he was the school bully who liked to fight, skip class, and didn’t study.

He never cared, as others’ opinions didn’t matter to him. Even when the Tang Zhenpeng incident happened, he didn’t defend himself.

But now, looking at this paper in front of him, it was the first time someone apologized to him so seriously and sincerely.

Sorry, Shen Zhi; we wrongly accused you.

Even though it was such a simple sentence, it truly hit him hard.


Even Shen Zhi, a tough and straightforward guy, felt a sudden breeze in the classroom at that moment.

His eyes were a bit sore.

Ji Ran, seeing him silent for a while, whispered, “The class monitor wrote it, and then let the students who wanted to sign do so.”

The class president of Class 8 was named Zhang Kaiyang, a particularly straightforward and earnest young man. Before Shen Zhi, he was the top student in Class 8. During the last monthly exam, he was the only student in the entire Class 8 who made it to the top fifty in the grade.

When Ji Ran arrived at the classroom in the morning, she noticed Zhang Kaiyang was looking for people to sign. Of course, he also said that signing was not mandatory, but if anyone had doubted or slandered Shen Zhi behind his back, they were welcome to sign.

“Mm,” Shen Zhi responded with a nod.

This piece of paper is the size of an exam paper. On the left is the apology letter written by the class monitor, and on the right are the signatures of most Class 8 students.

As he looked at these names, he suddenly realized that he couldn’t match some names with faces.

Ji Ran pursed her lips and suddenly spoke, “I didn’t sign.”

Because she never doubted him.

Shen Zhi turned his head to look at her, and in her pitch-black, clear eyes, there was a hint of pride, as if saying, “You see, I have always believed in you.”

For the first time, Shen Zhi suddenly felt that school was a particularly interesting place.

Because here, you could see many shining hearts.

So pure and clean.

When Ji Ran returned from having lunch outside, she was pulled by Wen Qianxia to the statue of Confucius. Even though they had just finished exams, the statue of Confucius was now surrounded by Oreo biscuits.

As Wen Qianxia placed her own cookies on it, she shook her head, saying, “These people are really too feudal.”

Ji Ran smiled. The one talking about feudal superstitions was saying such things?

Wen Qianxia pulled her aside to make a wish. Under the pretext that she did so well this time, it was evident that Confucius really noticed their complaint.

“Ranran, it’s your turn.” After Wen Qianxia solemnly made her wish, she gave Ji Ran a push.

Ji Ran really didn’t want to join in the nonsense, so she said, “I wished to be the first, but now I’m only second.”

Only second…

Wen Qianxia almost wanted to stomp her feet at the sound of these words.

“Over 700 points! My Ranran, you scored over 700 points! I’m not scaring you, but if you’re not sincere in making a wish, maybe Shen Zhi will still surpass you next time.”

Ji Ran was helpless with her jinxed mouth. Although she hadn’t known Wen Qianxia for long, many things she said were really the opposite of what happened, whether good or bad.


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